Be Mine

February 14, 2008

Michael Stipe’s love songs tend to be either self-absorbed or self-effacing, but “Be Mine” manages to be both simultaneously, which may speak to exactly why it’s so effective in hinting at the neuroses that come along with most any expression of unconditional love and devotion. The song is full of sweet, slightly odd hyperbole, but every moment is vulnerable and sincere, the words of a man who will do anything to hold on to this person that he loves. He feels humbled by their beauty, but even though he promises to admire them and give them space, he seems mostly focused on the insight and adventure he stands to gain from his lover’s company. This is not unreasonable — if anything, this is a totally honest way of depicting this sort of romantic love, because when you’re caught up in it, all you can think about is the magic, and hope that what you’re feeling is only the beginning of something that will last forever. Though “Be Mine” works well as a simple, straightforward love song, it is perhaps better understood as a character study of a man who is totally over his head in love, to the point that it pains him to imagine himself separate from the object of his affection. It’s not really about the person so much as it’s about the thrill of hope, and the fear that it could all fall away at any moment.


82 Responses to “Be Mine”

  1. Clare Says:

    Blimey am I first?!!

    Very apt if I am because this is one of my favourites of all times. I think your write up is spot on for this one Matthew. I agree this song was written & sung with sincerity & I don’t think an ounce of bitterness or sarcasm as is often the case with REM’s love songs.

    I think although some of the lyrics can seem a little twee the delivery of the song is such that it works completely & is actually pretty moving. I’ve always vowed I would have this at my wedding (missing a slight ingredient at the moment but hey!). I love the way Michael sounds like he can’t take a breath all the way through the song as he has so many words to get out.

    Is it just me or does the riff for the Superserious song sound a little like Transvision Vamp….Baby I don’t care?! Still brill though.

  2. Clare Says:

    It’s Valentine’s day, just got why you posted this one today!!

  3. Clare Says:

    sorry, can’t let this one go…

    I’ll be the sky above the Ganges
    I’ll be the vast and stormy sea
    I’ll be the lights that guide you inland
    I’ll be the visions you will see

    how beautiful is that?

    If only I wasn’t so cynical!

  4. Yup, I had been saving this one for today since I started the project.

  5. Adam Seddon Says:

    Great one. Isn’t this a Mike Mills song?

  6. Paul Alferink Says:

    Aww. . . Matthew. . . A Valentine’s day song for US!?!?!

  7. Dark Bob Says:

    Probably the most straight forward song about love and infatuation that the band has recorded. Some of the lyrics are brilliant some seem a bit corny (I want to be your Easter Bunny) But it fits well into what I think is REM’s most underrated album.

  8. Rob Says:

    I always wondered if this was sung in character. It struck me as an unrequited love song. Does the person he’s singing to even know he exists? After the Old Man Kensey posting the other day I began to think how REM albums seem to take place in different settings. Hi-Fi seems to exist as a travelogue across America, given the nature of recording and sleeve photos. Fables, of course is a Faulkner-esque take on the South and to me Up seems to take place in a futuristic, fictional British city in November. Ho-hum…

  9. narcizo Says:

    I ‘ll be the bad guy in this one.
    No matter how great the lyrics may be, I ‘m afraid I consider it their most tedious song. In over five minutes, with two parts overstretched, this song is a great lost opportunity. If we were talking about a 3-minute song, it might have been a true gem, but I have to confess I usually press skip when I ‘m listening to the lp.
    On the other hand, this exact song is the proof that NAIHF is a “live” album; they didn’t trim it down to perfection, they just rolled with it no matter what.

  10. maclure Says:

    Yeah, Matthew’s just an ol’ softy. Thanks for the Valentine’s pressie.

    Really like this song and nice thoughts in the write up. I dig the gravelly guitars and the list of images are intimiate but also quite macabre at times – I’ll be the cup if you should bleed, tar out of feathers, thorns out of feet, the finger with the ring. It’s a bit like a romance song for the Addams family.

    I was recently listening to Pearl Jam’s Yield album and it struck me that Be Mine had a lot in common with their track Wish List. Both songs are addressed to objects of affection and a disconnected list of items is read out over the top of fairly simple (in the case of PJ very simple) chugging guitar track. The protagonists of both songs seem a bit vulnerable, a bit creepy, but generally well-meaning in their proclamations of love.

    As an example – these lyrics from the Pearl Jam song:

    I wish I was a neutron bomb, for once I could go off
    I wish I was a sacrifice but somehow still lived on
    I wish I was a sentimental ornament you hang on

    I wish I was an alien at home behind the sun
    I wish I was the souvenir you kept your house key on
    I wish I was the pedal break that you depended on

  11. Dark Bob Says:

    Narcizo I have to agree with you about this song being a bit too long.

  12. Beethoven Was Deaf Says:

    Man, I know from previous posts that many of you adore this song but I must admit it is my least favorite from Hi-Fi and among my least favorite of all REM songs? Lyrics are okay but not much is happening with the music and the band seems to have forgotten to write a melody. Oh, yeah, like everyone else said, it goes way too long. This might have worked perfectly as an “I’m Not Over You” type moment inserted briefly and quietly between two large, epic tracks, but not how it is.

  13. Clare Says:

    Like the “Adams family love song” idea Maclure, is that making the Stipe-ster, Uncle Fester?!!

  14. Huub Says:

    @ Beethoven was deaf:

    I understand why you don’t like the song, although i really love it. It”s quite corny and the music, well, it van be seen as a prelude to ATS (“you and me”x 156)…

    I do like the song, especially beacause of the music. I like the dragging mid-tempo which has it, with overdriven guitars coming in. Maybe a bit corny, but hey, it’s a love song.

  15. lightaugust Says:

    I always thought the joke was that it goes on forever, and that by the end you’re absolutely sick and tired of hearing this repetitive drone about this guys love. ‘Easter bunny?’ Come on. Much like hanging out with your best friend when they’ve got a new love in their life… after 6 minutes you realize he’s only talked about himself, and you want to smack him to shut up already.

    I always thought ‘Bittersweet Me’ and ‘Be Mine’ worked nice as next to each other as companion pieces, but I also always thought of this as REM’s Smiths song.

  16. adam Says:

    michael has said this would have been a huge hit if produced and arranged differently – wanted it to be a slightly left of center love song.. – i think he was right, and that cut down the sappy factor by a ton. I really have always loved this song.. pretty wild guitars and feel – fits in great with New Adventures vibe..

  17. Steve Rachbach Says:

    Be Mine is one of my all-time REM favorites. In the very old days following the releases of Chronic Town and the Murmur, I adored the band but wondered how they would ever get a large fanbase (which might ensure that they wouldn’t break up!) with the largely unintelligible, unmeaningful vocals used mainly for instrumentation and conveying emotional content. Be Mine is the kind of song that I envisioned for them that could help widen their appeal. (Of course, writing such great pop tunes as Stand, Losing My Religion and Man on the Moon may have done the trick.) Stipe still packs the same deep-down wallop and tone in Be Mine, while the lyrics make sense and are at once “moving, sincere, and vulnerable.” The incredibly evocative “list of images” and muscial structure puts Be Mine in an elite group of a certain type of REM song (like Nightswimming, e.g.) that conveys a high level of musical, intellectual, and emotional content which makes the art of REM very special indeed.

  18. Ignis Sol Says:

    “Be Mine” is soooo sweet, yeah repetitive, but what pop song isn’t? I can cut listening to it over and over by half!

    I like the Easter Bunny/Christmas tree lines because it reminds me of how in awe I was of those holiday images when I was a child. Innocent, magical and wondrous. Those feelings, those emotions. This song captures it.

    I am glad you saved this for today, Matthew. Great description.

  19. Ben Says:

    Be Mine is a really simple, corny love song. And I love it to death. I love the “I’ll be your…” imagery and how it builds slowly to a rich, layered climax. In other words, it’s everything a great love song should be, but with enough of that trademark R.E.M. mystery to make it unique. Definitely a highlight of my favorite R.E.M. album.

  20. ADB Says:

    I too am sure I heard at some point that this was a Mike Mills lyric that Michael changed / rewrote to some extent – which, as far as I know, is pretty unusual for an R.E.M. song. And, I know it’s Valentine’s Day and all, but I have never quite taken this song at face value. Whether it’s the raw production, the slightly unsettling imagery or the fact that nearly every line of the verse starts with ‘I’ (again, I remember hearing one of the guys allude to that in an interview when asked about having written such a seemingly straightforward love song), I’ve always associated ‘Be Mine’ with the (albeit more obviously) obssessive love songs of Monster. But, whatever, it’s a great song and another one that doesn’t seem to get much of a run out in concert – didn’t it rather take them by surprise when Thom Yorke chose this as a duet?

  21. jim jos Says:

    I also must be the bad guy. I have such admiration for NAIHF, I have often wondered whether or not the album would be better if this song were not on it. It kind of drags the end of the album for me, slightly. I really wouldn’t change a thing through songs 1-8. Bittersweet Me is a solid song, it is good, but, to me, it shows just how seriously great the first seven songs are.
    When Be Mine comes next, it kind of down shifts the album from excellent to good for a spell, a feeling a get until So Fast So Numb comes through.

    I have always thought of Hi Fi as being the closest to a double album the band has ever come and all double albums could lose a couple of songs, if looked at from a different point of view.

    That being said, there is a kind of “catch all” beauty that double albums have, where anything goes and seems like it has a place that being said, Be Mine works very well. I just never have made up my mine whether the album would have been better suited in some respects if it lost this song, Zither, and had a shorter Binky. Hi-Fi would make my top three R.E.M. albums (and by doing that three of my favorite albums ever) hands down.

  22. jim jos Says:

    oh and good review and idea of making this a Valentine’s Day song Matthew!

  23. Mr Cup Says:

    Picking up from on a thread of ADB’s, if this was on Monster, how would we read it?
    Listening to the song I can immerse into the giddy rush of the devotional love song. But reading the lyrics I always feel this guy seems to be a controling creep who says ‘worship me and I’ll give you everything’.
    Somehow I don’t think space would be one of those things.

  24. ScottMalobisky Says:

    lightaugust, maybe that’s the point of the song being so long ….that even the truest of loves gets old and tedious and repetitive after a while, how you could love someone so much and then look back and say , “damn, did I really feel that way ? how could I have felt so strongly in love wiht this person?”… that would be brutally sardonic on their part ,eh ? fucking twisted

    in my corn-pone opinion the most live sounding of the songs on this recorded “live” album..obviously (?)

  25. Brian Says:

    I love that those who don’t like the song are apologizing for it. Almost anywhere else on the internet the comments would devolve into name calling. This is why I keep reading all the comments here. Kudos everyone!

    I feel like I heard/read once that Bill wrote the music for this song. Can anyone back that up?

  26. iggy Says:

    I remember Thom Yorke sang the song when both REM and Radiohead appeared at some festival together. I think it was on some documentary or on TV somewhere because I remember watching it. Anyway, in an interview Mike Mills mentions he was proud that Yorke selected the song because he (Mills) had written the music to it.

  27. p.l. Says:

    I think that recorded bit at the start underscores your point, too: “Speed zone ahead,” I think. Dangerous and thrilling indeed.

    And the version with Yorke is amazing — the new RH album seems a bit “Be Mine”-y, come to think of it.

  28. maclure Says:

    Thom Yorke went around for a while in the mid-90s calling Michael Stipe “Mr. Stipe” when Radiohead supported R.E.M. – Yorke was enamoured with R.E.M. and he seemed to have had a soft spot for Be Mine and wanted to perform it with the band (I’ve seen that clip too somewhere). Which begs the question, why did this track never get much of a run out on the live circuits?

  29. Aerothorn Says:

    “I want to wash you with my hair” is such a weird, weird line.

  30. Yeah, Thom Yorke sang it with the band at RFK Stadium, it was the Tibetan Freedom Concert. I was there. It was nice. I’m reasonably certain it was the only time the band ever performed the song.

  31. Ben Says:

    I haven’t seen the full clip of Thom Yorke singing “Be Mine”, but I used to have an mp3 of Michael Stipe singing “Lucky” with Radiohead at the same show. It was spectacular.

  32. Andy T. Says:

    I’m going to be another detractor – This song never really did anything for me. When I saw this was the latest blog-song, my thought was “this is one song that I completely have never paid attention to” – I don’t really skip it, but it just never catches me deep enough that I ever tried to listen close enough to figure out what it was about. Some “You and Me’s” and the Easter Bunny line were about the only things that came to mind. So I’m not much of a fan of the song. And like some of the other songs on that album, I think it runs a bit too long.

  33. Kirsten Says:

    Soppy crap. Leave this sort of shit to the Boy Bands.

    Nice guitar work at the end though. (You knew I couldn’t let a song go by without something good to say about it!)

  34. lightaugust Says:

    Agreed… the song’s just too simple to be out there without layers of some sort of irony. It was the mid-90s, which I’m surprised America doesn’t just call The Irony Years anyway. There’s a comment up there about the middle of HiFi being tedious- it definitely slows, no doubt, but I beg of you, go give five minutes of your evening over to Binky the Doormat for reconsideration… no way you’ll regret that.

  35. Mr Cup Says:

    I’ve always thought irony was the shackles of youth.

  36. Mr Cup Says:

    …turns out it was actually ironing!

  37. clare Says:

    Kirsten, don’t give the “boy bands” any ideas….if Westlife covered this or any other REM number, I’d pull out all my own teeth

  38. Jerad Says:

    I was at a friend’s wedding and this song came on for the couple’s first dance. At that time, I’d never thought of this as that type of love song, but as I listened to it there I realized that it was perfect. I almost ended up using it at my wedding, but my wife liked “At My Most Beautiful” better.

  39. milesy Says:

    Be Mine is great. One of the things that I think makes New Adventures such a good album is the sheer variety of styles it contains. There is nothing else like Be Mine on it, and the album would be so much poorer without it.

    It’s another one that this blog has demonstrated to me that I haven’t thought about properly before. I think my take would be that it is a pretty genuine love-song: but tending towards obsession. I love the vibe, though, wonderful guitar textures, and understated vocal.

    ‘the vast and stony sea’ is a favourite image, among some slightly odd ones.

  40. milesy Says:

    It’s also interesting to see the mixed responses to this song; and also other comments here and earlier about songs generally on Hi-Fi. I suspect that some of the songs I’m not so enthusiastic about are the treasured favourites of many others (and vice versa).

    Don’t want to precipitate a gathering at Mr Cup’s swings, though…

  41. Meriste Says:

    The thought of boy bands covering this made me giggle. Not to mention fitting — the song really could have been a big, sappy hit had it been produced differently.

  42. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “I want to wash you with my hair.”

    brings to mind the image of Mary Magdalene washing JC’s feet with oil and drying them with her hair…

    I recall reading that somewhere .Is it in The Big Book ?

  43. Bruno Says:

    Quite a few times over the lifetime of this blog I’ve wondered about where REM fits in today. Relic? Classic? just one of dad’s albums? Kicking and ready to re-emerge?

    So I’m curious about each of you die-hard REM fans in, what’s now, 2008. With that in mind I’m gonna try asking a few questions to get a bit better picture (curiosity killed the cat, …man!).

    Here’s my survey…

    1. How old are you?

    2. When did you first get into REM?

    3. At the height of your love for the band’s music, on a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate that appreciation?

    4. 1 – 10, your love of them now?


    1. 38

    2. 1984 – Reckoning

    3. 10 dammit¡

    4. 6

    Lot’s of sorry but like I say, I’m very curious.

  44. ScottMalobisky Says:

    older than the wind

    “Like all dreamers I confuse disenchantment with truth.”

  45. Dark Bob Says:

    Haven’t been real fond of the last 2 records, but I believe Accelerate will be great. Still miss Bill.

  46. ryan Says:


    1991 – Losing My Religion/OOT

    10 – (peak period lasted from around 1991 – 1993 while I collected the back catalogue and AFTP during my mid-to-late teens)

    7 – Interest dipped to almost 0 (rough times!) with ATS, but is steadily on the rise thanks to the buzz around the new stuff, but primarily due to this blog!

  47. Jared W Says:


  48. narcizo Says:

    1987/1989/mostly 1991
    you know the answer
    you know the answer.

  49. Bruno Says:

    I’m no scientist but I realized the pointlessness of asking people here to rate their love of REM! Ha Dumb me. 10, 10, 10. Ok you can skip question 3.

    But the other questions remain…

    (Is my wig showing?)


    Period you discovered REM?

    Where are they now?

  50. Beethoven Was Deaf Says:

    31 years old

    Document was my first album although I remember having some interest in LRP.

    I actually listen to them more now than at any other point in my life as I’ve gotten older more of the songs have deeper meaning and I tend to listen to the Nirvana/Smashing Pumpkins/Pearl Jam/Live of the teen years a little less, giving me more time for REM. Plus, unlike most of you I quite like most of ATS and thought of Reveal as their low point so the upswing already began for me – am very excited about Accelerate.

  51. Beethoven Was Deaf Says:

    Meant to add, REM is and always has been my 2nd favorite band. I love them still.

  52. Bruno Says:

    That’s a hanging response Beethoven.

    2nd most favorite?

    Who’s top? Beatles maybe?

    I’m not sure but that’s my guess.

  53. milesy Says:

    36 years old.

    1989 (starting with Murmur and LRP, then realising (a) that this was the same band who did ‘Stand’ and (b) I’d arrived a year too late for a great world tour…)

    8 (if your question means how much do I love the stuff they’ve done recently) or 10 (if it means how much do I still love the REM canon as a whole).

    I’m with Dark Bob on still missing Bill,
    And with BWD on liking ATS and seeing Reveal as the nadir…

  54. ADB Says:


    1987 when a friend taped Document for me – prior to that I’d had them confused with REO Speedwagon…!

    Now? They’re still hugely important – defining even – to me – and, much as ATS and Reveal are probably in my bottom 3 REM albums, the lead up to the release of a new record is still an incredibly exciting time.

  55. Ben Says:


    1993. After I got a CD player for my 12th birthday, Automatic for the People was the first CD I bought.

    At the height of my appreciation I’d rank them a 9 or even a 10. I honestly think they’re one of the greatest American rock bands of all-time.

    Right now I’d put them at about 6 or 7. Around the Sun was a pretty huge step backwards.

  56. jim jos Says:

    oh jeez. But I am so private. What the hell

    32 years old

    first got into them hearing The One I love in 1987 on some count down show (Rick Dees?) at the age of eleven/twelve. I loved that song and I learned what “Rapid Eye Movement” was from that show. Stand came out next, and I didn’t like that song very much, so I didn’t really get into them until, yep, you guessed it Out of Time. Wished I was old enough to have been there for the IRS years, still do.


    10. This has been a peak year for R.E.M. and me. I am as devoted as ever, probably more so. I would say that I have never been as big of a fan as I am now, and I thought I was a big fan before.

    I love how now they are the underdogs. And I got much love for underdogs, that is why I’ll survive.

  57. jim jos Says:

    They are my favorite band of all time. Hands down. I like a lot of groups as well, but R.e.m. is the favorite now, then and always.

  58. maclure Says:

    Similar to Ben, I guess.
    1992-1998 – got a copy of OOT, loved AFTP, saw them when a spotty teen on Monster tour and by then had all the back catalogue.
    10 (1994)
    In the 2000s my excitement has slipped but this blog and the new album put me back up to a 9 on the fan-o-meter. Also miss Bill.

    (36 Milesy! – I recall you turning 30 like it was only yesterday).

  59. jim jos Says:

    just saw that R.E.M. will be on Austin City Limits, since they will be playing, SxSW. This is a great year to be a fan. I am looking forward to that show. Should be killer.

  60. ScottMalobisky Says:

    You guys are all so goddamned young..
    Only the young can say they’re free to fly away.

  61. Andy T. Says:

    9-10 then
    8-9 now

  62. 2d Says:

    wow now i feel really young here 😐

    i’m 2+2=22 (23 in may)

    i started my r.e.m. experience around 1998 and i think by 2002 i was a complete fan-atic.

    my favourite album is “monster”. my least favourite is “around the sun” (though it’s not as bad as some people say, there is still quite some value there)

    right now? i’m looking forward to the next album, hope and think it will be great. i like “supernatural superserious” but i can’t say it’s the best song / single they’ve ever done. a bit too straighforward.

    i’d rate r.e.m. in my life now somewhere around 9.1 out of 10.

    as for “be mine”, thanks matthew, it’s sweet to propose to all of us like this 😉 i like this song, sometimes it does get too abrasive but ultimately i’d say that’s a quality, not a fault. makes it unique, fresh and quirky. it plays with cliches but somehow they sound genuine and heartfelt, and anyone who’s ever been deeply in love + is a hopeless romantic knows what this song is saying.

    also, i believe it’s fact that some of the lyrics are taken from… valentine’s day postcards. 🙂

    p.s.: i boycotted valentine’s day yesterday. commercializing feelings – not particularly fond of that.

  63. Meriste Says:

    For the survey:

    I’m in my mid-20s, I’ve loved them since Monster,
    my love for them peaked at 9, and my current love for them is at 8. 🙂

  64. Rob Says:

    And for the record, I turn 29 next Sunday, I got into REM in 1994, just in time for the Monster tour, and my love of the band peaked once again last summer after I made it to 2 of the Olympia shows.

  65. Rob Says:

    Oh, and my favourite albums are New Adventures, Automatic, Murmur, Up and Document. I’m not purposefully trying to pick an album from each period of the band, I just really, really rate those records.

  66. Brian Says:

    Here’s a clip of Thom Yorke singing “Be Mine” with the band at a TFC rehearsal:

  67. Beethoven Was Deaf Says:

    You guys are all likely to crucify me, but m

  68. Beethoven Was Deaf Says:

    Sorry, but my kid pushed enter and sent that last post undone. I’m likely to get a rousing chorus of boos, but my favorite band is not The Beatles or Radiohead (although I love both) but Depeche Mode. Thus, REM being #2.

  69. ScottMalobisky Says:

    oh man , that’s great , me thinks Millzy’s got quite the buzz on there as he emerges from the studio and heads for the limo carrying three brewskis and brandishing that mischievous grin …..what a life , you know ?

  70. ScottMalobisky Says:

    never again it’s what you swore the time before
    never again it’s what you swore the time before

  71. Brian Says:

    @Beethoven Was Deaf

    Nothing wrong with DM in my book!

  72. protimoi Says:

    fall 2001

    i’m such a young’n

  73. protimoi Says:

    oh, and “Be Mine” is an deep-cut classic.

  74. protimoi Says:

    8, for the record

    i’m such a young’n

  75. Bruno Says:

    OK the answers are…!

    Average age: 35 (or so – really I tried to use some math!)

    When we loved them: the Automatic period through to New Adventures wins,

    Love register: Well this was a dumb question – we all like em lots it turns out.

    REM appreciation scale currently – this one was dodgy cause there wasn’t many responses. Yup, as you guessed it 10,10, 10, 10 etc

    What did we learn: nothing!

    Thanks, I was curious. As an old-time fan I wanted to hear where they were at now.

    A little bit of uh huh and a whole lot of oh yeah.

  76. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Bruno, is that the new math ? 🙂

  77. Paul Alferink Says:

    I’ll add.


    LMR, (Although I loved “Stand” when I heard it, I didn’t care enough about music to find out who sang it (I thought it was the dancers in the video) or buy an album. I was still one more year away from buying my first album (Don’t ask who or what.)


    10. The only group I will buy the album for on spec. Tori Amos use to be the other, but she blew it with “To Venus and Back” And, if you want my opinion, they are a bad who will always be there, but won’t ever have a huge record or single again. I will be lucky to hear there new songs more then 3 or 4 times on the radio.

  78. Steve Rachbach Says:

    OK, so I’m really old:


    1982: Chronic Town (heck, I was attending school in Winston-Salem, NC when they recorded the album there)


    10 (if an alien landed on earth and asked for a couple of pop/rock greatest hits albums to listen to, I would hand over The Beatles (as the important first mover) and REM (as the pinnacle of the art form).

  79. Kirsten Says:

    Hey Jered, I had At My Most Beautiful at my wedding too!

  80. ADB Says:

    Kirsten Says:
    February 17, 2008 at 11:38 pm
    Hey Jered, I had At My Most Beautiful at my wedding too!

    Me too!

  81. kh Says:


    1986: Life’s Rich Pageant

    10, of course

    10. Good grief…they certainly earned it, no matter how much you dislike the post-Bill years. They still have a pile of credibility in the bank they haven’t used up yet. If the snippets of Accelerate are indicative of the whole, they’ll stop making withdrawals.

    Adding to the chorus: I MISS BILL!!! Things will NEVER be back to normal, as far as I’m concerned. Just keep holding out hope that one day he says, “screw it…I’m ready to have some more fun.” Can you imagine what Accelerate would sound like if he was around?

  82. Emmet Says:

    I dont think the song is too long..I find the guitat work in this very cathartic for some all the frustration of the unrequited love in the lyrics is being bled out through the music..This is one of the bands most underrated songs and would love to see it back in the they did with “Leave” a little while ago!

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