These Days

November 18, 2007

Lifes Rich Pageant marks the beginning of R.E.M.’s blatantly political period. Admirably, R.E.M. didn’t leap into the deep end of facile sloganeering, but instead crafted lyrics that mixed social/political critiques with an expression of optimistic idealism and self-aware humility. “These Days” in particular comes off like a rock n’ roll stump speech, with Michael Stipe semi-coherently hitting all of his talking points and selling us on his vision without letting us know exactly what that might entail. Applying the aesthetics of a political speech to a rock song is a brilliant move, especially when you consider that there’s quite a lot in common between hitting the campaign trail and touring in support of an album. The most important effect of “These Days” is that without saying all that much, it makes the listener believe that the band is extremely passionate about something, and that mysterious something involves imagining a better future. Throughout the song, the emphasis is placed on inclusiveness, to the point of mocking its own starry-eyed sincerity when Michael claims “we have many things in common, name three,” and the rest of the band sing “three, three, three!” in reply. The humor is absolutely necessary — without an acknowledgment of its irony, the song would actually seem a bit disingenuous.

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  1. Andy Says:

    Is that Mike Mills that sings “three! three! three!”?? When listening on headphones, I’ve always heard it as Mike, then Bill, and then Michael each singing one of the threes…

    A great song.

  2. xman Says:

    you, me, you, if i can, and i can…

    greatness, slamming, urgent, nice guitar licks…like little america on low grade speed.

    there’s a certain level of bizarreness in these old skool political songs missing from ignoreland, revolution, ats-stuff..happy throngs take this joy? ok, if you say so!

  3. milesy Says:

    Great song, classic REM- I agree that the mix of self-aware humour and seriousness really makes it. (this mix works nicely on Tourfilm as Mike holds up his fingers to emphasise that this song has THREE main points, on which you will be tested).

    ‘We are young despite the years, we are concerned, we are hope despite the times.’ It’s a heady mix of gritty realism (about something, whatever it is…) and optimism. Fine work indeed.

    Is it really ‘I wish to eat each one you’? (as lyrics archive says). I’ve always sung (shouted, bellowed, keened…) ‘I wish to MEET each one of you…’- which is a striking thought when Michael sings it in the large venues of the Green Tour during his World Leader Pretend coming-to-terms-with-and-learning-to enjoy/manipulate-being-a-star period. He may wish to meet each one- but, alternatively, he could turn you inside out if he chooses to. Maybe it is ‘eat each one’ after all…

  4. ScottMalobisky Says:

    roll the bones
    he can meet and eat whoever he damn well pleases

  5. Figgy Says:

    Brilliant song. One of my all-time favourites. Never fails to satisfy. Great to sing and shout along to, great to jump about to.

    I’d never thought about it before but as MP says in his review, this song manages to be positive, passionate and somehow meaningful even though the lyrics are quite vague. I always feel some swell of emotion when singing along with ‘These Days’ – “we are hope despite the times” gives me a feeling of empowerment when belted out at the top of my voice.

    And in response to milesy, I always thought it was “meet” and not “eat”. But I’ll listen to the track carefully soon just to see if “eat” is the word used later in the song.

  6. Kirsten Says:

    My first reaction as I read Milesy’s comments was – Of course it’s meet! Then after a little thought I suppose it could be eat, this is REM after all. I think I’ll stick with singing Meet though.

    I don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been said. I absolutely LOVE the music, but i’m not sure what it is about it that I love. I suppose it’s just all good! And I was going to write a favourite line, but I couldn’t pick one – there’s too many highlights! Great song. Great REM. Hope for more like this on the new album.

  7. 2d Says:

    i think it’s alternating between “meet” and “eat”, and i love mike’s closing line “take away the scattered bones of my meal”, which clearly makes reference to the “eat” line. very tongue-in-cheek in a sly, smart, twist of phrase kind of way (only surpassed by the clever play on “pilgrimage” with “your luck…” *lyrical pause, cymbal hit instead, taking you off-guard*). not to mention, this song is vibrant, punky, funny and fun to sing along to!

  8. Kirsten Says:

    2d, That makes perfect sense that they would switch between the two. Especially as it does fit in with that last line and the first line – “Now I’m not feeding off you”. I’m happy with that answer and will sing meet the first time and eat the second.

  9. Mr Cup Says:

    …I will re-arrange your scales…

    I always really liked:
    I had a hat and it sunk, reached down,
    yanked it up, slapped it on my head

    I think it was this songa dn Stipes performance of it on the Green tour that earned him some comparisons to John Lydon at the time.
    He did have a ‘tasmanian devil’ thing happening on this one. You know, from the cartoon?

    And I always heard an eat in there as well.

  10. Paul Alferink Says:

    Love this album. The energy and vitality. How fantastic are these first three songs? Begin the Begin, These Days and Fall on Me (my favorite song by anyone, anywhere)? Really, the rest of the album could be Sophie B Hawkins mewling into a microphone and it would still be a great album. Perhaps it is largely on the strength of the first three that make this my favorite album. I think my second fav is Green and that, (Pop Song 89, Get up, Your are the Everything) is probably the only album that comes close to kick your ass with three straight great songs to start an album. Fables is nice (Feeling Gravitys Pull, Maps and Legends, Driver 8) but it lacks the song that just kicks your ass out of bed in the morning, (Like Get up or These Days or Begin the Begin.

    Best Lyrics:
    We are young despite the years we are concern
    We are hope despite the times
    All of the sudden, these days
    Happy throngs, take this joy wherever, wherever you go.

  11. Paul Alferink Says:

    Ok so Driver 8 can’t end a parenthetical without getting an emoticon . . .

  12. Mr Cup Says:


  13. Kirsten Says:


  14. Mr Cup Says:

    I didn’t know it at the time but it was brought to my attention in the post of ‘unseen power of the picket fence’. The ‘march into the ocean, march into the sea’ line was a reference to Sherman’s march.

    The things you learn!

    So who is the character being played in the song? He wants your vote but he doesn’t have your best interests at heart. The shakers in the instrumental section imply a rattlesnake. Is it re-arranging or being re-arranged? Or shedding it’s skin?

  15. maclure Says:

    Gone out for the day, come in, and find that everyone has said everything already about one of your favourite songs already. Why I… Still mustn’t grumble, I am young despite the years…

    Just, what a gobsmackingly great song. LRP is my favourite album and this follow-up punch after Begin the Begin is awesome. You’ve all said what I wanted to say. Agree with Paul Alferink about best lyrics. I like the ambiguity – I am young, despite the years – has two meanings to me. I am young (at heart), despite living many years AND I am young (and optimistic, full of ideas), despite these years I live in (which are negative and devoid of ideas).

    Also, this song is an example of the break-it-down middle 8 of song writing. Instead of a solo or another part or a key change, the instruments peal away and then build up together for the third verse. And for me, it works very well and pre-empts Orange Crush which also does this with Michael shouting through a megaphone over the break-it-down middle 8. I think These Days could have been on Green for a number of reasons, but I’m not one to question the wisdom of the gods and I am very happy with where it is, thank you very much.

  16. maclure Says:

    Er, and while agreeing with Paul’s point that LRP is the best for first 3 songs… I will second Kirsten’s ahem.

  17. protimoi86 Says:

    Fantastic song, and it seems like they’ve revisited this state of mind. The new material has an urgency not heard on an R.E.M. album since this era, but of course it’s all about moving forward, not looking back.

    I can barely wait for the new album, but in the meantime I’ll just put on this song and sing along. Does it to me every time.

  18. I think I might get into it in “Begin the Begin,” but I think one of the really awesome things about Lifes Rich Pageant is that the first four songs are like these perfect archetypes of a first, second, third, and fourth song on a rock album.

  19. maclure Says:

    Oh, while admitting we should let sleeping dogs lie and not wanting to flog dead horses, remember the discussion following MP’s “Leaving New York” post where many pointed out that “Leaving was never my proud” was grammatically incorrect. “We are concern” is surely also incorrect… It should be we are concerned or is he saying that they embody the definition of “concern”? My point is that the proud lyric from LNY never jumped out at me as being a real problem, because lyrics are slippery things, especially in the hands of Mr.Stipe, and I don`t think they need to stand up to exact grammatical scrutiny. Or am I missing the point?

    And with this little rant as an aside I feel like I could be Scott “Bisky the Doormat” Malobisky……. (no offence to either Scott or Binky intended).

    It’s tired and I’m late.

  20. Mr Cup Says:

    I’m glad you put the 4th in there Matthew. It is quite an imposing start isn’t? It’s making me rethink my long held devotion to Document. I fluctuate between the two but usually settle on Document if pushed for an all time fave. Fall On Me trumps anything on it though.

  21. Maclure, the problem with “leaving was never my proud” is not necessarily that it is grammatically terrible, but that it sounds clunky and weird in context. “We are concern” — or “we are concerned,” as I hear it, but nevermind — flows really well with the song, it doesn’t really stick out. I can think of loads of examples of great songs where words are used incorrectly, or grammar is thrown out the window, so that’s not really my bias.

  22. Kirsten Says:

    I think that in this context “concern” could be taken as a noun…

  23. Beethoven Was Deaf Says:

    I love LRP and this song for me has always been solid, bit I don’t love it. Not sure why, its thunderous RAWK and has a cool lyric, just doesn’t move me emotionally, only musically. That likely does not make any sense.

  24. Tim Says:

    Absolutely fantastic song from an absolutely fantastic album.

    These Days is in my R.E.M. top 5 for sure.

  25. Kirsten Says:

    Kicks ass live!

  26. jft Says:

    ’bout the “first four” thing (which works for me as well, definitely, even if I’m not really that big a fan of “Fall On Me”, it just works in context of the album) – to me it’s more a “first five” thing, that studio of Hyena is great and really recalls the opening two. those five first songs being continued in a good way would easily make it my favourite album, but I suppose (to me) LRP would have worked better as an EP…

  27. Mr Cup Says:

    A stoney silence has come over me…

  28. Dark Bob Says:

    A great song from a great album. One of REM’s “Finest Hours”. LRP at the time was a real departure from their previous albums. Much heavier, more political. Can’t say enough good things about it.

  29. ScottMalobisky Says:

    maclure , I like your insightful comments about the middle 8 as opposed to a more typical key change or bridge sorta approach…”where’s that confounded bridge?” .That song ‘Badge’ by CREAM got it’s name cuz’ one of the band members saw “bridge” on the music sheet , thought it said “badge”…….This is my favorite REM song , well it was at that specific moment but now it’s a couple of moments later , a white line to the end of time it’s what you are or are you just another line in the field of time???????

  30. adam Says:

    perhaps the greatest REM tune of all.. glad to see it still surfaces live. perhaps the greatest musical moment of my life.. the first song of ’86 Pageantry tour 1st song THESE DAYS.. such rock and roll punch – very stipe dance moves .. the best.

  31. lenny Says:

    “…very stipe dance moves”
    — Wow, first there’s the grammatical comments on “we are concern” and now we see “stipe” as an adjective. Very trendy use of our language.

    I wish I could have seen this band in 1986 to see most of this album performed live. The raw energy and urgency of songs like this one make it my clear favorite REM album. It’s also makes it in my top 5 albums of all time.

    About “These days” — I love the music and the way the lines about “the hat” just flow, but can anyone translate that into anything meaningful? (I’m talking about — “I had a hat and it sunk, reached down, yanked it up, slapped it on my head”).

  32. adam Says:

    I know he had a hat on live when performing.. that black hat – with the messy hair pouring out.. there was a great huge photo in the LA TIMES for the review of the show at the then Irvine Meadows amphitheatre.. rainy night.. they opened with Have you Ever seen the Rain.. followed by These Days.

  33. Andy\ Says:

    You changed the posting–unless I imagined the reference to Mike Mills singing “three!three!three!” But no one’s answered my question: who actually sings the “three!three!three!”?

    And as for the “first four” and “first five” posts, it seems to me we’re just a bunker away from just saying that Side One of LRP is perfect!

    Love all the postings!

  34. LITTLE WILLY Says:


    when in this song he sings about “beat you off” with masturbation, is that political mastuerbation (I suck you you vote for me) or normal sensual masterubation with the hand?

    I always wondered with this song I have many questions.

    Exclude my English please, I do not liv ine America and bush is an idiot so I never will unless he dies

    From FINLAND

  35. Eclipse Says:

    This song always reminds me “Begin the Begin”; something about the drive of it and the guitar line and the feelings it invokes are very reminiscent of BtB.

    I love the ending of this song: “…whereever, whereEVER – YOU! – GOOO-OOO-OOO!” It’s like he just couldn’t let go of or ground the energy in it. Great to shout along to!

  36. ScottMalobisky Says:

    stipe as an adverb
    this is the new stuff
    I come dancing in

  37. jim jos Says:

    one of my favorites from one of my favorite cds.

    Does anyone have a take on what the whole

    “I had a hat I put it down and it sunk, reached down,
    Yanked it up, slapped it on my head”

    I know not every lyric means something, but I have never really known what that line represented.

  38. jim jos Says:

    sorry, Lenny, I see you asked the same thing. I will second your question!

  39. Kirsten Says:

    Keep your hat on your head……..

  40. Kirsten Says:

    Eclipse: I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. If I start singing one in my head, I often end up singing the other. There is something very similar about the two songs. Luckily, they’re both really good, so it doesn’t matter.
    Second your thought on the great ending, too.

  41. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I don’t really think it means anything….but my such energy and animation in a couple of lines about a hat , eh ?…Ain’t seen such excitement in a freaking hat since the leopard skin pill-box variety… I like in Tourfilm , the way Stipe fails the Sobriety Test at the edge of the stage then starts spinning like a whirling dervish while flailing like an antelope that jumped from a building.

  42. Bruno Says:

    Yup, the 1-2 punch and then Fall On Me saw them just firing on all cylinders. Top of their game stuff (one of their peaks if no the highest). ‘Begin’ had them doing Rock! for perhaps the first time but not bad Rock! but still with mystery and mantra. ‘These Days’ sounded like a rally cry to me. A statement for some kind of revolution (‘We are young. We are concern. We are hope’). I thought Stipe was singing ‘take this choice wherever, wherever you go’ Empowerment. Individualism, change, well..hope.

    Damn fine sounds indeed. I agree, that 1-2-3 (4-5-etc) punch stands as one of the finest ever.

  43. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Adam,I saw a few shows at Irvine Ampitheater .Iron Maiden with WASP and T&A as the opening acts for one…….I remember slam dancing and rolling down the hill in the mud slop. I was a crazy animal…it was ’86 and I hadnt a whiff of REM

  44. Mr Cup Says:

    Change…is what I believe in…

    For me the hat thing is change. Maybe it’s too obvious but it ties in with the rattlesnake stuff as well, shedding skin. Or it’s based on this one time at band camp when Stipes hat fell off and he picked it up, put it back on. Crazy times.

  45. Kirsten Says:

    I thought the “Hat” line was along the lines of “I’ll trip, fall, pick myself up and walk unafraid”.

  46. Kirsten Says:

    But where’s the change? He picks it up & puts it back on and keeps on going, same as before.

  47. Kirsten Says:

    And what’s with all the youth references on LRP?

    We are young, despite the years.

    I’m so young, I’m so God Damn Young!

    When I was young and fever fell, my spirit I will not tell.

    And I think there’s one more, but I can’t think of it…

  48. ScottMalobisky Says:

    AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH we are the youth gone wild AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    leaving was never my Miles Standish proud

  49. Bruno Says:

    Clearly the hat is a reference to Sir William Edgar, the inventor of the top hat and celebrated in his time as a damn fine fellow. It is also a sly play on the french word Chapeau, as the french are well known for their love of all things headware. And remember there might be acid rain.’ Course you have to keep your ‘hat’ up on top when home is a long way awaaaaayyyyyy.

  50. ScottMalobisky Says:

    clearly πŸ™‚

  51. Mr Cup Says:

    Yes, fair point Kirsten. The opportunity to change was there to try a new hat on. But he didn’t. Put the same one back on. Like a rattlesnake. Keeps the same skin. Don’t look for me reason, it’s not fair I can’t even type!

    Youth references….it’s about 22 years since it came out remember

    As an aside, I was going to let it go but I didn’t sleep very well last night with this injustice hanging over me:

    Life’s Rich Pageant. An Ep. AN EP??????!!!!!
    Have you no decency Sir?

  52. Kirsten Says:

    “We are concern” is what I was up all night thinking about. Luckily it was probably too hot to sleep anyway. It’s still giving me a headache, but I’m relatively sure I’m right. I think. I’ve got LRP to listen to tonight on my way home from work, so I’ll think about it whilst listening to it. That might help.

  53. Kirsten Says:

    On the topic of the LRP EP, I’m curious as to which songs you would cut JFT.

  54. Mr Cup Says:

    Happy Thongs
    Take this Joy
    Wherever you go

  55. maclure Says:

    Life imitates art. This post and this thread are like a long, youthful, at times non-sensical, raucous, joyful expression of something… it’s what These Days would look like if it were a blog.

  56. lenny Says:

    I’m laughing hysterically at Mr Cup’s comment… “Have you no decency sir?” I had the same reaction — an EP??? WTF?? JFT would be absolutely mobbed over at the swings for that blasphemy. Also, Mr Cup, I think it’s happy throngs, not happy thongs (despite how happy thongs would be).

    BTW – Thanks for all the “hat” comments, everyone. I like the acid rain bit. Well, rain could be a factor, because the line said the hat “sunk”, which implies that water was somehow involved. But it’s probably more of an abstract concept instead — I think it means he had an idea (since the hat was on his head), he faced some resistance, and it got shot down, but he is staying true to what he believes by putting the hat back on. “…yanked it up, slapped it on my head” implies that this act was done with some defiance, as if to say, no one is ever going to make me stop believing what I believe. OK, that’s enough… my throat hurts, and my shirt is wearing thin.

  57. Paul Alferink Says:

    About Monsters three:
    Okay, firstly, King of Comedy is a weak song. So it gets eliminated. And while WTF,K easily equals Begin the Begin as a fantastic first song that sets the records tone, that leave Crush w/ Eyeliner in a steel cage grudge match with FALL ON ME, for godssakes! Listens, I can cite evidence that Fall on me is REM’s greatest song. Firstly, I wrote it up there in an earlier post (Alferink 10). Secondly, Michael Stipe said it (Stipe 91), and I pretty sure he was high when he called any other REM song his favorite song.

    Works Cited:
    Alferink, Paul “Why Fall on Me Kicks so Much Ass, and your song isn’t as good” Pops Songs ’89 ED: Matthew Perpetua 2007.
    Stipe, Michael “MTV Unplugged” New York 1991

    See! I cited everything, that means you can’t argue!

    And for Document, I never like Finest Worksong as much as everyone else, but I’ll grant you that most people would put it at least on par with Begin the Begin. But Welcome to the Occupation is a little weak. And Exhuming McCarthy runs into Fall on Me (see above).

  58. lenny Says:

    Well said, Paul. LRP gets my vote for the best 3 songs to open an album (and the best 12 for that matter).

    I think the toughest competition (for tracks 1-2-3) actually comes from Automatic for the People, not Monster or Document. I love the opening three of AFTP, but #2 is where Try Not to Breathe still falls quite a bit short of These Days.

  59. narcizo Says:

    Feeling Gravity’s Pull, Maps And Legends, Driver 8.
    The pulled that stunt just a year before LRP, and guess what: it f***in’ works, at least for me!

  60. milesy Says:

    It seems so obvious and unoriginal… but, Radio Free Europe, Pilgramage, Laughing, anyone?

  61. milesy Says:

    That, of course, would be PilgrImage…

  62. milesy Says:

    BTW, I’m starting to enjoy this kind of tag-team approach where we put songs in a ring, and let them fight it out. I find myself wondering what would happen if Wendell Gee took on Old Man Kensey…

  63. ScottMalobisky Says:

    ….well , it depends , which one of them thar roosters got a sharper pecker ?………..(lenny , Mr. Cup was joking me thinks…..about the happy thongs …happy tongs …a happy Chinese Association Society or the kitchenware of shiny happy people?)

  64. lenny Says:

    speaking of roosters…

    Swan Swan Hummingbird vs. Heron House (or King of Birds)

  65. maclure Says:

    I used to play the computer game Worms into the wee hours of the night in my teens… (does anyone know what I’m talking about?). Anyway, you could name the characters in your team of worms what you wanted and they would fight it out against other teams. I had a team of REM characters. Wendall Gee and Old Man Kensey were prominant members along with Lenny Bruce, Andy Kaufman and Miles Standish. So, that’s not exactly what you’re talking about, I know, Milesy, but I can confirm these worms carried a mean punch and more or less held their own against other teams. Against each other? My money’s on Old Man Kensey…

    I still say Monster has a great opening 3 (actually, a perfect first 6 in my opinion). Its true I can’t compete with Alferinks citations and Fall in Me is sort of unbeatable, but King of Comedy is such an underrated song. One of my 3 faves from Monster.

  66. ScottMalobisky Says:

    can’t kill the rooster, this from the man in the box, down in a hole

  67. jft Says:

    can anyone tell me what the great thing about “fall on me” is? i mean, it’s not a bad song, but… i just feel no difference, i even think it to be one of the not-so-good songs of the i.r.s. years, but it seems almost everyone else thinks different.

    well, maybe we’ll come back to this when “Fall On Me” is discussed…

  68. Beethoven Was Deaf Says:

    I think the best opening trifecta has to be (…drum roll please …) Fables of the Reconstuction! Although if I was doing my ultimate REM 3-song album opener it would be:

    1. Drive
    2. Losing My Religion
    3. Orange Crush

    For some reason those three songs have always fit together for me and I always start out REM mix CD’s with that holy trilogy of songs.

  69. Beethoven Was Deaf Says:

    jft, I don’t know man, for me Fall On Me, Driver 8, and So. Central Rain are the apex of the IRS years and the archetypal songs of the REM sound.

  70. jft Says:


    Driver 8 is just great. So. Central Rain is really, really good. Fall On Me is… okay

    just my opinion, will stop about that for now

    best opening 2: LRP; best opening 4: close one between FOTR and AFTP =)

  71. milesy Says:

    jft, as you say, no doubt we’ll come back to Fall On Me. But for the time being, great things about it would be (in no particular order):
    backing vocals
    opening guitar notes

    For me, it’s close to perfect, I have to admit. Yep, ‘Here’s another song… this is my favourite song…’

    PS I think the accoustic versions from around 1991 serve to emphasize what a great song this is.

  72. 2d Says:

    best opener: “the lifting”
    best 1-2: “what’s the frequency, kenneth?” / “crush with eyeliner”
    best 1-2-3: “radio free europe” / “pilgrimage” / “laughing”
    best 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8: “begin the begin” / “these days” / “fall on me” / “cuyahoga” / “hyena” / “underneath the bunker” / “the flowers of guatemala” / “i believe” (this song combo is just perfect)

  73. Figgy Says:

    Ha ha. Really enjoying some of the irrelevant comments ever since Kirsten asked jft which songs he’d cut to make an EP out of LRP. Interestingly, jft has come back but HASN’T given us his EP line-up.

    I’m spending far too long at the moment (or dare I say “these days”?) painting walls in my apartment, but it does give me the excuse to listen to a lot of CDs while I do it. So purely for research purposes (with no intentions of enjoying the music, of course) I gave LRP a spin last night. It was even the special version featuring a handful of bonus tracks such as “All I Have to Do is Dream” and “Toys in the Attic”. A thoroughly enjoyable listen – even after hearing all EIGHTEEN tracks I wanted more!

    I’ll agree with jft that the album gets weaker as it goes along. I think REM themselves would admit that. After all, as many books on the subject have reported, the band were actually short of original material going into the recording sessions. Hence, we get several old songs and a cover version. But what the hey? The whole album works, in my opinion. Fresh, bright, catchy, serious moments, throwaway moments… I love it the way it is and it sounds like most of the other bloggers do too. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

  74. Figgy Says:

    And on the subject of REM and computer games, maclure – and who would have thought this could ever be a subject for discussion? – you have reminded me of my younger brother (who is also crazy about REM).

    Years and years ago he had a soccer video game and I remember his team was always called Chronic Town.

    And, yes… I do remember Worms, so you’re not alone there.

  75. jft Says:

    oh, i didn’t actually read Kirsten’s comment about my “LRP EP” – so here it is:

    1. Begin The Begin
    2. These Days
    3. Hyena
    4. Underneath The Bunker
    5. Cuyahoga
    6. The Flowers Of Guatemala

    well… and then release “I Believe” as a standalone single with “Swan Swan H” as a b-side… and maybe a live version of “Fall On Me” πŸ˜‰

    and not that I dislike the album, but I think it’s the least constant of r.e.m.s outputs…

  76. Kirsten Says:

    JFT, that sounds like a hell of a lot of back-peddelling to me! It seems like there’s only 3 songs you don’t like, and that’s not too bad for an album of 12. Can’t believe you’d kick off “Just A Touch”! One of their best rockers! On reflection, I’ve decided to agree with narcizo. Even though Murmur would be my favourite album, and the first 3 of Monster rock, the first 3 songs on Fables is probably the best. (But I may change my mind tomorrow with my mood!)

    I also named computer game characters after the band in my younger years (and I probably still would). I’ve also named 2 budgies Bill (may he rest in peace)and Kenneth.

    And for the record, Kenzie would kick Wendell Gee’s ass! I think he’d be an angry drunk and probably wouldn’t fight fair. I always pictured Wendle Gee as a skinny, weak old man – he’d have no chance!

  77. ScottMalobisky Says:

    jft , I agree with you about Fall On Me , think it’s great but NOT THAT GREAT, (the potent chord change part is very affecting I will say that).

    I always thought that These Days was , “we have many things in common, they increase” , which wouldv’e been very appropriately empathetic with no need for humor.

  78. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Wendell Gee would have a chance with Mr. Cup watching his blindside.

  79. jft Says:

    perhaps I should just shut up unless I get in trouble with what I’ve said and what I’ve not said πŸ˜‰

    Kirsten, well (somehow you’re right, I must admit)… I just tried to make a (to me) convincing EP, which actually works as a mini-album (which LRP as an album doesn’t do for me). Fall On Me would just become an extra track for all of those who admire it that much – Swan Swan H is really great, just doesn’t fit there – I Believe, at its place in LRP, is not really a part of the album, so I would exclude it. But WIWGIA?, JAT an Superman are placed so significant in the second half, that one gets the impression that side B is made out of fillers, even if it isn’t.

    so, I should go back to my maths… πŸ˜€

  80. Mr Cup Says:

    Damn Straight!

  81. maclure Says:

    Another REM match-up I’d like to see – Airportman vs. Lightnin Hopkins. Airportman would be too doped up and half asleep to get past the first round…

  82. Figgy Says:

    What about tag teams?
    Orange Crush With Eyeliner v Fall On Me In Honey

  83. Kirsten Says:

    Two rocking songs like Orange Crush With Eyeliner would easily beat the wimpy, slow Fall On Me In Honey. Where’s the contest?

    Airportman has security to protect him, but Lingtnin Hopkins can shoot lighnin from the palm of his hand, so he’d win.

    I’ve spent WAY too much time and effort into this…..

  84. Kirsten Says:

    Do we have enough room down at those swings Mr Cup, or do we need to relocate to the MCG?? πŸ™‚

  85. Mr Cup Says:

    There has to be a film in this somewhere.

    Help, my favourite songs aren’t getting on. they are fighting one another. I really love Wendell Gee but I don’t think he stands a chance against the rather ambitious Ol’ Man Kinsey!

    The soundtrack a mash up like Figgy says:
    ‘I’ve got my spine I’ve got my orange crush with eyeliner’

  86. Figgy Says:

    “…there’s a lot of honey in this world …but what is it up in the air for?”

    Yeah, this soundtrack could be great.

  87. Mr Cup Says:

    Hmm Kirsten I was going to say I have had a few thoughts morning:

    1) these blogs often bloom at night

    2) I’m gonna feel like the 300 vs the persian army as after I’ve dealt with the ‘Dissappear’ fanciers it’ll be game on with the admires of ‘WTF, Kenneth’. That is if Begin the Begin or Finest Worksong don’t stomp it’s sorry arse beforehand. Hang on – Radio Free Europe’s coming over the top and looks positively rabid! Go Boy!

    I’ll be putting on extra lemonade either way.

    There was more…but if I don’t get down to the beach soon, I won’t be my usual calm tolerant self.

  88. Kirsten Says:

    Great mental image.

  89. Mr Cup Says:

    Oh just quickly, to give figgy something to do instead of his renovations…

    Had an idea for a song where you sample all the ‘yeah, yeahs’ in REM songs and creat a new song which consiste exclusively of..yeahs.

    Ignoreland. Man on the Moon. Sweetness Follows. The Ascent of Man.
    Whos’e got cut and paste skills?

  90. Mr Cup Says:

    The fantasy tan and the abs?

  91. Mr Cup Says:

    The other thing…I was wondering, just quietly, how Matthew is going to write up Fall On Me. He does make a special effort when it comes to these jewels in the crown type songs.

    Not that there’s any pressure from us for him to do so.


    (Mrs Cup at this point drags Mr Cup by the ear away from whatever this internet thingy is. Good riddance to. The antagoising little bugger.)

  92. 2d Says:

    don’t forget the yeah’s of “revolution”, “let me in” and “departure”! πŸ™‚

  93. Kirsten Says:

    No Mr Cup, that was in reply to Figgy with the Honey in the air. You just posted something at the same time as me. But isn’t that one of the beautful things about the internet? There’s no reason for anyone to know that you’re not tanned and toned….

  94. ScottMalobisky Says:

    listened to revolution today with those incendiary lyrics , “black men can’t get acquitted”. this gun control showdown in DC is shaping up to be quite the landmark battle , going to have some serious far-reaching implications …And how about that stem cell breakthrogh today—WOW !!!!!–that’s quite a remarkable development !

  95. Kirsten Says:

    Imagine, all those mini-biskys…

  96. Mr Cup Says:

    Shiny happy people gather, collide to carry each his burden, we are young and full of grace and spirites with something reptile…

    You may not be able to see them Kirsten…but they’re there.
    Abs that is. Beach nice, thanks for asking.

  97. Kirsten Says:

    It’s pooring here. 12 deg…..
    Glad it’s nice there, though. My sister’s in Perth for her honeymoon.

  98. Mr Cup Says:

    Did you tell her to go to the Cottesloe Civic Centre? Where rockstars wed.

  99. milesy Says:

    Mr Cup, I like this idea of a song of ‘yeahs’ (but lack both the time and the editing skills). Could we also include ‘hey’ (Low Desert, Lotus), and ‘oh’ (We Walk)?

    This thread is going to hit 100 posts soon. Whoever posts the 100th had better make it a good one.
    No pressure, then…

  100. Mr Cup Says:

    There are a few ‘Heys’ in drive….maybe the ‘heys’ can be the infamous bridge?

    The ‘oh’ bits…hmmm, maybe the b-side?

    i just listened to THIS song again just now out in the warm evening air. Jeez it’s good. Hit the mood beautifully. Thank you REM. Thank you so much.

    …no pressure…tee hee…

  101. Mr Cup Says:

    I just had a play in Garageband.
    Now I’m no sound engineer…and it sounds bloody ‘orrible.
    Probably need to be able to isolate the vox to have any joy here.

    I’ll leave it out there for anyone that has killer techniques though.

    …no pressure

  102. 2d Says:

    congrats, mr. cup, for “these days intervention no. 100”! but this is “these days post 101”, and we all know the beginning is the end is the beginning πŸ˜‰

    let’s begin the beguine! *shifts on chair*

  103. lenny Says:

    I want to go back to the head-to-head matchups that people were discussing (Wendell vs. Kensey)…I tried posting this earlier but it wouldn’t go through…

    The possibilities are limitless…
    Swan Swan H vs. King of Birds
    Flowers of Guatemala vs. Green Grow the Rushes
    Harborcoat vs. Hairshirt
    Drive vs. We Walk

    (my picks: Birds, Flowers, Coat, Walk)

  104. Paul Alferink Says:

    Also, never have sex, drink or do drugs. And never say “I’ll be right back!” Oh wait, those are different rules.

  105. Paul Alferink Says:

    Jeez, I wish my new job didn’t block most every internet site. . .
    Anywho, the rules for the first three song of an album come into play here. They are as follows:

    the first song must set the tone of album. Swan Swan H or Superman would be horrible for LRP.

    To excel, one of the first two songs must be a rocker, or something to get excited about. Preferable the first song, but if the first song is short, you can get way with it being slower. This is the reason why Fables and Automatic can’t compete. They may have the best three songs, taken individually, but they don’t meet this corralary, and thus, are disqualified.

    All three songs cannot have the same style.

    Bonus Points the first song is actually about starting something (See Begin the Begin) The same thing is true about last songs, by the by. Iteofwawki(aiff) would work, as does The End by the Doors or “Death is not the End.

  106. ScottMalobisky Says:

    the white night is talking backwards
    trying to recall what the doorman said

  107. maclure Says:

    Match-ups could happen in different Little America “Ignoreland” cities, or perhaps in the outback of a south central country (feedback).

    All the way to Reno vs Texarkana.
    How the West was won… vs West of the fields
    Leaving New York vs I remember California (in the Low Desert)

    Also, I’d like to see the Wichita Lineman take on Driver 8 in a bare-knuckle fist fight in Rockville.

    The possiblities are endless. The possibilities, that is, for wasting time on the internet…

  108. ScottMalobisky Says:

    jimjos, those Langerado tix are now on sale, get two , plus my round trip plane tix.I’ll see you there

  109. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “the northeast corridor thinks the rest of the country is just a fly-over “_______Rush Limbaugh yesterday commenting on the “northest liberal media bias”

  110. Mr Cup Says:

    King of Comedy vs King of Birds

    If someone already said that one…I’m so-oorry

  111. milesy Says:

    There is the potential here for quite a fight card:
    Stand vs Sitting Still
    The Lifting vs Feeling Gravitys Pull
    The Outsiders vs Let Me In
    A tag team featuring Departure/ Leave vs Saturn Return/ Don’t Go Back to Rockville
    And of course Bury Magnets vs Exhuming McCarthy… (what?)

    More seriously, after LRP, I think New Adventures might just have the best 1-2-3. No, I’m not joking.

  112. maclure Says:

    Milesy Standish, I thought somebody would eventually mentioned NAIHF’s first three. They are 3 strong songs fo sheez but for me they have no continuity or running themes. It’s like a mix-tape. I think the album begins to make sense as an entity a few tracks later – Undertow through Departure.

  113. Mr Cup Says:

    Radio Free Europe vs Radio Song
    Harbourcoat vs Hairshirt
    Flowers of Gautemala vs Lotus
    You’re in the Air vs Don’t fall on Me

    [Tech Fowel on the last one. Benched for the night.]

  114. lenny Says:

    Question — what makes one post get so many comments? This is now the 2nd most commented on song, in just 3 DAYS. The previous post had three days on its own and only got 15 comments. Is this song just that much more popular, or is something else going on?

    My theory is that it’s the short work week (for those of us in the U.S. anyway) and people are procrastinating at work to get through to the holiday weekend. Put me in that category. 5 more hours… tick, tick, tick.

  115. ScottMalobisky Says:

    the parakeet vs. the lizard king. I’ll take the Israelis vs. the Iranians minus the points

  116. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I agree with your theory ,lenny ; folks are just in a relaxed, playful, and somewhat nonsensical frame of mind due to that short work week feeling.

  117. ScottMalobisky Says:

    funny story about the Arizona Cardinals fooball team ; a couple of years ago the organization actually made a conscious effort to change the Cardinal logo on the helmet from it’s more docile original look to something more leaner and meaner , vwrey humorous to me, a cardinal is still a cardinal and not the most intimidating symbol for a footall team…although the team has gotten better, might be moving towards being a contender after years of haplessness (my second favorite team)

  118. lenny Says:

    I’ve lived in St. Louis most of my life — so we’ve just laughed at the Arizona Cardinals ever since they left town. But, not this year — the Rams are pitiful by comparison. Out of curiosity, what’s your 1st favorite team Malobisky?

    The only real Cardinal is the original, St. Louis Baseball Cardinal. No need to tamper with that classic logo. And they’re a much better franchise in terms of history and success. Exactly how did this topic come up? Heron House – Swan Swan H – Parakeet – Cardinal?

  119. Paul Alferink Says:

    St. Louis Cardinals? Thems fightin’ words ’round these parts.

  120. David T. Says:

    Re Cardinals…gotta side w/Lenny on this one. The Cardinal is the King of Birds, baseball-wise. Trash talking will lead to a stampede at the (Musial) monument.

    (Though, Lenny, I sometimes wonder if the uber-coolness of the Cardinal logo is partially offset by the uber-uncoolness of Fredbird…)

  121. lenny Says:

    OK gang it’s been fun, but if we’re going to reach 200 comments, and I’d like to, it can’t be because we are talking about video games and football/baseball teams.

    Back to the subject — I liked everyone’s comments about the “hat” lyric in “These Days”. Now I have another one to ponder: “I will rearrange your scales.”

    Any thoughts? I like Matthew’s take on the song as a stump speech, but “rearrange your scales” sounds a little threatening for a campaign promise. Am I wrong about that? Could there be a positive spin on scale rearrangement? What kind of scales are they? I guess I was always a little confused by that lyric.

  122. Paul Alferink Says:

    Or the the stench of a past-his-prime, overpaid Jim Edmonds patrolling center

  123. maclure Says:

    Rearrange your scales, I take (simply) as refering to justice. I will rearrange your sense of what is right and wrong… social justice, social action, we are concern, we are hope. I don’t see it as the rally cry of a political leader necessarily.

    I’ve just watched These Days from the Dublin gigs and was amazed to see something I hadn’t noticed before. This may be very obvious… but the 3 things we have in common, THREE THREE THREE are – if Stipe’s hand signals are a clue – these three things: 1) we are young despite the years 2) we are concern 3) we are hope despite the times. Matthew talked about “inclusiveness” in his post and I think this is important. Inclusiveness between the band and the audience. No barriers, no stage, I wish to meet each one of you. We have these three things in common, we are on the same side, wanting the same things.

    I see echoes of these lyrics in later songs, but to repeat what Matthew already said it’s hard to say what it’s actually really about… Popsong 89, Turn you inside out and Belong (those creatures from the sea).

  124. Kirsten Says:

    Firstly, I’d like to apologise for my poor spelling last night – it was at the end of a very long day!! Cottesloe Civic Centre – got it! Will put it on my list of places to visit….

    These Days.
    I thought the THREE things he was talking about was obvious: we are young, we are concern, we are hope.

    I thought scales referred to balance. I’m not feeding off your negative energy, I will rearrange your thoughts/feelings so they are more balanced. If I can, and I can.
    Then he walks into the ocean/sea (the big scary world)where he puts his hat down (an idea, thought, hopes/dreams?) and it sinks/fails. But he reaches down, yanks it up and slapps that soaking, slightly damaged hat straight back on his head. Now his hat is heavy on his head and is a burden. But with youth, concern and hope, he wears his hat with pride and joy.

    How does that sound? Now I’d better do some work this morning….

  125. ScottMalobisky Says:

    well , Michael may have wished to meet each one of us a while back but I doubt if he wants to now……. the wear and tear of that fame thing..

    I’ve always thought of the scales as the scales of justice, sorta , gonna rearrange your paradigms of what constitutes fairness ,what is right and wrong .(especially I think in terms of American foreign policy here)

    The Outsiders vs. Let Me In, that’s the best one yet πŸ™‚

    and lenny , I am reluctant to divulge my favorite team considering their most embarrassing succumbing to the mighty NYJets this past week-end .

    Paul, you really crack me up sometimes.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all !!!!

  126. Kirsten Says:

    There’s no way he’d want to meet us – I think we lost him at Wendell Gee v Old Man Kensey. We are all officially freaks and possible stalkers. He’d be running scared by now!

  127. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I’ve also construed “rearrange your scales” in a “rearrange your face” sorta way , one of Stipe’s most obviously agressive moments, like he’s really disgusted and pissed , wants to jack up some ignorant S.O.B.

  128. Mr Cup Says:

    Electron Blue vs Orange Crush
    Perfect Circle vs Witcheta Linesman
    Airport Man vs The Sad Professor
    Wake Up Bomb vs Daysleeper
    I’ve been High vs Low
    Hope vs Suspicion

  129. Kirsten Says:

    Wolves, Lower v I’ve Been High

  130. 2d Says:

    i’ve always liked to think of “rearrange your scales” in the funnier, quirkier sense of the serpents’ outer layer. very surreal image. like “i will shift every piece of you and change its place until i’ve transformed you into what i please. and i can.” works well with the rattlesnake sounds in the background too.

  131. Kirsten Says:

    2D, that sounds cool and more like Stipian language.

    Around the Sun vs Man On The Moon

  132. Mr Cup Says:

    I love the ‘if I can, AND I CAN’ line.
    No second guessing this time.

  133. Kirsten Says:

    I love that line, too. So full of strength and determination.

    There’s a battle going on right now between These Days and High Speed Train! Can’t remember what HST got to, but this is entry #132!

  134. Mr Cup Says:

    Begin The Begin vs Endgame
    The Boy in the Well vs The Wrong Child
    Strange vs Crazy
    Around the Sun vs Saturn Return
    Beat a drum vs Mang and Blame
    Sitting Still vs Stand

    [working from hom vs productivity]

  135. Mr Cup Says:

    sorry about the typos up there…

  136. Kirsten Says:

    Star 69 vs Star Me Kitten
    I Don’t Sleep, I Dream vs Daysleeper
    Falls To Climb vs Itself!

  137. 2d Says:

    find the river vs. cuyahoga
    laughing vs. king of comedy

    aaaaand stumble vs. trip through your wires πŸ˜‰

  138. 2d Says:

    suspicion vs. i believe

  139. maclure Says:

    Hey 2d, I wondered about that reptilian interpretation. Kind of creepy, but could work… You want cross your DNA with something reptile. Kirsten – sorry for being a bit dim and missing the obvious (ie. 3 things we have in common) but it was like a startling revelation to me today!

    Er, getting tenuous but…

    I’m not over You vs You vs You are the everything
    Near Wild Heaven vs The Great Beyond
    Superman vs Airportman (I know who the winner would be)
    Strange Currencies vs Strange
    So Fast So Numb vs So Central Rain (hmmmm…)
    What’s the frequency… vs Radio Song (yes, well)
    Begin the Begin vs Final Straw (oh dear!)
    All the right friends vs I wanted to be wrong (come on!)
    White Tornado vs Aftermath (now, that’s good!)

    Must go to bed…

  140. 2d Says:

    i’d choose “airportman”, sorry (though they are both great) :p

    wolves, lower vs. hyena

    and if you don’t feel like going to bed, you can always go gardening at night (vs. nightswimming).

  141. Mr Cup Says:

    I don’t sleep I dream/All i have to do is dream/Daysleeper



    (basks in smugness)

  142. maclure Says:

    clever, Mr Cup, clever. I really am off to bed now. The sidewinder sleeps in a coil, whereas I sleep in a bed until the wake up bomb which is when I get up.

    Wishing all you Stateside a very happy thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for, do we not?

  143. Mr Cup Says:

    When I was simple country folk, my friends and I would borrow a nice flat paddock from an unsuspecting farmer and tow an upturned car bonnet behind another car at speed. Around and around for hours.

    I made a video of these times and used These Days and Begin the Begin as the soundtrack. The afternoon I captured was a clear end of winter days with golden light pouring across the lush grass. It takes me back there everytime I hear it.

    Happy throngs take this joy, wherever you go.

  144. Mr Cup Says:

    We Are Concern.

    Is that the EMO credo?

  145. gluefoot Says:

    as ‘full-frontal’ big-sounding r.e.m. goes, this is right up there with the best of them.. i love the manic flurry of the track.. the vocals are thrilling and affecting, and the instrumentation is pounding and energetic.. i love the version on ‘tourfilm’..

  146. ScottMalobisky Says:

    9/9 vs. #9 dream .sic (basking in the peculiar smugness of his tumid self-delusion now)

    yeah , gluefoot , “pounding” is exactly right, the drums especially are relentless, the physical exertion for Bill would’ve been quite the work-out , just beating one over the head with the message, LISTEN TO ME !!.indeed..PAY ATTENTION , DAMN IT , GET THIS RIGHT !! What other choice do I have?

  147. ScottMalobisky Says:

    alright alright ,nuts, you made me do it……….. since no one else is saying it , I will; How many Americans will be rearranging there scales tomorrow , moving the one that gives the lower reading to the forefront ?

  148. Bruno Says:

    Most peculiar. This beast of a thread has it’s own life! Last time I looked we were making sense (well we tried) of hats. Now what the hell has happened. You’re all like a wild bunch of animals let loose all over Matt’s blog and yup, that’s how it should be.

    ‘Rearrange your scales’ – to me just sounded like a great way of saying ‘I will f*** you up’ (turn you inside out?) but of course instead of Mr Stipester saying “I will f*** you up’ he found a much cooler, rattlesnake, serpent way to say it. what a great line no matter which way you see it.

    And you’ve all stolen my wrestling teams. How about musical? Mike Mill’s baseline intro to ‘Laughing’ takes on Peter Buck’s guitar intro to ‘Pretty Persuasion’ for example.

    Uh huh Oh yeah

  149. ScottMalobisky Says:

    and remember those “results are not typical” and the actors are “remunerated” πŸ™‚

  150. Bruno Says:

    Just listened to the posted song(s) and I’m finding it very hard not to jump the gun and talk about just why (ahem jft) Fall on Me is so good.


  151. Kirsten Says:

    Excellent point on Rearrange Your Scales Bruno.

  152. Bruno Says:

    OK I can’t help it.

    LRP was when REM came of age. I think at this point they realised that they could go over the top. They could be a world killing band and do it on their own terms.

    The folk albums beforehand were magical and set the stage for something new. Then came Reckoning and they started to stretch out – sonically – no longer chiming and murmuring. Dirtier guitars and a bit of noise and energy. Micheal finding confidence in his vocal ability. Then came the tough album, the turning point – ‘make or break’ – Fables. One that now stands as a singular achievement and for, or maybe because of all the trouble they had writing/recording it, sits on its own in the early catalogue – a slice out of time.

    And then: LRP and it was the watershed. At least most of it was – the first half (and a few from the backside).

    Document brought the same approach but the immediacy of LRP was the turning point. Afterward the high points were mostly folk based or similar. Automatic was one great song after another but it returned the band to the acoustics and the lighter approach.

    LRP, especially, as has been mentioned, the first set of songs, was guns-a-blazing ‘Here we are, full of confidence and talent and we’re going to jump right into the center of the stage with what we know is great songs an great talent’. The coming of age.

    A lot has been said about Peter Buck finding a new sound with each album and that may be a key with LRP. It’s the first time he found dirt and power – and so did the band. Often before this album his guitar sounded a bit thin. On LRP, it had an energy and this was at the center of their new confidence.

    Absolutely a band that was now ready and poised to take on the (music) world.

    Well um, so sorry – I was moved – You can now tell me I’m crazy.

  153. Figgy Says:

    You’re not crazy, Bruno. That last post of yours makes a lot of sense. I’m curious to know if the band members’ views are similar to yours.

  154. Mr Cup Says:

    Mr Richards vs Migraine Boy

  155. Mr Cup Says:

    THe scales of justice argument is certainly plausible and makes the most sense. However I think you will find it refers to a time when James Michael presented a song to the band and they fell about laughing at how messy it was. The song, which shall remain nameless, was apparently rare in it’s lack of formal structure. Undettered, the young James Michael pulled out his notebook, scratched some lyrics which would eventually become ‘these days’.
    It seems musical scales is what he wanted to re-arrange. If he can. And he can!

  156. Bruno Says:

    Interesting stuff Mr Cup – how do you know this?

  157. Kirsten Says:

    He was that notebook.

  158. Bruno Says:

    Umm ok cut it out!

    He was that notebook?

    Curious me

  159. Mr Cup Says:

    Wouldn’t it be one of the greatest experiences, and I’m being serious now, if you could be a fly on the wall during some recording sessions and seeing exactly how some of these songs come together?

    An example might be…a younger James Michael going in to do the vocal for Country Feedback with a scrap of paper with a sketch on it and doing what he did. Imagine listening to what came out for the first time.

    [There are no long boring hours of things not happening in my fantasy OK]

  160. Bruno Says:

    Yeah a fly on the wall

    Somehow the very early stuff would be best. There just seems like a lot of tricky stuff going on in the studio on murmur. Vocals way back in the mix, weird sounds, lots of effects and deep stuff hiding in way back in the mix.

  161. Bruno Says:

    Of course, the way the vocals/lyrics came together too, Mr Cup

  162. Mr Cup Says:

    Yeah, everything. The creative process is infinitely fascinating to me in any field. There is online ‘tennis matches’ with designers these days, where you take somthing from someone else, rework it and send it back.

    That may be a similar process with REM who all live in different cities and timezones.

    But hearing a little riff or couple of note develop into a song, God I would love to witness that.

  163. Bruno Says:

    It’s weird – I have such an old-school view on REM. Pre email/digital/chat/Youtube/social network/blah. I want them to be a dusty road in a deep south place somewhere where the fields are forgotten. In the digital world the possibilities are…well, endless, I do play about with layers and tracks, but to me (wistfully says I) the lack of that stuff is what makes their music truly magic.

  164. Bruno Says:

    wow time for bed bye all

  165. Mr Cup Says:

    (sigh) it’s just not their world anymore.

    Neon lit airports and the buzz of airconditioned trains.

    Driver 8 vs High Speed Train indeed

  166. lenny Says:

    Wow — most impressive everyone. Up to #166. The last time I said anything it was around 120. High Speed Train had 193, so we’re on our way to topping that. People took the fight card idea and ran with it (or should I say, beat it to death).

    I only had a couple more…
    So Central Rain vs. White Tornado
    Catapult vs. The Wake Up Bomb
    Man on the Moon vs. Kohoutek (cause it’s a comet)

    Thanks for the notes on rearranging scales. The first explanation for that was probably the best. Kudos to maclure.

    Let’s see — what else to say? Oh, I know. I think there’s one more challenger to the best 1-2 punch at the top of an REM album. Green. PS89 and Get Up really rock, so that almost rivals Begin the Begin and These Days. Not quite as good though, but close.

  167. lenny Says:

    Dang — that last message could have been about 4 different ones if I’d just split it up. Oh well.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone; I’m going to go rearrange my scale so it lies to me about my post-feast weight.

  168. milesy Says:

    I am fascinated by this whole best 1-2-3, best 1-2 etc type of question, as I always think of REM in terms of albums rather than songs, with really strong associations of where a song is situated- for years, for example, I would mix up songs from side two (!) of Fables, because they all just blended together (in a good way).

    There is no favourite album. But, under duress, I would probably pick Green. And yet, and yet… While I do like PS89 and Get Up, I think they are far from the best 1-2 (sorry lenny)- and I have even found myself starting the album at You are the Everything on occasion. Is this just me?

    (Incidentally, I think You are the Everything is Fall On Me’s only serious challenger for the title of ‘best third track’.)

    1000000 vs 9-9

    I’ll take the So Central Rain
    New Orleans Instrumental no. 151

  169. Mr Cup Says:

    Driver 8 is number 3.

    I went through a patch of liking the 8th track of many albums (not just REM). 8 is lucky in chinese. And in esoteric mathematics, it’s a zero with a belt.

  170. milesy Says:

    Top five third tracks:

    1. Fall on Me
    2. You are the Everything
    3. Exhuming McCarthy
    4. So Central Rain
    5. New Test Leper

    And, yes, I am a fan of D8 too.

  171. ScottMalobisky Says:

    ….Didn’t Stipe record the vocal for Murmur , like , out of sight in the dark in a side stairwell or something like that ?

  172. ScottMalobisky Says:

    never really cared for the title of LRP , certainly wouldn’t kick it out of bed for that though , I’ve always thought the titles of REM albums leave a bit to be desired . ..FOTR is cool though , as is Document……what will the next one be ?..

  173. Mr Cup Says:

    I love the title as it’s from a Peter Sellers film (one of the Pink Panthers).

    New Test Leper over Driver 8…I’ll have to put on some more lemonade I reckon.

  174. maclure Says:

    Hold the lemonade… Best third tracks:

    1. Driver 8
    2. Fall on Me
    3. New Test Leper
    4. King of Comedy
    5. Low

    The new REM album should be called “In the clear light of day”. Just came to me. If an REM member is reading this, please call the album this. I would be very grateful and very pleased.

    Bisky – I think it was So Central Rain where he recorded it at the top of some stairs and fell down at the end which explains the slightly strained lyrics at the end of the track…

  175. maclure Says:

    er… strained VOCALS at the end of the track. typo.

  176. Mr Cup Says:

    New Test Leper over So. Central Rain…I’ll have to put on some more lemonade I reckon.

  177. Mr Cup Says:

    Didn’t he declare he sung it in the nude as well?

  178. lenny Says:

    Fell down the stairs singing naked. That might hurt.

  179. Mr Cup Says:

    I’m looking for punch lines that were never there…

    (mwaaa haaaa haaaa)

  180. milesy Says:

    Forget New Test Leper.
    What about King of Comedy over So Central Rain, You are the Everything, McCarthy, Laughing, Suspicion and Sidewinder..?
    Leave your Lemonade at the bar, Maclure…

  181. ScottMalobisky Says:

    make it a Lynchburg Lemonade

  182. Kirsten Says:

    New Test Leper??

    Bring out the lemonade so I can throw it in your face sir.

  183. milesy Says:

    Kirsten, are you defending NTL or attacking? I suspect the latter, and can almost feel the first drops of lemonade…

  184. Kirsten Says:

    Attacking – crap compared to So Central Rain.

    Just remember Lemonade in your eyes WILL sting like hell!

  185. Mr Cup Says:

    New Test Lemonade!

    Thanks Kirsten. Glad someone is being sensible around here.

  186. Mr Cup Says:

    In honour of more recent postings:

    It’s a free world baby vs It’s the end of the world as we know it

    If I have to get to 200 by myself, I will people.

  187. Kirsten Says:

    LOL. Don’t worry Mr Cup, you are a part of the REM Community, so in that spirit I will help you reach the 200. This song probably deserves the trophy more than High Speed Train. At least we haven’t fallen back into the “Stipe the Alien” conversation again….

  188. Kirsten Says:

    We have many things in common, name three:

    1. We love REM
    2. We drink a hell of a lot of lemonade
    3. And we have way too much time on our hands!

  189. Mr Cup Says:

    It’s just so perilously close Kirsten.


  190. Kirsten Says:

    Even closer now!!

    Now I am feeding off you, we will re-arrange this blog. If we can, and we can.

  191. Mr Cup Says:

    I had a blog, and it sunk, reached, down yanked it up…

  192. lenny Says:

    At least we now have more posts on These Days than there were on High Speed Train. It’s official NOW. I didn’t ever really care about 200, just 194.

  193. Mr Cup Says:

    I would agree lenny, if it weren’t for my respect for the traditions of cricket and its love of milestones. It’s almost a double ton. The crowd are calling for it. Just one big tonk and it’s in the bag…

    Dig deep. Keep focus.

  194. Kirsten Says:

    Mr Cup – the next Bradman.

  195. Mr Cup Says:

    It’s a team game Kirsten. Individual milestones are nothing if the team doesn’t perform well.

    And…has Hannibal Lectre would say……’closer’….

  196. Kirsten Says:

    We can reach our destination. (But we’re still aways away)

  197. Kirsten Says:

    In the interest of “team spirit” please Mr Cup, have your moment of glory. Take us to 200…..

  198. Mr Cup Says:

    …raises bat to the crowd, meets team mate in the middle, they punch each other lightly on the glove…what an innings!

    Think I have a little tear in my eye…

  199. Kirsten Says:

    Take off your helmet, and wipe off the sweat. Your moment of glory has arrived!

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Now what?

  200. Mr Cup Says:

    Speaking of milestones, traditions etc It just occurred to me that 151 should be a significant milestone on this blog.

    Certainly easier than 1,000,000.

    And with that the drinks cart is brought over from the swings for some well earned refreshments…

  201. Mr Cup Says:

    There is no emoticon for how I’m feeling right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. Kirsten Says:

    I know Mr Cup – Let’s drive this baby all the way to Reno! (Where undoubtably we will become stars)

  203. Mr Cup Says:

    We are
    a star

  204. milesy Says:

    Good work people- and all the while I was sleeping like Flintoff in the pavillion.
    Meanwhile, because I am a pedant and cannot resist the urge to defend myself, I need to point out that I had So Central Rain higher on my list than Leper- it was maclure who didn’t include it! (but I love you maclure and will take a lemonade in the face for you anyday).

  205. Mr Cup Says:

    Milesy, I respect you because you would sacrifice your wicket for the team ( if only to get back into the dressing room a little sooner and get on the outside of an ale, like Freddy).

    I also respect you as a pedant.

    However, Driver 8 isn’t on yer list mate. It’s like picking a batting line up from the world XI and instead of choosing Steve Waugh, you pick your mate Dave. Steve, it seems gets to carry the drinks. From where I sit…it’s lemonade.

  206. milesy Says:

    That’s a fair lemonade and I’ll take it in the face.
    However, I do like balance in my lists of REM songs, so that they recognise the excellence throughout the band’s career. You wouldn’t want to pick 11 batsmen and end up with Steve W opening the bowling, would you? So, for me, unless So Central Rain, Fall on Me or McCarthy get injured or have to be suspended for pedalo-related activities, Driver 8 carries the drinks (which it is free to throw in my face).

  207. maclure Says:

    Hello folks, I know this thread is days old, I just never realised it was being taken over the 200 mark by some cricket lovers. Yes, I will take a lemonade in the face for not putting So.Central Rain on my list of track 3 REM songs. I dunno tho… it just never floated my boat that song. And Low and KoC and NTL are just really, really good in my opinion.

  208. Kirsten Says:

    Take away these scattered bones of my meal.

  209. Mr Cup Says:

    For me, New Test Leper lacks any of the characteristics of a quality number three. There’s no dramatic build to a chorus, there’s no chorus, no mystery, no majesty, the vocals are flat and unspetacular.
    It bogs down New Adventures just as it’s starting off. I would go so far as to say ANY other number 3 from any other album would be better.

    If NTL was a batsman, he would take forever to get off the mark. Poke and prod outside off stump looking for away to get out and eventually put so much pressure on the rest of the team they’d have to hit out of there comfort zone to compensate (hello Undertow).

    If I was team coach I’d say he needed more time in the nets or a bit more working out on the road before it was ready to make its debut.

    I’m thirsty…

  210. Kirsten Says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Mr Cup. It is clearly the low-point of NAIHF and all other 3rd songs easily beat it. I’m even guilty of regularly skipping it.

  211. Mr Cup Says:

    Guilt free skipping from me Kirsten. And don’t look for it an the iPod – it’s not there.

    Speaking off:

    There is a Podiatrist near my place and I’m really wanting to paint a liitle ‘i’ in front of the P.

  212. Kirsten Says:

    I am looking into joining the technology age and purchasing an ipod after Christmas. I don’t intend to put NTL on there. I suppose it will be a real test (leper) as to which songs I’m really not that fond of (I couldn’t bring myself to say “don’t like”). Me In Honey won’t be there either, but Kohotek and Hairshirt will be ’cause I see the potential of them both and do kinda sorta like them, just not that much. And this blog has made me appreciate them more.

  213. Mr Cup Says:

    Yeah. Forcing oneself to listen to songs in isolation often reveals more of the song itself as opposed to the relationship it has to the others.

    I have an iPod with video and there are some Tourfilm clips on YouTube I ‘collected’. As well as a really cool Document promo clip I’d never seen.

    I take this joy wherever I go, in my happy thongs!

  214. Kirsten Says:

    A happy customer just brought in some Fruit Cake as a thank you to one of our sales guys. All I can think of is Bill Berry saying: “Wouldn’t you just love to throttle the person who invented Fruit Cake?” from Christmas Gripping. I hope Matthew covers that one.
    A must!

  215. Mr Cup Says:

    I haven’t heard it – is that a fan club thingy?

  216. maclure Says:

    New Test Leper is an awesome song! What’s going on – I won’t accept this panning of a classic tune.

  217. Kirsten Says:

    Yeah, it’s hilarious. I was watching a Christmas movie on TV last night and they were talking about Frosty the Snowman which they sing at the end of this song.

    Some great lines:

    Bill: I guess we’re going to have to go shopping now

    Mike: and I’m gonna have to take my nefew to the mall to see Santa Claus

    Peter: If I hear Rudolf the Red-Nose Raindeer one more time I’m gonna go up on a tower with a high-powered rifle

    Michael: take a white marshmellow, put it on a coathanger, put it on the fire, get some
    chocolate bars and some graham crackers and then you smush it and then you eat a hundred of ’em and you vomit…

    Mike: yeah, sometimes christmas really frosts ass…

  218. Kirsten Says:

    That should be “Frosts My Ass”

  219. Kirsten Says:

    maclure, I will no longer make you lemonade, but instead “put pepper in your coffee”

  220. Mr Cup Says:

    This isn’t the REM I know…or thought I knew. They feel the same way I do about xmas then. Just get it over with!

    Oh, a voice from the swings…

  221. Mr Cup Says:

    I didn’t realise NTL had been done already. It seems to divide people between totally awesome and largely forgettable. That makes it interesting.

  222. milesy Says:

    Good morning.
    I feel I’m not going to win this argument… but…can’t …resist…one last…try..
    Things to like about NTL:
    It’s a great song in 6/8.
    The way Michael’s voice holds on and wavers as he sings ‘Call me a leper…eyayyy’
    The thematic link with undertow.
    The way the clean accoustic strum contrasts with other songs around it.
    The classicly stipean ambiguity of the lyrics that convey so much: is it someone being destroyed by the religious right for their sexuality; or actually someone religious being mocked for their faith… different meanings of ‘New Test’ (see NTL entries) etc.
    The vulnerable hopeful, yet hopeless innocence of the protagonist.
    The feedback at the beginning of the last verse (prefiguring the real feedback in the next song).

    Come on guys, give it another chance. I can handle it not being as highly thought of as Driver 8, but you’re overreacting.
    And, Mr Cup, if only more English batsmen would bat a bit more like Geoff Boycott (not renowned for rushing into his innings), we might do a little better…

    Ah well, I suppose I may as well get up and wash in lemonade tomorrow to save you guys the trouble of staying up down under to wait for me…

  223. Mr Cup Says:

    Ahh Boycott! I couldn’t think of his name.

    Well milesy, I admire the aim of the song. I’ve seen this played out dozens of times on commercial television. Someone a little left of centre (and it usually is a very small way to the left) that the oh, so knowledgeable presenters don’t want to, or are unable to relate too else they be thought of as ‘different’ as well. It’s a way of reassuring the masses they are OK, unlike this ‘weirdo’ they see before them. They’ll tune in again tomorrow and have that reassured. Part of the media’s passion for keeping people uninformed.

    However, as a song, a tune…it just doesn’t move me for all the reasons listed.

    Can we still be friends? We could crack a two fiddy!

  224. milesy Says:

    Why not?
    After all, we have many things in common, name 3 (as long as it’s not the best track no.3…)

  225. Mr Cup Says:

    1) REM
    2) Cricket
    3) Nausea (at the mere mention of lemonade)

    I’m listening to New Adventures…sort of guy I am

  226. Mr T Says:

    I pitty the fool who tries to get t’ two fidddy!


  227. ScottMalobisky Says:

    one transgression slithers
    skewered round the clock
    idle talk down to impact

  228. milesy Says:

    I’m trying to work out when you sleep, Mr Cup!
    You could always sleep standing up I suppose (those darned track 3s).

    I couldn’t find NA in HiFi in the car this afternoon when I need it; was happy to find Green, though…

  229. milesy Says:

    I mean ‘needed’

  230. milesy Says:

    the good thing about correcting typos is they keep the post-count ticking.

  231. milesy Says:

    Sorry everyone. Way off subject now.
    I still think these days is a great song.

  232. Kirsten Says:

    Wow, where’s this going to end? 250? 300? More??

  233. Kirsten Says:

    Have we lost our minds?
    Will this never end?
    It could depend on your take.

  234. Mr Cup Says:

    I think I’m 8 hrs+ GMT. Plus one daylight saving hour.
    As far as sleeping, it doesn’t feel as if I do most times. I end up settling for a cup of coffee to differentaite am + pm.

    I’m wondering now in the clear light of morning, why all the fuss on best third tracks when These Days is the second?


    7 Chinese Brothers
    Maps and Legends
    These Days
    Pop Song 89
    Crush with Eyeliner

    hmmm, harder than I thought. I’m whittling it down and in typically old school manner heading straight for the back cat.

    Will LMR make it????? stay tuned.

  235. Kirsten Says:

    Pilgrimage. Easily.

  236. Mr Cup Says:

    It would be easy for me to pick the first five. But that could just be me being lazy.

    Of course, the glaring omission from that list is Gardening at Night.
    It just got harder.

  237. jft Says:

    best 2nd song?

    1. Try Not To Breathe
    2. Losing My Religion
    3. These Days
    4. I’ve Been High
    5. Maps And Legends

  238. jft Says:

    oh, and another try on the no.3 discussion (and to push the count a bit higher…)

    New Test Leper (great, beautiful song!)
    Driver 8
    The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite

    oh, and would Wolves, Lower count? on my edition it’s no.3 on CT. it would beat the mentioned ones by far.

  239. Kirsten Says:

    Top 3 2nds

    1. Pilgrimage
    2. Lotus
    3. Crush With Eyeliner

    Top 3 3rds

    1. Low
    2. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
    3. Fall On Me

    All subject to change with mood. 3rd songs were a lot harder to choose, so many great songs unmentioned.

  240. Mr Cup Says:

    Welcome to the occupation
    These Days
    Gardening at Night (any version)
    Maps and Legends

    On the bench:
    I’ve been high/Try not to breathe

    In no particular order. Apologies to those who didn’t make it. I found it harder than #3’s which for me, picked themselves.

  241. Kirsten Says:

    Hmmm, honestly the only 2 I’d kick off your list are Occupation and TNTB.
    It’s hard when they’re all so good.

    So what now, on to the 4th??

    (We’re nearly up to 250!)

  242. Mr Cup Says:

    Occupation isn’t the greatest song but it contains one of my very favourite moments. Besides, he’s staring at me with big puppy eyes – how can I refuse?

    TNTB, again the breathing thing is important thematically perhaps more than the song. Contradicting myself now aren’t I?
    Scrap it then.

    These Days
    Maps and Legends
    Gardening at night
    Occupation (look at those big eyes!)

  243. Kirsten Says:

    Is it the “Listen to me” ending? I love that bit. Occupation used to be one of my absolute favourites, but unfortunately I think I overplayed it to death and it lost a little of it’s appeal. It’s my own fault. Now I’m going to go and hang my hairshirt on the lowest rung….

  244. Mr Cup Says:

    It’s the instrumental section, the raking strums at the end of that leading into ‘sugar cane and coffee cup, copper, steel and cattle….a forest for the fire’

    and the ‘listen to me’ with the dum, da-dum, d-dum guitar bit beneath.


  245. Kirsten Says:

    Yeah, I love the guitar under the ending too.

  246. Mr Cup Says:

    These Days was one of only 4 songs they went in to the studio with.
    I know it to be true as I read it in a book.

  247. lenny Says:

    I know why everyone started listing their favorite #3’s… They’re a lot better than the #2 tracks, on the average.

    My top #3’s:
    so. Central Rain
    Exhuming McCarthy
    Fall on Me
    Driver 8
    The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite

    My top #2’s:
    These Days
    Try Not To Breathe
    Get Up
    Crush With Eyeliner
    7 chineSe bros.

  248. milesy Says:

    Kirsten, Good call on Lotus.

    1. These Days
    2. Occupation
    3. Lotus

    (honourable mentions to LMR, Pilgramage, Legends)

    No 7 Chinese Bros coz whenever I hear it I think how much I prefer Voice of Harold.

    Kirsten again- First I get in trouble for not putting D8 or So Central Rain high enough on my list- then you omit them both, while putting Sidewinder at no.2, ahead, I might add, of Fall on Me.

    And I got lemonade in MY face…

  249. milesy Says:

    Mr Cup. The ‘Raking strums’ are indeed an REM magic moment…

    Why has nobody even mentioned Get Up, I wonder? (and how did PS89 make it onto your initial list of 2nd songs?)

  250. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Hi hi, hi hi, hi hi
    Hi hi, hi hi, hi hi

  251. lenny Says:

    Milesy — I mentioned “Get Up” just 2 comments before yours. It’s #3 on my list of favorite #2 songs.

    I was wondering about PS89 being on Mr Cup’s #2 list, too. Maybe his CD starts with track 11 (untitled) and starts over from the beginning, making PS 89 #2, and Get Up #3. That would be a big mistake, though, because the untitled track is perfect at #11. Maybe one of my favorite #11’s. No, wait — Wendell Gee takes that prize. (Then Circus Envy and We Walk)

    OK, the ranking of songs with the same track number is getting out of control — sorry.

  252. milesy Says:

    Lenny- so you did. Apologies…

  253. Kirsten Says:

    Milesy, my apologies. Please accept this damp cloth to clean your face…

    That was the first time I’d tried to compile a list and upon digging deeper I discovered that there were a great deal many fabulous #3’s. Didn’t realise how hard it was. But NTL over D8?? No way. Also, as stated earlier, ask me on a different day and you may get a different response. Maybe if we did the top 15 number 3’s I’d be able to fit more in. πŸ™‚

  254. Kirsten Says:


    These Days reaches a staggering 255!!

  255. Mr Cup Says:

    Go Team!

    First some apologies:

    Popsong 89???? Don’t quite know what I was thinking. Clearly I wasn’t. Or maybe pre-empting the next phase….

    Not chastising Kirsten. I’ve said all I can say about the number 3’s. It’s a tough field of thoroughbreads. I was feeling like the school bully….and she’s a lady. What’s more she’s a lady who fully supported my cricketing segue back there.

    I prefer the Voice of Harold anyday, however the riff remains the same and I loved that story as a kid. Well the idea of holding the ocean in your mouth…his mouth…you know what I mean.

    Waiter, more coffee please…

  256. Kirsten Says:

    The whole world hinges on your swings Mr Cup.

    I love it in 7 CBs when Michael clicks his tongue after saying “pull up a chair” in the last verse instead of seat, as though it was an accident.

  257. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Hi hi , hi hi , hi hi
    Hi hi , hi hi , hi hi

  258. Kirsten Says:

    Hello my friend, are you visible today?

  259. Mr Cup Says:

    My God Kirsten, I wouldn’t have heard that if it wasn’t pointed out.

    When you talk about my swings, do you mean mood, hips or the place where disputes are settled and lemonade dispensed with extreme prejudice?

    I think Bisky is visible, but his nipples have been blocked out.

  260. Kirsten Says:

    LOL – No comment on that one!

    I meant our REM court.

    I also have a live recording of Low where after “All full of glory” he sort of says “huh” and double-clicks his tongue. I always do that when I hear the recorded version too. Maybe they should do a whole song just of Michael clicking his tongue?? I’ll obviously enjoy it! πŸ™‚

  261. Mr Cup Says:

    There is an African dialect which includes a lot of dextrous tongue clicking, maybe he’s practicing. Good luck with the’click track’.
    If you need some ‘yeah, yeahs’ let me know.

    It also just occured. We have had a change of government since this particular blog started. We seem to have begun a coy relationship (as a nation) with a left leaning political group again. The shackles of right wing conservatism broken for a spell. Sure, Mr Rudd is so down the middle he doesn’t appear left or right, but hey, a political party with an arts policy an this country? Yeah baby!

  262. Kirsten Says:

    Ha! I was listening to him on the radio this morning and he sounded like an excited little schoolboy! I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that. Hopefully he’ll do something before the enthusiasm wears off! Still no gay marriages, though. Although he did say he would relax some of the laws, so we’re getting there. I live in one of the few areas that remained Liberal. Still, our guy does give us a free calendar every year….

  263. Mr Cup Says:

    The Labour government here is very keen to treat gays as real people (how radical!) so it should be a nationwide thing with a clean sweep of the country.

    Apologising to Aborigines. Sheesh!

    Notice how Turnbull has gone all ‘Yes, we should have apologised”
    12 years not fricking long enough to come up with a few reconciliatory words you miserable little private school tits!

    Should we talk about the weather?

  264. Kirsten Says:

    Yeah, you wouldn’t want to be a female homosexual Aborigine under a Liberal government!

    It’s really muggy here today. Hi Hi.


  265. Mr Cup Says:

    There’s an opera singer who is just that. Can’t remember her name.

    Speaking of weather:
    Kyoto Agreement…oh look, the people care. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Like take Li’l John to the swings.

    Like how we replaced Mr Sheen with Mr Sheenier?

  266. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Mr.Cup, aren’t you in Washington State ? ………thought you stated a while back, and Figgy is in New Zealand , Kirsten in Australia, maclure is somewhere between Brazil and England , BWD in Utah, 2d in Rumania, xman in Massachusetts, jimjos in Florida….

  267. ScottMalobisky Says:

    lenny and milesy, where are you guys at ? Bruno ?

  268. Mr Cup Says:

    we went to the store and bought something great
    which samples this song from washington state
    go little record go
    it is named by
    some guy named joe
    and the words
    are the letters of the word
    that rhyme with a ladies money carrying device

  269. lenny Says:

    Bisky — the answer to your question was covered in comment #117. Feel free to count it out and find the answer. (ha!)

    Hard to believe that it was so long ago that we were only at 117. (It was 8 days ago — that’s a hint to help you find it. For another hint, think baseball.)

  270. lenny Says:

    Bisky – you didn’t mention if you knew where Paul Alferink was from — and I’m curious, because he said that just uttering my baseball team’s name constituted “fighting words” where he comes from. How about it, Paul? Chicagoland, possibly?

  271. maclure Says:

    Ah, the These Days thread is clearly where its at still. Maybe we’ll stay here chatting away until eternity. Comment #1290.

    Yes, I live in Brazil. Milesy, I know. He’s a Brit, formerly housed in South Africa, but now back in Ol Blightey.

  272. lenny Says:

    Don’t even mention eternity…you know that Matthew could cut us off with the click of a mouse, don’t you? I also have a wordpress blog, and it’s just as simple as closing the post, to not allow new comments.

    But he’s probably not reading “these days” anymore, so he won’t pick up on that hint. If I were Matthew, I know I wouldn’t have read past #97 (no offense, milesy — or would that be offence?) And I would have closed it off at 151.

  273. Mr Cup Says:

    Nah – Matthew wouldn’t do that, he knows it’s like a creche for us here. Right?

  274. Kirsten Says:

    He couldn’t! He wouldn’t!! Would he???

    (Starts breathing into paper bag…)

  275. Kirsten Says:

    You up already Mr Cup? To repeat Milesy’s question earlier: When the hell DO you sleep??

  276. Mr Cup Says:

    Sleep is for the weak!

  277. Kirsten Says:

    I don’t sleep – I dream.

  278. Mr Cup Says:

    There is nothing so painful as craving sleep

  279. Kirsten Says:

    What about craving doughnuts?
    God I’m hungry.

  280. ScottMalobisky Says:

    right , lenny , I remember now ; Alferink is in Illinois…….huub is in Holland (I think), Ignis –of course –is in Seattle , the other Scott is in ,well , he hasn’t posted it here so I won’t violate his privacy , although I know…..let’s see , who else ?….DaveGreenlizard , South Africa ?

  281. Mr Cup Says:

    What on earth made you think I was in Washington State Bisky?

  282. Kirsten Says:

    You said you were in WA, That’s probably Washington in the US.

  283. ScottMalobisky Says:

    you’re not in Washington ?
    where the hell are ya then ?
    what planet?

  284. lenny Says:

    Oh, I forgot to ask, too — bisky, where are you from?

    About MrCup; Maybe WA means Wales. Just a guess on my part.

  285. lenny Says:

    Kirsten — ‘Try not to breathe’ into that paper bag — I just meant Matthew could cut off comments to THIS post, not all of them in general.

    Of course, the party will eventually just move on to the next better song that gets posted. But I gotta admit — there aren’t a whole lot better songs than These Days (REM songs, anyway). Believe it or not, I listen to the song almost every time I check the post for it.

  286. Kirsten Says:

    Well I hope Matthew doesn’t post a new song too soon or everyone will lose interest in These Days and we are so VERY VERY close to 300…..

  287. Mr Cup Says:

    I’m not leaving my crease for a bunch of b-sides with a triple ton approaching – no siree Bob!

    WA = Western Awe-stray-leah

    Our state emblem is the Sandgroper (what indeed you may well ask).
    When REM played in ’89, Stipe into’d with ‘Groovers of the sand – into it”.

  288. jft Says:

    losing interest in these days? never…!

    another one in the row of senseless postings πŸ˜€ and a step closer to 300…

  289. lenny Says:

    Sorry, gang — I just don’t get too excited about these big milestones. 200, 300, whatever. I was just glad that I could claim the 286’th message for my very own. Can anyone guess why? Consider this your number riddle for the day.

  290. ScottMalobisky Says:

    no idea lenny….from Pittsburgh, PA originally , currently living in the San Diego area…constant craving has always been……….

  291. ScottMalobisky Says:

    where you at jft ? bandwagon ? jared ? the mysterious and elusive Michael Black Ph.D ?

  292. ScottMalobisky Says:

    pouring down rain this early morning –LUV IT LUV IT LUV IT, we need rain so badly…..–nothing like rain in the early morning, listening to Saturn Return …..

  293. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Mr. Cup , I COULDA SWORN you said you lived in Washington State United States of America somewhere along the line ………

  294. ScottMalobisky Says:

    the weird thing is , lenny, that #286 means something to me but I can’t figure what , resonated somewhere within me ……hmmn…

  295. jft Says:

    scott, hmm? i didn’t exactly understand what you wanted to ask me. well, whether it was anything senseful…

  296. lenny Says:

    Keep thinking, scott — 286 specifically applies to this post, and no others. It’s the same way I’d take notice of message #387 on “exhuming mccarthy” (if it ever came to that).

  297. maclure Says:


  298. maclure Says:


  299. maclure Says:

    …beyond! Yah! 300! **uncorks bottle of champers**

    I’m sorry if I broke some unwritten rule of commenting that says you shouldn’t post in sequence just to get to a new number. Oh well, here we are.

    #286. The second song from an album made in ’86.
    #387. The third song from an album made in ’87.

    I’m holding out for a Monster track any day now from Matt. If so, perhaps I’ll be posting on #194, although it may take us a while to get there.

  300. Ignis Sol Says:

    these days are angry like a black crow on the moon clawing and scratching across the expansive darkness behind our eyes.

  301. lenny Says:

    Nice job, maclure. I knew that my 2nd clue would give it a way. Good luck on 194. I’m waiting for 886, my all time favorite song, but I’m not holding my breath on getting that many comments.

  302. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I was just asking jft, where you are at (geographically speaking) ?

    that’s a good one , lenny , and I think that one will get a lot of comments

  303. Mr Cup Says:

    I’ll be up for the journey on 886 Lenny.

    Bisky, maybe I mentioned WA but certainly never implied Washington State. I dabbled my toes there one weekend, but that was so long ago. A month before Mr Cobain departed the be precise.

    Now, where are those Persians?
    (and my fantasy tan).

  304. ScottMalobisky Says:

    ..or the expansive darkness in front of our eyes….

  305. milesy Says:

    Man, I have a couple of days too busy to get online and come back thinking they’ll be something new- and These Days is still going strong!
    Thanks for the answer on my behalf maclure- I confess to being in Oxford, England.

    Nice work on the Pixies lyrics Mr Cup- I’m surprised no one else picked that one up. Go little record go indeed!

  306. Mr Cup Says:

    Thanks for noticing milesy.
    The Pixies would be my second faveourite band. They finally toured here this year. It was a beautiful thing.

  307. lenny Says:

    What? Only 2 messages on December 1st — this thing might actually be slowing down now.

    I was wondering about the Mr Cup post a while back — so it was the Pixies — interesting. Wow, this post has covered a lot of ground, hasn’t it.

    Imagine what kind of journey it would have to be to reach 886… It probably won’t make it that far. I could talk about how I put I Believe on just about every CD mix I make, how I made it into a ring tone for my phone…the lyrics starting with “trust in your calling…” How it’s the best #8 song by far. How LRP has the best 8-9-10 of any album. How I even love the banjo intro on it. We could list other great songs featuring the banjo (starting with Wendell Gee). It will be a great month and a half — that post. But it still won’t reach 886.

  308. lenny Says:

    …make that 3 messages on December 1.

  309. Mr Cup Says:

    Oh how I love a good banjo. One song I love at the moment is “your rocky spine” by the Great Lake Swimmers. Nice banjo.


  310. milesy Says:

    Here we go again. Now it’s a best 8-9-10. Lenny kickstarts the thread…
    Totally agree with I believe as a top song, another example of JMS making something remarkable out of an apparently very simple, repeating loop (see Me in Honey comments).

    But, if LRP has a weak moment (which it doesn’t really) then it would be What if we give it away. For me, at least. Don’t have time to think of a better 8-9-10 now, but I’m working on it…

  311. 2d Says:

    i agree with you, milesy. that song is the weakest moment on LRP, and what annoys me most is that it comes right after the best in the bunch!!! (yes, “i believe” is my favourite r.e.m. song as well) πŸ˜€

  312. 2d Says:

    + i have always felt that the second half (or, to narrow it down, 3rd quarter) of most r.e.m. albums is slightly weaker/losing momentum than the rest.

    as for 8-9-10, i think i’d pick “you’re in the air”/”walk unafraid”/”why not smile” … fragile, crystalline, pure lovesong / empowering, dark, personal anthem / beautiful, intimate, heartfelt hug (matthew gets copyright for this one).

  313. jft Says:

    to add sth to the 8-9-10-talk:
    my choice would be Out Of Time. even if I’m not that much into that album, those 3 tracks in a row “half a world away”/”texarkana”/”country feedback” are close to perfect.

  314. milesy Says:

    OK, for me there’s two options for the best 8-9-10:
    Either Murmur: The plaintive cry of ‘conversation fear’ bookended by two complete classics of the early period, Sitting Still and Shaking Through, all melodic, harmonic and jangly… just perfect.

    Or Automatic: Ignoreland, Kitten, Man on the Moon- beat that for variety, and capturing the wide range of talents that was REM at the peak of their success…

  315. Mr Cup Says:

    Oh Jeez…

    2d and jft present nice options, Green presents some tantalizing morsels with Orange Crush, Inside Out and Hairshirt (the latter not usually a crowd pleaser). Monster has a nice run also. But I will have to agree with milesy. After listening to Shaking Through I think one should observe silence for a while.

    A tougher, perhaps better challenge might be best three in a row…

  316. Mr Cup Says:

    …and without actually checking, I’m thinking off the top of my head,
    Man on the Moon, Nightswimming and Find the River could be a little hard to conquer.

  317. jft Says:

    oh… to pick the best 3 in a row is quite hard. there are several options, but at the moment I think I’d go for “Diminished”/”Parakeet”/”Falls To Climb”.

  318. Kirsten Says:

    Contratulations everyone!! 300 is a great achievement.

    8-9-10: that was hard, but I choose Document: Fireplace, Lighnin’ Hopkins, King of Birds.

    Document also has one of the best 3-in-a-row: Lighnin’ Hopkins, King of Birds, Oddfellows Local 151.

    But the best 3-in-a-row must go to NAIHF as it has 2!
    Binky The Doormat, So Fast So Numb, Low Desert
    Undertow, E-Bow The Letter, Leave

  319. ScottMalobisky Says:

    YEAH , Kirsten , your in my corner on Oddfellows !!!
    there may be a serious showdown brewing , great to have you on board……

  320. Mr Cup Says:

    I like Oddfellows a lot and can’t have a bad word said about Document in casual conversation, but it doesn’y quite reach the heights.

    I’ve always loved the run of Occupation, Mcarthy, Heron House. With Worksong in front it is my Mt Rushmore.

  321. Kirsten Says:

    Oddfellows is easily the best song on Document. And it has a really cool title.

  322. ScottMalobisky Says:

    WOW KIRSTEN !!! “easily the best song on Document.”!!! WOW….Those are some strong words there, I didn’t think you liked it that much !

  323. Kirsten Says:

    It’s more about the music than anything else.

    ITEOTWAWKI is better live though.

  324. Mr Cup Says:

    And those grunts at the end!

    Big call. Very surprised to hear it would be anyones favourite song.
    As they say – “You go girlfriend!”

  325. Kirsten Says:

    Hey, we’ve had no electricity for a couple of hours – severe storms here today. Now, what did I miss?? Oh, not much!! Just to clarify, I said it was my favourite song from Document, not out of all the songs. But I still stand by my claim.

  326. Mr Cup Says:

    Sorry – from Document. It’s still surprising.

    Picking one song is too hard. I tried. I failed.

  327. Kirsten Says:

    I must add that on a different day I may change my mind, but more often than not, Oddfellows is the one I skip to first before listening to the rest of the CD.

  328. lenny Says:

    My my my — when an idea comes up, people just run with it. I was only half joking about the 8-9-10 songs, but i thought that discussion would be held on the I Believe page, whenever its turn comes around! Oh well — I guess people are determined to keep this post going strong, whatever it takes.

  329. milesy Says:

    Mr Cup, what can I say? Occupation, McCarthy, Heron House would certainly be really hard to beat as a best ever 3 in a row.

    I’m firmly in the defending 151 camp, as I may have said before… But I’ve forgotten who we’re supposed to be fighting! Have to wait and see, I suppose…

  330. lenny Says:

    But about my 8-9-10 — after further review — I’m tempted to change my answer to Out of Time. I had overlooked that album’s 8-9-10, because it’s not on my iTunes list — I still only have it on a cassette. Bad lenny, bad REM fan!

    Although — I’m not really overly disappointed with the #9 track on LRP. Yeah, it’s kind of a drop off from #8 on the CD, but what song wouldn’t pale in comparison? If I chose WIWGIA as my least favorite on LRP, it would only be because I like every song on the CD a lot, and one had to finish in last place (it’s like Steven Malkmus’ choice from the Time after Time discussion).

  331. lenny Says:

    I’ve got a theory — if ‘I Believe’ was anywhere near the early part of this album, it would win every discussion of 1-2-3, 2-3-4, top 3 in a row anywhere, hands down. I guess it suffers from its placement on the album — but that could be the very thing that makes it stand out even further as such an incredible song.

  332. ScottMalobisky Says:

    have way to 666 , push it Baby …….ooooooooh yeah
    ooh yeah ooh yeah come on come come on come on come on do it do it do it do it do it push push push push …..
    whomever posts 666 is the Anti-Christ

  333. ScottMalobisky Says:

    milesy, the Oddfellows thing sorta started with the Strange posting if I recall correctly, the lines were being drawn, the lemonade was being brewed , the swings were being polished, the first-aid kits prepared

  334. ScottMalobisky Says:

    uh, that’s half-way to 666, not have way , somewhere between my brain and my fingertips the thought began , the thought began and I missed it…and now we are more than half-way .if I can keep up this flow of inanities a while longer we’ll make significant progress…….

  335. Kirsten Says:

    I think with a little hard work we can make it to 666. But which one of us will be the Anti-Christ??? Only time will tell…..

  336. Kirsten Says:

    Hey, maybe REM could take little snippets of things we’ve said and turn it into a song – a mini tribute to us! They could call it “These High Speed Days”…

  337. Mr Cup Says:

    I had an antelope, and it sunk, reached down, yanked it up, I’ll never look back again…..

  338. lenny Says:

    Good idea, Kirsten — But I have a better name for the next great REM single: “All the way to 666 (you’re gonna be an anti-christ)”

  339. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Vladimir Putin

  340. Kirsten Says:

    LOL! I like the way you think Lenny!!

  341. lenny Says:

    Question… why does Scott always drop in with random messages like “Vladimir Putin” or “hi hi hi hi hi…”?

    Just wondering. I had to come up with something to keep this post going. It seems to be losing some steam.

  342. lenny Says:

    And I’m glad you liked that one, Kirsten. But I don’t think that 666 is going to happen. At this rate, 400 doesn’t look good. I hate to admit it, but I’m ready to move on. I just need the right song to be posted by Matthew, and I’ll start another furious deluge of comments.

  343. Mr Cup Says:


    We lookin’ at three fiddy.
    Three Fiddy and you wanna move on!

  344. ScottMalobisky Says:

    The Soft Parade
    Furious at freedom
    So utterly unattained

  345. lenny Says:

    …see, that’s what I’m talking about, right there… stuff like that, Bisky. You just wrote that because Mr. Cup wrote “Soft.”?? I guess I’m out of the loop, because I just don’t know where you come up with stuff like that (and Vladimir Putin).

  346. lenny Says:

    And Cup: I’ll only move on if a better song comes along… or, if a day goes by with less than 5 comments, or if a day passes without a comment from each of you. I see that it’s down to about 4 or 5 of us. (Kirsten, Scott, Cup, myself, and maybe milesy.)

  347. lenny Says:

    I got your three fiddy…

  348. lenny Says:


  349. Kirsten Says:

    Whooo-hooo! Well done Lenny!

    Now, only 316 to go…..

    (make that 315 now)

  350. Mr Cup Says:

    I’m here for you lenny. Somtimes I may need to be a little antagonistic in the hope that that friction will provide a spark. Bisky seems to run with it.

    Next milestone, I reckon, would be 365 as it’s the amount of time (in days…in an average year) it takes the Earth to revolve ATS.

  351. Kirsten Says:

    I’d also like to keep this post going by saying something that would usually be kept to the current post.
    On behalf of those of us who are already into Thursday 6th December, I’d like to extend an increadably huge Happy Birthday to a very talented man known as Peter Lawrence Buck. 51 today. Have a great day, Pete!

    WE LOVE YOU!!!

  352. Mr Cup Says:



  353. Kirsten Says:

    What should we get him??

  354. Kirsten Says:

    Oh, I know.

    I’ll get him a big bouquet
    I’ll pick it myself today
    It’ll compliment his eyes
    There’ll (hopefully) be love at the end of the line

    Ahh, High Speed Train and These Days finally become one…

  355. Mr Cup Says:

    All of a sudden, these high speed trains, happy thongs, take this joy, wherever you goo-oooo-oooo-oooo-oooo-oo

  356. Mr Cup Says:

    He’s on the market you know.

  357. Kirsten Says:

    Well if he’s read even half of what I’ve written he’ll know to keep well away from me!!

    However, he should admire our commitment to These Days.

  358. Kirsten Says:

    Maybe if I try to lure him up to that watertower…..

  359. Mr Cup Says:

    You just don’t know who you’ll find up there Kirsten!

  360. Kirsten Says:

    Wow, we’re up to 360 – a Perfect Circle.

  361. Mr Cup Says:

    How did I miss that one?

  362. Kirsten Says:

    I’ll let you take 720 – 2 perfect circles!!

  363. Kirsten Says:

    These Days.
    These 365 Days.
    These 365 Days of the year.
    These 365 Days of every year.
    If you read 1 entry per day for an entire year, this is where you’d end up.

    These Days take away these scattered bones of my meal.

  364. milesy Says:

    Happy Birthday PB,
    What should we get him? Well, you can never have too many records in your collection. I suggest a single that was released in the UK but not the States, so he probably doesn’t have it in that format…. Wendell Gee!

  365. ScottMalobisky Says:

    and Stipe will be 48 in less than a month…….

  366. ScottMalobisky Says:

    The Soft Parade is one of my favorite album titles ever, or Caress Of Steel , or Tiny Music (Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop)………..Physical Graffiti, Knocked Out Loaded, Fables Of The Reconstruction…..
    Anybody got any favorite album titles ?

  367. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Done With Mirrors

  368. ScottMalobisky Says:

    How’s this for a lyric ? RHCP, “Double chins and bowling pins and phony Presbyterians..”, from Especially In Michigan……

  369. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Kirsten, don’t forget about the 366 days of Leap Year , The Color Of The Brisk And Leaping These Days.

  370. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “a disenchanted diplomat asleep inside the laundromat”

  371. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Peter’s got twins , eh ?
    I’m a twin , scary ,huh?

  372. Ignis Sol Says:

    Two ScottM’s? Which one are you? And, btw, I am originally from Michigan – not Presbyterian, though. No double chin, yet. And, my hometown DID make bowling pins at one point (Brunswick). Now, that’s scary, HUH? HUH!

    A fav album title: “Pill ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches” Happy Mondays

  373. Kirsten Says:

    Talking Heads – Fear Of Music

    And NAIHF is also really cool.

    Sorry Michael, not that keen on “Cat Butt”

  374. Ignis Sol Says:

    How about “janet” by Janet Jackson

    Better yet, the first two Weezer albums.

  375. Kirsten Says:

    Two Biskys?? And all this time I’ve been thinking Scotty’s been having conversations with himself……

  376. Ignis Sol Says:

    make that the first and third Weezer albums…. i promise I’m not stoned.

  377. ScottMalobisky Says:

    yeah , we’re identical twins in the medical sense of the word (with the exact genetic make-up , originally from the one fertilized egg that then split) although we are quite different THESE DAYS philosophically and politically , he’s back in Pittsburgh…….We look more like brothers THESE DAYS than twins–I’m three minutes older–my family has always said that I look more like my older brother that died of AIDS than I do my twin , and I tend to agree

    cool album title : Silk Degrees

  378. Kirsten Says:

    Isn’t that funny that you look more like your older brother than your ‘identical’ twin? Probably nice for your parents to see a bit of him in you.

    Excellent use of the term THESE DAYS too Bisky!

  379. Ignis Sol Says:

    THESE DAYS is another great name for a day-to-day R.E.M. blog.

  380. Mr Cup Says:

    Trompe Le Monde
    More Songs About Buildings and Food

    in that order!

  381. jft Says:

    wow, still sth going on here during these days …

  382. Kirsten Says:

    There’s something strange going on tonight, there’s something going on that’s not quite right…

    Sorry, couldn’t resist!

  383. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Empire Burlesque
    Weasels Rip My Flesh

  384. Kirsten Says:

    Weasels or Hyenas??

  385. lenny Says:

    Sorry Bisky — I’m just not as quick with the stream of consciousness messages. (Empires, weasels, or Doors albums) It’s kind of hard to keep up when I haven’t posted a message for a day and a half… BTW, I don’t have Soft Parade, either — just the self-titled and best of door albums. Darn.

  386. lenny Says:

    Oh, favorite album titles… do they have to be albums we like a lot, too? Or just titles we like? (2 lists)

    Favorite albums with great titles:
    Wish You Were Here (just rolls off the tongue)
    Happiness is not a Fish that You Can Catch
    Under the Table and Dreaming
    Modern Life Is Rubbish
    Comfort Eagle

    Just bizarre/funny/clever titles:
    Did I Shave My Legs for This?
    Enema of the State
    The Burdens of Being Upright

    (does anyone even know all of these?)

  387. lenny Says:

    Aww, sweeeeet!! I just posted message # ‘exhuming mccarthy’! Little did I know way back at 286 (these days), that we would actually get to 387, and I got it! Also got You are the Everything.

    If you don’t understand this message, you weren’t paying attention on November 30th. (Just search this page for “number riddle”)

  388. Mr Cup Says:

    This is the the set up for:

  389. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Cracker LOW :
    “sometimes when I walk these streets behind a green sheet of glass”

  390. Ignis Sol Says:

    It’s a good day when you wake up to the radio playin’ “Pop Song 89”
    “hello, I know you, I knew you….”

    When you awake from R.E.M. by R.E.M., you know you are in for a strange and beautiful day!

    Bless KEXP and their love for R.E.M. ( – check it out, friends!)

    (i once woke up to a cover version of “Orange Crush” followed by “Turn You Inside-Out”)

  391. Mr Cup Says:

    Someone is definately in love!

  392. Ignis Sol Says:

    I skipped the part about LOVE……

  393. ScottMalobisky Says:

    night suits me fine , morning suits me fine
    no that’s a lie
    THESE DAYS I much prefer the morning than the night didn’t used to be that way …….but now
    “It’s awfully easy to be hard-boiled about things in the daytime but at night it’s quite another story.”———Ernest Hemingway

  394. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Enema Of The State. Beastie Boys ?

  395. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Wish You Were Here and Under The Table and Dreaming , I do know ……….How about favorite lyrics ?

  396. ScottMalobisky Says:

    anybody got the new REM LIVE ? what do you think of it?

    cool album title : Live Evil or ,maybe my all time favorite album title : Intensities In Ten Cities

  397. Mr Cup Says:

    f o u r h u n d r e d


  398. Kirsten Says:

    401 – on the way to 500!

  399. Kirsten Says:

    The closer I get, the further I feel.
    I’m certain I’ve said that before.

  400. Kirsten Says:

    The closer I get, the further I feel.
    I’m certain
    I’ve said that

  401. lenny Says:

    I have a quote that kills two birds with one stone:
    1. Response to Kirsten’s statement.
    2. Response to Scott’s favorite lyric question.

    “The more you ignore me, the closer I get.”
    — a great song and lyric by Morrissey (though the song is chock full of great lyrics, besides the title)

  402. lenny Says:

    Artists from my other favorite album titles, in case anyone was still wondering (Scott asked about them)

    Enema of the State — Blink 182
    The Burdens of Being Upright — Tracy Bonham
    Happiness is not a Fish that You can Catch — a lesser known album by my favorite Canadian band, Our Lady Peace
    Modern Life is Rubbish — Blur
    Comfort Eagle — Cake

  403. Kirsten Says:

    No Comments Today?!
    Well I’ll drag this baby to 666 even if I have to do it myself!

  404. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I figured I’d find you here πŸ™‚ one more.

  405. Kirsten Says:

    We should’ve saved the Magician conversation for here.

    One more.

  406. Kirsten Says:

    And thanks Scotty. I appreciate your help!

  407. Mr Cup Says:

    I was drawn from my crease…

  408. Mr Cup Says:

    I put the name Michael Stipe into an anagram generator. The best one:

    Emphatic Lies

  409. Kirsten Says:

    Emphatic Lies?? Ha! That explanes soooo many lyrics!

  410. Kirsten Says:

    It also sounds really cool.
    We might find the term “emphatic lies” in the lyrics of their next single….

  411. Mr Cup Says:

    Alchemist Pie
    Cheap Elitism
    Shipmate Lice
    Email Pitches
    Impale Ethics
    A Speech Limit
    A Chemist Pile
    I Machete Lips
    Camels Tie Hip
    Shit Lime Pace

  412. Ignis Sol Says:

    Ha, good one Mr Cup. I wonder what Ignis Sol would generate….

    btw happy Chanukah! My special guy celebrates this and I had latkes. Shalom to all you happy throngs!

  413. Kirsten Says:

    A Speech Limit is another brilliant one!
    You’re gonna have to hit REM for some royalties!

  414. Ignis Sol Says:

    I just checked out an anagram site (while still working, of course).
    I like – Michael Stipe: Male Epic Shit

  415. Mr Cup Says:

    Shalom Ignis and ‘special friend’.

  416. Ignis Sol Says:

    ‘ ‘ sums up my life! πŸ™‚

  417. Kirsten Says:

    Be greatful – the best I could come up with for me was “Stinker”
    Sums up my life?

  418. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Jim Morrison –Mr. Mojo Risin (?)

  419. Kirsten Says:

    Hey, that’s creepy! I wonder if he knew that when he wrote it?

  420. ScottMalobisky Says:

    A Speech Limit means no filibustering….

  421. ScottMalobisky Says:

    is it true that Cobain , Hendrix, Morrison ,Joplin , Brian Jones, and Curtis Mayfield were all 27 when they died ? so , maybe that’s why Cobain chose that age to commit suicide ??????? or just coincidence I wonder ….I’d have to check those ages though I don’t have time right now.

  422. Kirsten Says:

    Cobain was murdered.

  423. Mr Cup Says:

    I think Mr Morrison was aware of it.

    So ah…Sesame Street now comes with an R rating. Is political correctness going a wee bit too far?

  424. Mr Cup Says:

    Peter Buck = Beep Truck

  425. Kirsten Says:

    It’s Elmo’s potty mouth.

  426. Kirsten Says:

    It’s Elmo’s potty mouth.

  427. Mr Cup Says:

    I’m certain you’ve said that before…

    (did you just get a ‘hang’ in yer post?)

  428. Mr Cup Says:

    jim jos posted this in MOTM, but I’ll carry it on here.

    New REM album (title):

    Brawl, Emu Men

  429. Kirsten Says:

    Yeah, sorry my computer shit itself.

    I’m quite hung up on A Speech Limit. But you’d really have to hear the album first. And no, Mr. Stipe, for the hundredth time you cannot call it Cat Butt!!

  430. Mr Cup Says:

    Rub Me, Lawnmen

  431. Kirsten Says:

    New Um Ramble.

    That one’s perfect!

  432. Kirsten Says:

    We Rumble Man.

  433. Kirsten Says:

    Or, to keep in line with REM LIVE, why don’t they just call it NEW REM ALBUM?

  434. Mr Cup Says:

    A new mumbler

  435. Ignis Sol Says:

    We Rumble Man.
    sounds like something Michael and I do…. πŸ™‚

  436. Mr Cup Says:


    Aw Lumbermen

  437. Ignis Sol Says:

    Next R.E.M. title possibilities

    Well Liked Well Hated
    Tunnels & Towers
    Globe of Whores

  438. Ignis Sol Says:

    More titles….. (distraction from working on a story)

    The Sublime BEING
    Age of Insects

  439. Ignis Sol Says:


    Did you know that kid from the “It’s the End of the World (dot,dot,dot) And I Feel Fine” video has an Athens Georgia rockband called Music Hates You!

  440. Mr Cup Says:

    My response when people say ‘I hate jazz’ is:

    Jazz hates You!

  441. Mr Cup Says:

    I could see them using Eclipsing.

  442. Ignis Sol Says:

    hmmm, more, more I am obsessed now

    Revolution Equals Music
    Spank the Roosters

  443. Mr Cup Says:

    again with the laughing out loud!!!!

    That’s very Seattle…yeaaaaagghhh we come to spank the rooster…

  444. Mr Cup Says:

    Funnier still to call an album…janet.


  445. Mr Cup Says:

    Strapped to the Hampster

  446. Ignis Sol Says:

    eeeks, that singer…Lane Staley from Alice in Chains lived down the street from when I lived in Seattle’s University District when he died in his condo by himself.
    He was there quite awhile before they found him. I used to see him having coffee at my favorite cafe nearby (two doors down from Bruce Lee’s old studio). He was very unassuming. I didn’t know it was him until the sexy barista, David, pointed him out to me.

  447. ScottMalobisky Says:

    he called it , Ignis ,
    Down In A Hole
    Man In The Box
    ….amongst others ……..came over the wire today that the cause of death for Kevin Dubrow in Las Vegas about a month ago was………………………………………………………………cocaine overdose …..

  448. ScottMalobisky Says:

    think I’m gonna end up buying the REM Live record before the end of the month

  449. Ignis Sol Says:

    yeah, he did call it…
    damn drugs

    i guess he died on the same day as Kurt Cobain

    When my out of town friends visit, I drive them by Kurt’s old house on Lake Washington. He lived right by Seattle’s peaceful and beautiful arboretum/Japanese Gardens. It is a place I go to in warmer months for solitude. I have my favorite rock I sit on that is just next to a small pond with wonderful weeds surrounding and floating in it. Although I am in the heart of big city, I am alone and there is a quietness that is comforting, soothing and refreshing.

  450. Ignis Sol Says:

    There is a horrendous chain restaurant in the U.S. called Outback Steakhouse and the great band from Athens Georgia, Of Montreal, licensed “Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games…” for it…..

    Now every time I listen to them I think of their cruddy food (I have only been their a few times and that was in the 90’s) and that horrible Blooming Onion they dish out.

    My apologies to my Australian friends for this embarrassing representation for your splendid land.

    I forgive Of Montreal. I have nothing against music artists using their songs for jingles, but choose wisely. Avis rent a car is good company….and Stoli!

    “Orange Crush” for duh, “Orange Crush.”

    “Losing My Religin” for those Left Behind series….

    And I Ramble

  451. Mr Cup Says:

    It’s funny overseas where you see things that are supposed to be representative of your country. Whenever I see Fosters beer it astounds me. No one, and I mean NO ONE drinks it here. Yet OS it’s the only Oz beer available. yech.

    Does the Outback Steakhouse have kangaroos hopping all over the tables, and goannas sliding over your feet?

  452. Ignis Sol Says:

    Mr. Cup, the answer, sadly, is yes. Yes, mate!

    Yeah, about the things you see overseas that are supposed to be representative of us – that President guy – not representative of ME at all. Just sayin’

    I do like that Olivia Newton John. She is just peachy, peachy. That girl is going places.

  453. Mr Cup Says:

    Olivia Neutron Bomb!
    She’s gonna be star!

  454. lenny Says:

    All the way to Xanadu…

  455. Ignis Sol Says:

    have to believe we are tragic, er magic….

  456. ScottMalobisky Says:


  457. lenny Says:

    I only mentioned Xanadu because it sounds much better in that statement than “Rydell High School”. I’ve actually never seen Xanadu, so O.N.J. has always been, and always will be, “Sandy” to me.

  458. ScottMalobisky Says:

    new REM album title—-

    Thrash Forward Red Disease

  459. ScottMalobisky Says:


    Black Flamenco Diamond

  460. lenny Says:

    I thought these days were over and done! No comments on Dec. 13th…

    I don’t know what “black flamenco diamond” is an anagram for, but I like another one for the same letters:
    “Damnable Nomadic Flock”

  461. lenny Says:

    Again, I don’t know what this is an anagram for, but a good one for “Thrash Forward Red Disease” is “Hardheaded Sirs Row Faster”.

  462. Mr Cup Says:

    A Black Inflamed Condom
    A Blockaded Conman Film
    A Nonflammable Cock Did
    A Boldfaced Milkman Con

    ….something there for the censors to chew over

  463. Ignis Sol Says:

    new R.E.M. title!:


  464. ScottMalobisky Says:

    What would Conan O’Brien do ?

  465. lenny Says:

    To: Paul A.
    Re: Comment #121

    You’ll be happy to know that Jim Edmonds is no longer a St. Louis Cardinal.

  466. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “A lot of pop music is about stealing pocket money from children.”_______Ian Anderson, 1989

  467. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “Follow me if I advance. Kill me if I retreat. Revenge me if I die.”__________Ngo Dinh Diem, 1954

  468. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Edmonds in center
    Giles in right
    Scott Hairshirt in left

  469. Kirsten Says:

    I’m gonna DJ at the end of These Days.

  470. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Dan Fogelberg died , 56, of prostate cancer , how sad

  471. Ignis Sol Says:

    In Buck News….

    The Crocodile Cafe – famous Seattle Club owned by Peter Buck’s ex-wife and mother of his twins – is closing.
    The Minus 5 has played there many times.

    Sad news about Mr. Fogelberg. I like that Christmas song he sings and I am not one for Christmas songs. I think I like it because it is tinged with melancholy and longing. πŸ™‚

  472. Mr Cup Says:

    Has the Stranger changed? I remember it being a fiercley independant paper.

  473. Kirsten Says:

    Happy birthday to Mike for the 17th! Hope you have a great day.

  474. Ignis Sol Says:

    Mr Cup-

    The Stranger is kind of the same. Dan Savage is the Editor, so it retains some its sass. It is touted as the alternative independent weekly for Seattle. It has decent coverage of politics, art and music. Big issues in Seattle are the pricey condo explosion that is pricing out people with modern incomes and knocking down blocks of beloved clubs and bars. How many rich people are out there? I wonder what compels them to move here? Seattle has yet to feel the real estate market crunch. These Days are strange and ever changing.

    R.E.M. title: DUCK BUTT

  475. Ignis Sol Says:

    er, by “modern incomes” i mean modest incomes, which is probably the same thing is some way…

  476. Mr Cup Says:

    We have a situation where all the good live venues were closed and converted into retirement homes. There are no pubs with any character anywhere. Just shiny, reflective, overpriced glamour holes.

    Real estate is beyond farcical. Tiny weatherboard workers cottages are going for $750 – 800k aud.
    Every new building is ‘luxury apartments’ at an absolute minimum of 2 million bucks. One abnormally wealthy family is building a house for the princely sum of $70 million.

    Crazy, crazy times. Again.

  477. ScottMalobisky Says:

    according to CNN (isn’t it sad when one has to preface a news item with “according to” ? ,I really just don’t know what to believe anymore , really don’t. I suppose the truth is out there somewhere between the extremes of viewpoints one is bombarded with every day ) the other day ,”the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, the top 1% of the richest people–can’t recall if it was the USA or the world, think it was the USA–have more total wealth than the bottom 20% of the population combined “

  478. Ignis Sol Says:

    This insurgency began and I missed it.

    yeah, Scott. I am scared that I will be priced out of my wonderful neighborhood. I do ok, but I am not ready for my apartment to be converted into a condo. Although, some are very nice. I am not quite ready for that investment, yet.

    The closing of the Crocodile Cafe is making headline news in Seattle because it where famous bands like Nirvana and Mudhoney (who I saw there) got their start. People on the local blog (called the Slog) in the Stranger, a weekly independent, even mentioned the Buckster and Scott a few times. Someone even blamed the closing on his divorce! I have a good memory of the dude from Harvey Danger accidentally spilling a little of his beer on my courdoroy coat. I don’t think he realized it. That coat was Built to Spill. HA!

    It is funny because all the billboards for all the new condos going up say: “luxurious living in the heart of……..blah….” There are around 40 or more skyscrapers (some are offices and apartments) being built in Seattle. Across the skyline you see the strong arms of construction cranes flexing. This is in contrast to the sturdy and sure cranes in the port lifting and heaving huge crates from China and lands nearby it. This is not Buck’s fault….. or is it?

  479. Kirsten Says:

    We bought our house 6 years ago and had it valued a couple of weeks ago and it had doubled in price! How ridiculous – our house is really not worth that much. If we were trying to get into the house market now, we simply wouldn’t be able to. What we paid for our house 6 years ago would only get a 30 year old 1 bedroom unit today. How are young people suppose to get a start in life?

  480. Ignis Sol Says:

    They start by listening to R.E.M., Life and How to Live It! It is written in a Document and once you are done you get to enjoy Lifes Rich Pageant.
    HOPEfully, you do not run OUT OF TIME. Don’t FRET when the WORLD IS A MONSTER. Find your Perfect Circle of acquaintances and friends. Remember Everybody Hurts, but Sweetness Follows.

    Kirsten, I think I am going crazy… πŸ™‚ to quote Radiohead “this is really happening…”

  481. ScottMalobisky Says:

    anybody got the new Radiohead ? I’ve heard one very cool song on 94.9 FM..”where the music matters”..; ‘Jigsaw Falling Into Place’………is the song I heard.

    Ignis in cordoroy , cool , hey man , where can I see your pic again ? never followed that link awhile back , I am very curious to see what you look like.

  482. ScottMalobisky Says:

    …….if I had the money I would much prefer to have a fancy , secure luxury apartment right smack in the middle of the happening city as opposed to a big mansion in the country…..if I had to make a choice ….but then again maybe I could have both :), it would be so cool really to have a spacious high rise condo/apartment in the city , the kind where you are right in the center of the action but able at any moment to lock the door behind you and leave the madness out there if you so chose , you know?…..just walk through the front door of the building past the doorman , get into the elevator ,ride it upstairs to your own little sumptuous sanctuary ,pour yourself some liquid refreshment and go out onto the balcony , sit down and gaze out upon the peons below. the ones who have to be concerned with negotiating the thirty miles back home after the party’s over and having to make such a big production out of coming into the city in the first place, you know …? I don’t sleep I dream…..

  483. ScottMalobisky Says:

    …..that apt on Frasier in Seattle , can you tell where it’s at in the city there, Ignis, by the view out the window ????????….one of these days I’ll make it to Seattle…….

  484. Ignis Sol Says:


    my pic from my myspace:

    there is a few pics in my profile.

    Yes, Frasier leaves in Queen Anne neighborhood. Seattle has Seven Hills. That is one of them on the north of town. His view, seemingly, looks south on the city. The skyline has changed a lot since that show has been on and cancelled. The building I work in, WaMu Center/Seattle Art Museum was just completed last year and it is 42 floors.

    If you come to Seattle I will hang out with you and buy you a coffee! Maybe sneak in a beer or two from a brew pub? And take you buy Kurt’s old house.
    I live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

    And Frasier, I am sure, owned a codo! Damn him! πŸ™‚

    Grey’s Anatomy is set in the same ‘hood (by the Space Needle). They occasionally come to town and shoot some stuff. The roof shots from the hospital are shot from the roof of the TV station. Inside note: that neighborhood is not zoned for hospitals, that would be First Hill.

  485. ScottMalobisky Says:

    that’s very cool , Man , would love to have a coffee with you (I drink lots of coffee) , don’t drink alcohol though , although maybe I will have relapsed by the time I get there ……:). I would still very much love to check out the scene , go out and not drink, I do that without a problem (which is kinda amazing to me really)

    is that photo in your apartment ? I always imagined you with wild-assed hair BTW , guess I was wrong :)…………not wild ass hair but wild-assed hair……..

  486. Ignis Sol Says:

    yeah, that is my apartment

    i remember saying you don’t drink, i don’t want to be an enticer. i have friends who don’t drink, but still go out and have fun.

    my hair was really long a couple of years ago. I go
    back and forth. It IS really wild and curly right now.
    i should update some photos.
    LOL @ wild ass hair — my friend Michael and I have a dirty inside joke about that….LOL!

    any pics of you online?

    you, Kirsten?

    Mr Cup?

    Seattle still has a cool scene despite all the changes and griping going on… I manage to kick up the dirt.

  487. ScottMalobisky Says:

    no pics of me on line , how would I go about doing that ? I do have a few in my Kodak files.

  488. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Came very close to buyng the live record last night , had it in my hand at Wal-mart , put it back remembering that I was there to buy for other people, not myself.

  489. lenny Says:

    Hey — the “these days” page was 1 month old yesterday and nobody mentioned it. Oh well, the post has reached a dozen other milestones, so what’s one more?

    I have the newest Radiohead album, Scott. It’s pretty good. I definitely like it better than the previous one, “Hail to the Thief”. But it’s like every other album — it takes a little while to warm up to it, and it has it’s own unique sound. Definitely worth buying (but you can get it online for nothing, of course).

  490. Ignis Sol Says:

    Yeah, R.E.M. Live is great. I bought it at the Borders near my office (the same one I worked at years ago). I was so busy working the Seattle LGBT Film Festival at the time, I did not listen to it until almost two weeks, one month before I watched the DVD.

    i bought the Radiohead download when it came out in October, but have been unable to get it to play it. I am having issues with uploading it.

    I thought I could listen to it with my iTunes, but it won’t play.

    I have been busy for a couple months and did not have the time to focus on it.

    I can’t wait to hear the songs.

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  491. lenny Says:

    No, I don’t know what you’re doing wrong — I’m listening to the album on my computer right now (through winamp, or you can use Windows Media Player). It also works on my ipod — by just dragging and dropping the album to my ipod device in iTunes. What are the file types of the songs in your download? Mine are mp3, just the same as all of my other digital music files. Did you get them in a different format?

  492. Ignis Sol Says:

    Thanks lenny!

    I tried Windows Media Player, too and it does not work.

    When I get home tonight I will try simply dragging and dropping into my iTunes. I tried before through the actual program before. There is now a response to my inquiry about In Rainbows in my mail….

    Unfortunately, my iPod (second one) was stolen. Other than my car, which was returned, that is the only “major purchase” I have had stolen. To me it was priceless because I work 1.5 miles to and from work everyday (accept with the weather really, really sucks). So, now I sing to myself. People must think I am nuts when I am singing, “do you give good head…” :0

  493. Ignis Sol Says:

    omg, that omiticon was accidental, I meant πŸ™‚

  494. Kirsten Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I missed These Days’ Birthday! Happy 1 month Birthday for the 18th These Days!

    And to my beautiful little baby, happy 4th birthday for today (the 20th)! RIP Billy. mwah.

  495. Ignis Sol Says:

    last night i dreamt that monkeys were trying to break into my childhood home after a nuclear bomb exploded.

  496. ScottMalobisky Says:

    RIP Billy ? mwah ?

  497. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I want you to STAAAAAAAAAAAAY American (or Australian)

  498. Kirsten Says:

    Congratulations Bisky, the big 500!

    501 now, 165 to go…..

  499. Mr Cup Says:

    I am soooooo hung over today. Had the work party yesterday. Started with martini’s at 9.30am. Ended in backward somersaults off the boat.

    I have no photo’s on line Ignis, but guess what? We are the same age!

    I have to lie down now.

  500. maclure Says:

    Ahhh, I knew the party would still be kicking off here. Speaking of work parties, I was the only one in a tie yesterday. Brazilians are not formal, it has to be said. Wishing you all a merry Christmas…

  501. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Happy Hanukah and Rambunctious Ramadan

  502. ScottMalobisky Says:

    the Big 500 without metabolic steroids or HGH , just a series of multitudinous unphotogenic polypeptides forming me

  503. Ignis Sol Says:

    Eating too much food THESE DAYS with the Holiday.

    Went to the Sonics game last night and they lost to New Orleans. I drank beer.

    more parties tonight, tomorrow and all through the weekend. Whiskey sours for all.

  504. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I wish……….wistfully ……….worlds away…..

  505. Mr Cup Says:

    Happy festivities to all.

  506. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Happy Festivus

  507. Ignis Sol Says:


    I could not get out bed to go to work today, so I hit the snooze alarm two times. While in bed in daze-hazey dreamworld, I thought to myself that on the next wake up, the DJ will be playing an R.E.M. song. I just FELT it. All was calm and quiet then…!

    Bap, bap, bap, bap….. “Beside yourself if radio’s gonna stay…”

    I stayed in bed until the next tune kicked in and began my day that will launch a four-day weekend.

    Happy Festivus, the Holiday for the rest of us!

    Again, check out online, friends. Great music, diverse and you never know what is going to be played.

  508. ScottMalobisky Says:

    What’s the difference between in-laws and outlaws ?

  509. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Outlaws are wanted.

  510. lenny Says:

    Good one, Bisky.

    I have a good story to share — my 15-month old daughter Ella loves music, but it seemed like my wife’s music was having more influence on Ella than my music was. (Her favorite artist from birth was Dave Matthews.) But today in the car, I plugged in my ipod, hit shuffle songs, the first song that played was “We Walk” by R.E.M. I looked in the rearview mirror and she was bouncing and bopping her head back and forth to the happy beat. It just about brought a tear to my eye. After some non-REM songs, she also enjoyed Gardening at Night. That’s my girl…

    (Oddly enough, “We Walk” was included on a children’s music CD that my mother-in-law gave us, called “Mary had a little Amp”. Who said in-laws aren’t wanted?)

  511. ScottMalobisky Says:

    there are exceptions in non-dysfunctional family units

  512. ScottMalobisky Says:

    outta my brain on the 5:15, oh
    I’m outta my brain

  513. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Mexican minimum wage raised to $4.85
    A day

  514. Kirsten Says:

    Happy holidays to everyone and your families. Enjoy and most importantly – keep it safe!

    Ho Ho Ho

  515. Kirsten Says:

    Really! $4.85?? I’ve gotta move to Mexico….

  516. ScottMalobisky Says:

    all born on Christmas Eve: Ricky Martin , Lemmy, and Hamid Karzai

  517. ScottMalobisky Says:

    all born on Christmas Day:Jimmy Buffett ,Annie Lennox , Sissy Spacek ,Larry Csonka ,God

  518. Kirsten Says:

    Well, we’re slowly getting there. It might get a bit quiet here as people take holidays. I was listening to These Days yesterday – it really is an excellent song and does deserve this kind of attention.

  519. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Pink Floyd_____One Of Thse Days
    (I’m gonna chop you into little pieces)
    Companion piece to Careful With That Ax, Eugene

  520. Ignis Sol Says:

    the mountains are falling into my cereal bowl, quick get me a bigger spoon!

  521. Ignis Sol Says:

    I am feelin’ Stipey today.

  522. Kirsten Says:

    The strong man kicked sand into my breakfast cereal bowl
    I’d spelled your name with Oatios
    He messed it, messed it, messed it, messed it up.

  523. Kirsten Says:

    >>the mountains are falling into my cereal bowl, quick get me a bigger spoon!<<

    The same thing might have happened to Figgy after the earthquake they had over there.

  524. ScottMalobisky Says:

    ……the world is collapsing and I’m looking for answers beyond the great beyond…..

  525. Ignis Sol Says:

    …answers beyond my box of Otios!

    my name spelled in Otios: Ooooooo

  526. ScottMalobisky Says:

    New Year’s Day song :

    Around the Sun
    I Believe
    Begin The Begin

  527. Kirsten Says:

    New Years Song:

    Nothing ever happens
    Nothing happens at all
    The needle returns to the start of the song
    And we all sing along like before
    And we’ll all be lonely tonight
    And lonely tomorrow.

  528. Ignis Sol Says:

    hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I will be “lonely” with some one cute. πŸ˜‰

    mean cats eat parakeets….

  529. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “nothing changes New Year’s Day” BUT ” chaaaaaaaaaaaange
    is what I believe in “, actually I’m looking very much forward to 2008 , should be a very interesting year on a personal and world level…didn’t really feel this way last year

    “And yesterday I saw you kissing tiny flowers
    But all that lives is born to die
    So I say to you that nothing really matters
    And all you do is stand and cry…….”

  530. Ignis Sol Says:

    I am up with the midnite flowers, reachin’ high up into the towers/i am up with the light of the moon, naked reflections upon a silver spoon..

    will you dance with me?

  531. Ignis Sol Says:



  532. Ignis Sol Says:

    can you indulge me
    i am on the run
    looming useless in the midwestern sun
    two tracks are burning a hole into the ground
    cigarettes light in our mysterious round
    we talk of the ages, complain with our rages
    we lament the future with hope that won’t last
    we want these slow moments to quickly past
    we are strung from the clotheslines in american heat
    we are chicago, detroit we cannot be complete
    and if i were to know you
    for a minute or so
    would i somehow annoy you
    is is my time to go?
    we are adorned in our favorite rags
    we gather in circles under these sacred flags
    and we sing, sing, sing, sing, sing.

  533. Ignis Sol Says:

    a couple of lines are not grammatical, but they were written on the fly, can be quickly remedied, so please don’t ask me WHY!

  534. Ignis Sol Says:

    been heading in a new direction
    since aged seventeen
    it’s been a lot of hell with some
    heaven in between
    i thought i’d get by with some bits
    of my self-esteem
    i’m so dark clouded, it is
    like a Kafka dream

    o give me give me something to believe
    a dying flower with a scent of ill reprieve
    i am not going down alone this time
    is this my open-secret pantomime?

    gah, gah, gah GAH!!!

  535. ScottMalobisky Says:

    is that all original stuff, yours ?

  536. Ignis Sol Says:

    yeah, Scott it is mine. I wrote it last night directly into this blog. My guests had just left and I was unwinding with wine in my bloodstream and cheese in my stomach.

  537. Kirsten Says:

    Grey sky in one direction, Clear blue sky in the other direction
    Grey sky in one direction, Clear blue sky in the other direction
    Grey sky in one direction, Clear blue sky in the other direction
    The sun just came out, I can’t believe it
    The sun just came out, I can’t believe it
    The sun just came out, I can’t believe it
    Looks like everything’s gonna be OK

  538. lenny Says:

    Happy New Year everyone. I haven’t posted a message here in a long time — I almost gave up on these days.

    Nice Pink Floyd reference, Scott — One of These Days — I can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner.

    Back to work today after 12.5 days off. Now…what music to listen to at work, REM or Pink Floyd?

  539. Ignis Sol Says:

    OH, MY….

    ………..from Wikipedia

    Accelerate is an album released in 2003 by American Christian pop group Jump5.

    The promo website countdown to their album was probably called “fortynights.”


  540. Kirsten Says:

    Never give up on These Days, Lenny. Never.

    Slowly but surely making our way to 550. I can only dream of being the one….

  541. Mr Cup Says:

    Happy New Year all.

  542. ScottMalobisky Says:

    there are three main points to this entry and you will be quizzed on the way out of the theater:

    1. Happy New Year, Cup

    2. Set The Controls For The Heart OF The Sun

    3. What A Jack-Ass, Huckabee

  543. lenny Says:

    Sorry, Kristen — those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are in the dead of winter — a time for the abandonment of all hope and the listening to and quoting of Pink Floyd. Actually, I like the dead of winter — I got new skis for Christmas and can’t wait to try them out. But I have listened to a lot of Pink Floyd this week.

    “Why can’t we play today; why can’t we stay that way?”
    — (Name that one, Scott)

  544. lenny Says:

    By the way…I Heart Huckabees.
    (The movie, not the candidate.)

  545. lenny Says:

    I must be out of practice here — message #545 should have read “Sorry, KIRSTEN”. And now I’m sorry again, Kirsten. (I know that I would hate if people assumed my name was spelled a different way, or even if it was by accident.)

  546. lenny Says:

    I meant message #546, not #545. Is there any other way I can add unnecessarily to the These Days message tally?

  547. Ignis Sol Says:

    the dead of winter β€” a time for the abandonment of all hope (lenny)

    someone who is worth it in this murkiness πŸ™‚

    heavy, dreary skies pressing down on me
    heavy, dreary skies pressing down on me
    celestial entities are collapsing down on me
    You won’t hear me whisper, you won’t hear me breathe
    This seasonal change of mercy has choked the life out of me


  548. ScottMalobisky Says:

    uh, Lenny, that would be ‘Remember A Day’ one of my faves from that record , almost like that one as much as ‘Seesaw; yes yes , early Floyd , those innocent short dreamy songs . no words to describe the feeling of nostalgia I get from these two songs. I’m sure you know, Lenny , how they got the name Pink Floyd ? eh ? how about Zeppelin ? do you know the story of how they got their name ?

    feeling gravity’s pull , eh ,Ignis ?

    Happy Birthday Stephen Stills and John Paul Jones
    63 and 62 respectively

  549. Ignis Sol Says:

    i am feelin’ gravity crushing me…like a grape…and my wine is bitter and fruitless

    yeah, Happy Birthday to Stephen and John Paul!

    do you celebrate the day when your heart dies and soul evaporates?

  550. ScottMalobisky Says:

    did JPJ raise a glass with Stipey during the AFTP sessions ….considering……the proximity of ……?

    well, Ignis , Zep got Celebration Day but I don’t think it’s about that

    Seatle was recently rated the nations most literate city , #2 Minneapolis.

  551. ScottMalobisky Says:

    lenny, I once wrote verbatim the lyrics for Wish You Were Here (the song) on a bathroom stall wall while doing my business there in this bleak fiberglass autobody replacement parts plastic plant that I worked at for awhile after screwing up my first year of college, funny my foreman was pissed not so much about what I may or may not have been saying there but he was pissed about the fact that I was on the clock while doing it………and at the end of that first year of college that I screwed up so royally I wrote verbatim those same lyrics on the front page of my Physics final because I was so hopelessly failing the class ; I can’t believe to this day that I went to school initially for Engineering –I mean–I was high all the time and completely clueless, I mean you fall a little bit behind in advanced calculus and chemistry and physics and it totally snowballs into an impossibly unmanageable situation. I was such an immature child-stoner-fool then , all I did was do bongs and listen to PF Animals over and over. Not the correct formula for succeeding in Engineering, which I really wasn’t interested in anyhow, was just tryingto take a major that would get me a decent job. I was such an idiot then.

  552. Mr Cup Says:

    See? I knew Pink Floyd were bad for your health!

  553. Kirsten Says:

    Hi Lenny. Don’t worry about my name, I get Kristen a lot. I also get called Catherine a fair bit too – not really sure why though…..

  554. Kirsten Says:

    Speaking of the weather: 1am New Year’s Day. Still 35 deg (C), drinking a nice cool beer, listening to Reveal. Dancing the rhu-rhu-rhu-rhu-rhumba. A perfect Summer album. What a great way to start a new year.

    Hope you’re safe from those fires over there, Mr Cup. I saw them on the news last night and thought of you.

  555. Kirsten Says:

    Oh, and one last thing. 1 very important thing.


    Walked down to a nearby lake at lunch time with my ipod and found a lovely spot in the shade (way too hot for sunbaking today) and over indulged in Stipiness. And come 5 O’clock, it’ll be a Michael Stipe Celebration weekend!

  556. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I knew you wanted to mention that Kirsten so I let you say it first . I’m not too far behind him ,I’ll be 48 in June , we live parallel but very seperate lives.

  557. Kirsten Says:

    Thanks Scott, I appreciate that. I don’t have much else in my life…..

  558. Mr Cup Says:

    Safe from the fires thanks Kirsten. They are nearly always in the hills on the outskirts of the city and nearly always lit by f-wits.

    It’s just frickin HOT. How many times can it hit 40 before the height of summer?

    PS. Congrats on the iPod!

  559. ScottMalobisky Says:

    and interestingly we here in America are getting a real winter-like winter this year, lots of cold and snow , and for me here in SD , lots of rain (with snow in the mountains)…been a while and I love it , makes me think that perhaps the world ain’t deteriorating so quickly from Global Warming after all, maybe…a good old-fashioned winter like when I was a kid . I wonder where and how Stipey is celebrating his b-day ?? Stuff like that drives me crazy like how I’ll never see the wallpaper in David Gilmour’s master bathroom or I’ll never see what Jimmy Page’s kitchen looks like, I mean really I wonder what it looks like..??!!..But then my typical thought process always plays itself out until the next time and I get past such nonsense and realize how fortunate I am compared to the vast majority of the planet and I focus in on what I can appreciate and see.

    Good Day Now.

  560. Ignis Sol Says:

    There has been a lot of snow in the mountains here, too. I appreciate my view from my work desk of the Olympic mountains beyond Puget Sound. Beautiful. Usually, the snow is lighter on parts of this range due to the particular climate (especially as it slopes to the Pacific Ocean), but today it looks tasty white frosting on top of a chocolate cupcake. Mostly blue skies.

    I hope Michael Stipe is enjoying his own cake with frosting. Happy Birthday, Stipe!

  561. Ignis Sol Says:

    …………or you could put some frosting on me and…………….

  562. Ignis Sol Says:

    Hey Kirsten are you gonna make a birthday party cheesecake for Michael and invite all the LBs?

  563. Mr Cup Says:

    I remember when I was a kid, out of the blue asking myself ‘What is Burt Reynolds doing RIGHT NOW?’.

    Burt Reynolds. This was probably at the height of Cannonball Run’s success. But I really wanted to know.

    This fame thing, I don’t get it.

    Burt Reynolds.

  564. Ignis Sol Says:

    Burt Reynolds was in Boogie Nights directed by PT Anderson who directs There Will Be Blood which opens this weekend and I really want to see it.
    Just sayin’ y’all.

    I wonder what Mr Cup’s doing RIGHT NOW?

  565. ScottMalobisky Says:

    now that’s a damn good question
    I wonder if when he sees blue he sees the same blue that I see .
    or if you do for that mattter , Ignis

    BTW , so sorry my brother, but I’ll be rooting for the Skinnies tomorrow, nothing personal πŸ™‚
    prelude to the Steelers throwdown and hopefully the Steelers will be the ones doing the throwing down
    although I have my serious doubts

  566. Ignis Sol Says:

    hmmm, looks like we got a lil’ competition here, buddy.

    the Skins are bound to make a few false starts for sure since Qwest field is soooo g.d. loud! It is supposed to be stormy tomorrow, too (but where won’t it be stormy tomorrow in the US?).

    Well, at least I know what YOU will be doing tomorrow at the same time as me…. watchin’ the game (I will have a beer on and for you, my sane and sober friend).

  567. Mr Cup Says:

    Oh Ignis, that would be beyond the scope of this blog!

    Nah, just kidding. I’m drinking coffee and contemplating the bigger issues facing kids today. Beach or pool?

    I too pondered the ‘seeing the same colour’ thing. Now be honest Bisky…did you wrap your hand in plastic to try to look through it?

  568. ScottMalobisky Says:

    no , I did not this time…….in a way when I think of blindness I compare what it must be like to a normal person trying to imagine a totally different color, try to imagine a totally different color if you will , not a combination of existing colors or anything like that, maybe there is one out there on a different planet or something…..and if you were blind , would you rather have been blind from birth or would you rather have lost your sight sometime in your adult life ?
    if you were a domesticated indoor cat who was kept inside all it’s life you wouldn’t know what you
    were missing outside so maybe it would be better to be blind from birth , no ?, and you’d be more used to it , not so prone to freak out from frustration ….Imagine trying to describe the concept of color to a blind person, trying to describe red or green or purple or gold to someone who has never seen anything but darkness. weird.

    Cool songs : Queens Of The Stone Age; ‘No One Knows’ and ‘Everybody Knows That You’re Insane”

  569. Ignis Sol Says:

    i once saw a movie where a character was describing color to a blind person. he gave the young blind girl a rock that had been in boiling water and he said, “this is red….and when it cools down it will be pink.” He handed her some fluffy cotton and described it as white and so on….

  570. ScottMalobisky Says:

    right , but still , that would be so inadequate , if a person has no concept of light , having never experienced it. hard to fathom

  571. ScottMalobisky Says:

    WOW Ignis . the Swami just predicted the SEAHAWKS vs. the Pats in SBXLII, missed his reasoning , how he figures Seattle will get past Dallas I do not know… Not since 1993 has the SB been between the #1 seeded teams so I guess there is a chance that someone will be there besides NE and Dallas , although this year more than ever the two participants seem inevitable. But then again somehing happened on the way to Hillary’s “inevitabl” coronation , eh ?? Why I dislike her so I am really not sure..I do like Bill.

  572. ScottMalobisky Says:

    rainy day dream away let the sun take a holiday
    1983 a merman I should turn to be _____Hendrix
    on days like these I like to drink in the morning
    then smoke a little dope . but shit I don’t do that anymore . that sucks.

  573. Ignis Sol Says:

    goooooooooooooo Seahawks!!!!!!!

  574. Ignis Sol Says:

    just wait, Bisky……

  575. Ignis Sol Says:

    god, my city looks great on TV, eh?

  576. Ignis Sol Says:

    you can actually see the building I work in from the north shots of the endzone!!!

  577. Ignis Sol Says:


  578. Ignis Sol Says:

    WE WON

  579. ScottMalobisky Says:

    the referee’s name is Scott Green
    I’m figurin’ that’s a good omen

  580. Ignis Sol Says:

    anything Green is good, my friend.

  581. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Columbus’s groin was filled with green death.
    Word is he could’t afford health insurance.

  582. Kirsten Says:

    Thanks Mr Cup, time to move into the 21st century. Just gotta work out how to use the thing now.

    I had a blind budgie, Ted. (Yes, their names WERE Bill & Ted) It was amazing to watch how clever he was at working out and remembering where things were. Billy was good at helping him out, too. Poor little baby only lived for 5 months though. The brain desease that caused his blindness took him from us.

    And I must be honest, I’ve only ever watched 1 American footy game, and really didn’t get it. I don’t get soccer either. Sorry guys.
    Carn the Bombers!

  583. Ignis Sol Says:

    I don’t get it either, I just like to drink beer and get wild.

  584. Mr Cup Says:

    I’d like to see them take their body armor off and see how they strut it. Otherwise I find it too slow.

    Will you be barracking for the Freo Bombers this year Kirsten?

  585. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “I find it too slow”, what ? the later REM ? πŸ™‚

  586. Kirsten Says:

    Freo Bombers? Didn’t even know they existed, but am more than happy to do so. Which league are we talking??

  587. Kirsten Says:

    And the boys in tight shorts perhaps too Ignis?

  588. Mr Cup Says:

    Kirsten: AFL. The Dockers have taken coaching staff and players from the Bombers, hence the term Freo Bombers.

    Bisky: The thing you call football I think. Being unaware of the subtleties of the game I was just watching as an observer. Too slow. Stop.Start.Stop.Start etc……………Nothing seemed to flow.

  589. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I know , Man , I know …..those breaks are so the announcer and commentator can overanalyze everything about the previous play and the upcoming play, using every football cliche in the book..My favorite ? “He’s a physical player.” How ridiculous !! I sure hope so .

  590. Mr Cup Says:

    Yeah, I don’t like my sportsmen to be all ‘conceptual’.

  591. Kirsten Says:

    Sorry Mr Cup, a bit slow on that one. It’s summertime – I’m in cricket mode….

  592. Mr Cup Says:

    I can’t believe I missed the end of the test!
    With an hour to go I thought it would be a tie. Went surfing. Come back – a miracle.

    Can’t believe the fiasco that has followed either.
    India won’t want to play the WACA because Tait will be included!!!!!

  593. Ignis Sol Says:

    Kirsten –
    And the boys in tight shorts perhaps too Ignis? πŸ™‚

    Well, Seattle is getting it’s own soccer (football) team in a couple years…. talk about tight shorts!

  594. ScottMalobisky Says:

    author/guest on Coast To Coast AM last night was making a very compelling case for the possibility of the current King Of Jordan being the Anti-Christ, basically I think it can be stated that whomever enables the seemingly utterly preposterously imposssible proposition of The Islamic Dome Of The Rock to be replaced by the third time rebuilt Jewish Temple, will indeed be the Anti-Christ …… so , pay attention , and remember, the Anti-Christ will initially be an incredibly charismatic man of peace .

  595. Mr Cup Says:

    um…is it written?

  596. Mr Cup Says:

    Oh Kirsten – this is the big set up for number……

  597. lenny Says:

    600!! Wow. I step out for a few days, and I get this huge honor. And that’s odd — usually I go for the less obvious milestones.

  598. Mr Cup Says:


    Oh well…there’s always 700….

  599. lenny Says:

    I just spent the last two days in court as a potential juror. I was not selected, and people tell me that it’s because I’m an engineer (I guess we’re too analytical). I guess that’s another interest that Scott and I have in common (besides REM and Pink Floyd). Sorry that engineering school didn’t seem to work out for you, though.

    Also, Scott, your story reminds me that I have a “Wish You Were Here” lyrics-writing moment in my past, too. I was in Davis, California for a week of training with a friend/co-worker of mine, and we were out drinking one night (starting at our hotel, where we got free drinks from 5 to 7PM), hit another few bars, and we finally got to dinner around 10 at an Italian restaurant that had paper for tablecloths, and crayons to entertain yourself with. So, in addition to our other drunken scribblings, like Let’s Go Blues (St. Louis hockey team), and Red Wings suck, we wrote out all the lyrics to Wish You Were Here. Such a simple tune, relatively straight-forward lyrics, though often misunderstood, amazing guitar solo — one of my favorite songs of all time. Scott, if you start a blog, make it one that writes about every Pink Floyd song ever made. I’ll follow that page just like this one.

    By the way — no one commenting on primary election results? What’s up with that? It’s still pretty close, I hear, for the Dems.

  600. Kirsten Says:

    LOL Mr Cup – so close, yet so far! The original goal was 666, but I’m not sure anyone really wants that one.

    Yeah, the cricket’s been interesting to say the least:

    They’re numbering the monkeys
    The monkeys and the monkeys
    The followers of chaos out of control

  601. Mr Cup Says:

    You mean you were holding back that whole time???????

    Maybe lenny and Bisky could start one of those ‘places I’ve written/seen entire Pink Floyd songs written’ sites.
    It would be popular. Especially if it was the same song over and over.
    I’d do it.

  602. lenny Says:

    I hear that there is a really good Pink Floyd cover band from Australia. They have played in my home town, but I haven’t seen them yet. Ever heard of them, Kirsten?

    I will look for a good place at work to write down some lyrics tomorrow. If only we had this conversation yesterday — I could have written them in my city courthouse somewhere!

    Oh, by the way — I didn’t realize that this would be the place for a discussion of NFL football — otherwise, I would have commented over the weekend. Oh well, as far as next weekend goes, with “all apologies” to our Seahawks fan, go PACKERS! (Get the Seattle/Nirvana joke there, ha,ha?)

  603. lenny Says:

    There is a blog just waiting to be started, whenever we decide to give this page a rest…

    We can still call it “These Days”, and it’s theme will be “R.E.M. fans who especially like the song These Days, who also enjoy fanatical conversation about many other things, including, but not limited to Cricket, Baseball, strings of favorite songs in succession on an album, American Football, head-to-head song character competitions, Video Games, geographic locations of R.E.M. fans, Numerology, and of course, Pink Floyd.”

  604. lenny Says:

    By the way — only 5 different people would ever be allowed to comment on the new These Days page. (The same 5 who have kept this post going since December 20th — that’s the last time anyone else commented here besides us.)

  605. Mr Cup Says:

    Which PF song would you have REM cover for their next B side lenny?

  606. lenny Says:

    Forgot to add — Scott, no, I don’t think I know where Pink Floyd got their name. I just know that Naomi Watts’ dad was one of their roadies or something — and his voice was featured on Dark Side of the Moon. And I love Naomi Watts like you wouldn’t believe, so what a coincidence, huh? It all comes back in a ‘perfect circle’.

  607. lenny Says:

    Good question, Mr Cup — I’m sure that Scott will have a better answer to the “next b-side” question, because I am not that familiar with R.E.M.’s more recent albums, but I’ll go another route. Here are the Pink Floyd covers I would have chosen as b-sides for past R.E.M. albums:

    Murmur – A Pillow of Winds
    Reckoning – Echoes
    Fables – Wish You Were Here
    LRP – Mother
    Document – Have a Cigar
    Green – Let There Be More Light
    Out of Time – Learning to Fly
    Automatic – Nobody Home
    Monster – Sheep
    Hi-Fi – Us and Them

  608. Ignis Sol Says:

    Ok, ok,
    I must tell you all this and I know it is getting tedious…

    yet another day when I hit snooze a couple times,

    then bam, the opening chords of “Leave” are playing, then siren, then….”nothing….”

    I waited for it to end and then got up to start a day…

    Leave it all behind…. (did U2 steal that for their album title? – just wonderin’)

  609. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “All Apologies” got one of the best rock and roll lyrics of all time, “I wish I was like you , easily amused.”

    Pink Floyd got their name from the combination of Pink Council and Floyd Anderson, two old bluesmen ; LZ supposedly got their name when Keith Moon heard them jamming for the first time and exclaimed , “Damn, you guys get down like a lead balloon !”

    Did you know that if you play backwards at the very begininng of Any Color You Like –that mumbling there –you can hear somethng like, “Congratulations . You have found the secret Pink Floyd message. Send name and address to..” , so and so and we will send you so and so.., that green tinted really far-out band poster I think that went with that record..Something like that . I never actually heard it , a friend at work was telling me about it.

    Speakinng of PF lyrics : Is it too late to lose the weight I used to need to throw around ? ha ha charade I am…..What a masterpiece : ANIMALS : something I took so seriously as the band laughted all the way to the bank πŸ™‚

  610. ScottMalobisky Says:

    correction and clarification:

    that’s Pink Anderson and Floyd Council

    that’s the first time Moonie SAW LZ jam not the first time LZ jammed period

    ……as Bill Richardson drops out of the race , shame he and Joe Biden don’t get more attention and votes….

    ….and Alabama man throws his four young children to their deaths off of a bridge and missing 24 year old female Georgia hiker is found decapitated


  611. ScottMalobisky Says:

    You got to be crazy
    You gotta have a real need
    You gotta sleep on your toes
    And when you’re on the street
    You got to be able to pick out the easy meat
    With your eyes closed
    Then moving in silently downwind and out of sight
    You got to strike when the moment is right
    Without thinking
    And after a while
    You can work on points for style
    Like the club tie, a firm handshake ,
    A certain look in the eye
    And an easy smile
    You have to be trusted
    By the people that you lie to
    So that when they turn their backs on you
    You get the chance to put the knife in

  612. Ignis Sol Says:

    ….and Alabama man throws his four young children to their deaths off of a bridge
    and according to F***twads like Romney, etc: at least they were heterosexual… or as Dan Savage reports almost daily on these type of issues…. “Every Child Deserves a Mother and Father…” And gays are denied having children in some states? These are the issues, not false (although pressing) cue/code isses like “amnesty” and “immigration.” See the light people, walk into the light….. πŸ™‚

  613. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “amnesty” and ILLEGAL “immigration” is a HUGE ISSUE !! anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know the facts or doesn’t give a flying **@# about this country, there’s no third option

  614. Kirsten Says:

    Sorry Lenny, never heard of them. Maybe that’s because they’re over there playing, not here? πŸ™‚

    Great question Mr Cup. Trying really hard, and even with Lenny’s suggestions I still can’t imagine Michael’s voice on a Pink Floyd song. I’d love to hear them try something like “Learning to Fly”. Just because I can’t put it together in my head doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be great.

  615. Mr Cup Says:

    I like the idea because they are so hard to equate. I really don’t know much PF and I can’t see REM doing much what I do know. So it could be really good…or just horrible.

    I would love to hear them cover Clouds by the Go-Betweens.
    Maybe I can use my telepathic powers to influence them…(slightly evil laugh goes here).

  616. ScottMalobisky Says:

    would love to hear Stipe do the Roger Waters psycho-sneer with , “Your hot stuff with a hat pin , Good fun with a hand gun..”

    brought it back to These Days with hat reference πŸ™‚

  617. Mr Cup Says:

    Speaking of music…
    What is everyone listening to at the moment?

  618. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Joni Mitchell Heijira

  619. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Jefferson Airplane
    Bless It’s Pointed Little Head

    “Fly Trans World Airways ,gets you there on time…”

  620. lenny Says:

    I’m listening to Pink Floyd — imagine that. Just got to work, and picked up my playlist on the computer where I left off. 1st song: Any Colour You Like. Weren’t you just talking about that, Scott?

    Actually, the song with the backwards message is “Empty Spaces” from Disc one of the Wall. I took the clip from the song, and reversed it with the help of my computer. I can e-mail you the backwards clip if you want.

    The message is: Congratulations, you just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to ‘Old Pink’… (can’t quite tell what the rest says).

    And now that I think of it, I heard that PF was named for two Blues artists. I just never heard of the two of them before.

    By the way, great lyrics, Scott. I love Dogs. HAve you ever tried watching Casablanca while listening to Animals? It works just like watching Wizard of Oz and listening to Dark Side of the Moon. (er, sort of)

  621. lenny Says:

    More from the Pink Floyd poetry hour:

    Who are you and who am I
    To say we know the reason why?
    Some are born, some men die
    Beneath one infinite sky.
    There’ll be war, there’ll be peace.
    But everything one day will cease.
    All the iron turned to rust,
    All the proud men turned to dust.
    And so all things, time will mend.
    So this song will end.

  622. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Free Form . luv the guitar solos in that one……..and Mudmen, hints of the classic wailing -dripping Gilmour guitar moments to be realized later……I’m assuming you’ve DEFINITELY seen the Live AT The Pompeii Ruins movie ?? Of course you have , that would be like being an REM fan and not having seen Tourfilm if you hadn’t…

    What’s , uh , the deal?
    Got to make it to the next reel.

  623. lenny Says:

    Ha! I hate to say it, but you guessed wrong on all accounts, Scott.

    1. My PF lyrics were from Childhood’s End, but you were close (got the album right).
    2. Haven’t seen Live at Pompeii.
    3. Haven’t seen Tourfilm.

    Here’s why: I’m all for the live experience, but if you weren’t actually there, I guess I never saw the point of watching it on DVD — it’s just not the same. I got into REM after Green, and my one and only REM live experience was on the Monster tour. That was also my 1st Radiohead concert (but I’ve seen them twice since then).

    I love REM of course, don’t get me wrong, but I would need a time machine to fully enjoy the live experience of REM that I would want to see. Same goes for Pink Floyd, who I started listening to much later than REM (around 2000). Heck, I was born in the year that Dark Side of the Moon came out, if that tells you anything.

  624. lenny Says:

    There’s a challenge — name the best album that was released the year you were born. I’m expecting exactly 4 responses (Scott, Mr Cup, Kirsten, and Ignis Sol)

  625. ScottMalobisky Says:

    right , I knew it was Childhood’s End once I got to work !!! and I couldn’t wait to get home to fix it , was really struck by how much it was bugging me..:) !!

    playing Obscured By Clouds now , “Who is the master of foxhounds and who says the hunt has begun ?”

    WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Pompeii thing , it’s not a concert to a crowd , they have their equipment set up at the ruins of the ampitheatre there, and the band members look so otherworldly, and there is footage of the Darkside sessions , but the best part is the band hanging at this coffee shop and just drinking tea and chatting and such, they are so sinister and wild and mysterious looking but at the same time quite comical and so measured and pleasant in the way they speak…….It’s a very far-out movie and A MUST HAVE if you’re a fan . ..(and Tourfilm is also A MUST HAVE)

    What do you mean by “best album” ? best selling / or??

  626. ScottMalobisky Says:

    6-29 my bday
    who ha for da moonchild

  627. Mr Cup Says:

    Hmmmm lenny…My musical interests probably started developing around ’75 say. I had to research what was released in 1970 and what a year it was pop kids:

    After The Gold Rush – Neil Young
    Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel
    Bryter Layter – Nick Drake
    Led Zeppelin III – Led Zeppelin
    Fun House – The Stooges
    Cosmo’s Factory – Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Let It Be – The Beatles
    Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
    Plastic Ono Band – John Lennon
    Morrison Hotel – The Doors
    Back In The USA – MC5
    ABC – Jackson 5
    Free Your Mind… And Your Ass Will Follow – Funkadelic
    Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsys
    Creedence Clearwater Revival – Cosmo’s Factory
    Starsailor – Tim Buckley

    However, the albums that did it for me a bit later and still do:

    Loaded – The Velvet Underground
    Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
    Moondance – Van Morrison

    I would have been a bit iffy on Van these days, but I watched the Tennebaums last night and his song at the end (everyone) sounded so damn good I have to give him a mention.
    Loaded may have come out in 71 though.
    Beatles fans – to the swings!

  628. Mr Cup Says:

    and REM circa Tourfilm were a vastly different beast live than when they hit the road for monster.

    It’s not just a great REM concert film but a GREAT concert film.

    If you only ever see one concert film…

  629. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Starsailor Tim Buckley, I knew you would include at least one reference that I was totally unfamiliar with:)

    RIP Sir Edmund Hillary , dead at 88 in New Zealand

  630. Kirsten Says:

    I was going to say REM’s Green in the hope that I could convince everyone (including myself) that I am that young. Ah, to be 20 again…

    More seriously, Talking Heads “Fear Of Music”. Brilliant album. Drugs is a personal favourite. Probably my second favourite band.
    Also “The Clash” by, strangely enough, The Clash. But that was originally released in ’77, but not released in the US until ’79, so I’m not sure if that counts.
    I’m sure there’s a heap of other really great albums, but I was only just born, so I can’t really remember them.

  631. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I recall everything that happened at age one especially the time my momma dropped me on my head.

  632. Mr Cup Says:

    Repress Bisky. It’s just easier!

  633. lenny Says:

    Holy crap — Mr Cup. That’s a good year. I didn’t even research 1973, I just assumed that since Dark Side of the Moon is my favorite album of all time, no one could compete with that. I might look into this later, just so I have some honorable mentions.

    Guess what — I was curious which song by Van Morrison was in the Royal Tenenbaum’s, so I looked it up on, and now I remember it. Good song, but that’s not the cool part. What song is performed by Nico on that sound track… “THESE DAYS”!!!! What are the odds? (I know it’s not the same song, but it just shows how everything comes back to this page!)

    Scott — you can answer how you choose. I’m sure that none of us probably consider “best selling” as a measure of musical greatness, so whichever album you like the best is fine.

    Thanks for the notes on Tourfilm and Pompeii. I might have to check them out. Scott, have you seen the 30th anniversary making of DSOTM on DVD? It’s pretty awesome — all band members are interviewed, some even play parts of the songs in the studio while talking about making the album, and they talk to sound engineers and stuff like that. Gilmour plays the solos from Time and Money. Excellent documentary.

  634. ScottMalobisky Says:

    no , haven’t seen that , heard that that record originally got it’s genesis from the band sitting around a kitchen table and talking about “the things that drive one mad”, time , money,…I’m sure you know that after the last note fades away there at the end of the record , as it’s fading away , the “there is no dark side of the moon really , as a matter of fact it’s all dark” that’s spoken . I didn’t notice that right away.

  635. lenny Says:

    They did interviews of people around the studio asking them questions like ‘when was the last time you were in a fight?’ and what makes them mad, and they recorded all of them for use on the album (they cover this in the documentary). The band Wings was recording there, so that’s why Linda McCartney’s voice is on the album. It’s hard to imagine her being associated with musical excellence otherwise. Oooooo…Ouch!!

  636. Mr Cup Says:

    I had no idea the Nico song was ‘these days’.
    Spooky in a beautiful way.

  637. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Spooky Tooth

  638. ScottMalobisky Says:

    with the albums : Comic Violence and You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw

    this morning the local DJ was lamenting the Governor Arnold Shwarzenegger budget cuts that will severely affect the California National Parks System , he then played Cuyahoga…….

  639. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “you call yourself a patriot
    but I think you’re a crock of shit”__________
    ___Rolling Stones, Sweetneocon

    now that’s poetry, ain’t quite …..,”Your mother who neglected you owes a million dollars tax, And your father’s still perfecting ways of making sealing wax.”
    But pure unmitigated poetry nonetheless.

  640. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Hey Ignis , did ya notice the Iggy Pop Lust For Life that FOX was playing coming back from the break of the Seahawks game ?

    Hey Ignis , did ya notice how Mike McCarthy and the Green bay Packers were exhumed after their dreadful beginning of the Seahawks game ?

  641. ScottMalobisky Says:

    John McCain giving speech in Michigan yesterday , “And , my friends , I too have looked into the eyes of Vladimir Putin , and I saw three things …..a K, a G , and a B.” I thought for a scecond he was gonna say , “a 6 , a 6, and a 6..”

  642. Ignis Sol Says:

    Scott, I watched the game at a bar with a few pitchers of beer and about 50 of my “best friends.” Well, at least the snacks were free.

    I went to the bookstore today to buy a new journal and ended up not only buying that, but a book the world’s greatest architecture, and “Reveal:The Story of R.E.M.” by Johnny Black. I am adding this to my trove of “It Crawled from the South,” “Talk About the Passion,” “Behind the Mask” and “Inside Out.”

    As I was checking out, the cute clerk asked me if I was a fan of R.E.M. I said, “Yeah, a big one.”
    He told me had just seen Peter Buck a couple days ago at a costume shop (buying a costume for and with his daughter). I relayed a story of when he used to visit the bookstore I worked in years ago. We both agreed that he is a very nice man.

    The book is great so far….! “Reveal, “The Story of R.E.M.” by Johnny Black. Just $4.98 new at 1/2 Price Books!!

  643. lenny Says:

    20 more to go — no quitting now.

    I don’t remember hearing “Ignis Pop” during the game Saturday — all I heard over and over was that ever-popular touchdown celebration song: “I don’t wanna work, I just want to bang on the drum all day!”

    I said it before, I’ll say it again…Go Packers! Eli’s boys don’t have a chance.

  644. Ignis Sol Says:

    Ha, “Ignis Pop” I love it!

    Iggy and I both hail from Michigan. I grew up on the west coast (very conservative Huckabee-esque territory) of Michigan between Detroit and Chicago and across Lake Michigan from Milwaukee. So, I was a fan of any of their city or states teams depending on who is having the winning season. Now that I am exiled in Seattle, we take our wins when we get them (definately not with the Sonics).

    I am holding out for the Drew Carey owned pro-soccer team in a couple of years.

    These days, I don’t have much of a choice.

  645. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Ted Nugent and Bob Seger. A couple other renowned Michigan rockers.

    as far as football is concerned all I can say is that I am very glad the Cowboys are history , now I know for sure that I will have someone to root for in the Super Bowl no matter which of the four possible scenarios develops ..(the what they thought was the most likely scenario would have been pretty hard to get into)……

  646. ScottMalobisky Says:

    when I was living in Knoxville Tennessee [to the east] … I found it so hard to believe that it was generally considered to be a somewhat liberal leaning state–home state of Al Gore –, because where I was at was very conservative politically….and I didn’t really like that aspect of that particular area (I lived on a golf course with my youngest of two older sisters); go west to Nashville or way west to Memphis and you’ll find folks who wear things besides perfectly pressed Polo shirts. Cool state , diverse , Smoky Mountains are awesome

  647. ScottMalobisky Says:

    and in TN fireworks are legal ,there are these mammoth fireworks stores , easily visible from the interstate , they’re hoping people passing through will get off the highway and load up

  648. Ignis Sol Says:

    Ted Nugent and Bob Seger. A couple other renowned Michigan rockers An old friend of mine dated Nugent back in the 90’s. I am sure that was never her proud.

    The liberals out here are sometimes too conservative for some folks. Polo shirts? Pressed shirts? A bit preppy. My family in Michigan is into golf, especially my sister. I have not played in years.

    I would love to see the Smoky Mts. I love how velvety they look – like a lush pelt compared to the mountains out here which are like exposed vertebrae (still fabulous, though).

  649. Ignis Sol Says:

    They can load up on Jack Daniels, too.

    “Fireworks & Whiskey” sounds like a name fer a country album

  650. ScottMalobisky Says:

    wasn’t the MC5 also from Michigan ? Kidd Rock ? Isn’t Michigan also where Hemingway committed suicide…?..

    …I love your mountains description , Man..

  651. Kirsten Says:

    Bill Berry is from Milwaukee.

  652. Mr Cup Says:

    Sufjan’s from Michigan.
    So to Suzie Quatro I believe.
    She’s a wild one. hyuck.

  653. ScottMalobisky Says:

    really ? I’m always amused by how supposedly Bill and Mike couldn’t stand each other before they started playing together, I’ve seen that in a biography or two.

    And Stipe spent a significant part of his childhood in St. Louis , I think..

  654. Ignis Sol Says:

    I knew Sufjan’s first band, Marzuki (his brother’s name). An old friend filled in for drums (for him) at quite a few of their shows. Their shows were really laid back – everyone sitting on the ground, quietly mesmerized and “tap-clapping” when they “rocked out.” When they rocked out, the drums were played with sticks instead of these whisks-like device. Ah, that brings back memories. The lead singer – Shannon something – of that band now lives in Seattle, I hear.

    In the R.E.M. biography I bought yesterday, it does say that Bill lived in a suburb of Milwaukee moving from his native Duluth, Minnesota.

    The biography tells about the famous story about how they were polar opposites and despised each other. Of course once they discovered they have music in common, they called a truce and became best friends.

    The book’s first chapter is the band’s second chapter: it details the night of Bill’s aneurysm. The next chapter starts in their young days in Athens before their first show.

    The first chapter (called The End of the World As They Knew It) ends: If R.E.M. were to survive at all, they would effectively have to re-invent themselves and completely change the way they worked. And the only man who could make them do it wasn’t even in the band (R.E.M. Reveal the Story of R.E.M. by Johnny Black (c) 2004)

  655. Mr Cup Says:

    I was going to come up with another Perfect Circle…but it’s a bit out.

    They played their first gig April 5th and the new album is out 4 days prior……dang.

  656. lenny Says:

    Adding to my list of albums from the year of my birth:

    Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    The Who – Quadrophenia
    Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy

    DSOtM is still #1.

  657. lenny Says:

    I remember hearing that Michael Stipe lived in St. Louis for a while, but I don’t have any verifiable source that confirms this. Do any of your biographies say this, Ignis?

  658. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Quadrophenia —WOW –there are no adequate words to describe the power of that record . It’s like this totally cathartic and transcendent ultimate punk rock symphony , well , I tried…:)

  659. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “Living on Air Force bases for much of the 60’s and early 70’s gave Michael little idea of the popular music of the time–understandably enough, as, given the anti-Vietnam sentiment that the ‘counter culture’ displayed, pop music was given short thrift on these bases, whatever the Robin Williams film Good Morning Vietnam might suggest. It was not until the family started to put down roots in the early part of the 70’s when they set up home in ST. LOUIS that Michael came out of his shell and started to listen to contemporary muscic. At high school he discovered a new musical form that he failed to take to. ‘ Heavy metal was real big and I tried to like Ted Nugent but couldn’t though I did like Aerosmith.’ Like Peter, Stipe began to investigate the music press via the Village Voice, and found out ‘what was going on in New York and that led to what was going on in England and that really excited me, the whole do-it-yourself attitude.’

    Bill , born in Duluth, Minnesota , had already encountered Mike in school and had cultivated a seething dislike for his eventual colleague. ‘I hated him from the first time I saw him’, he admitted to Rolling Stone, ’cause he had that same kind of nerd appeal that he has now…we had the same Home Room, the first place you go in school every morning and he was very studious , really smart, very polite and we were just the ahtithesis of each other ..I was just starting to experiment with drugs and stuff. He was everything I despised ,great student , got along with teachers, didn’t smoke cigarettes or pot, …we really did despise each other.’ Mike accepts that he was something of a ‘goody-goody at the time.”

  660. lenny Says:

    I got it from another source that Michael went to high school in Collinsville, Illinois, which is just across the river from here (St. Louis). It’s hard to imagine him there — quite a conservative town. Also, it’s the horseradish capital of the world, producing 85% of the world’s supply. Not to be outdone by the horseradish, Collinsville has the largest ketchup bottle in the world, which sits on a large tower right in the middle of town, but it’s not really filled with ketchup.

    So, Michael might have occasionally looked across the river at the Arch, but he didn’t live in the city of St. Louis like I do (…and yes, in case any of you wondered, I can see about 10% of the Arch from my office window — the rest of the view isn’t too exciting, but at least I have a window!)

  661. lenny Says:

    2 more to go — who will the (un)lucky one be? I’m headed back to a meeting after lunch, so I will definitely not take this dubious honor.

  662. Ignis Sol Says:

    yes, as Scott confirms, the biographies do make mention of St. Louis, he also lived in Texas – a suburb of Dallas, I think…. I am at work now and don’t have my books available to me.

    I could see the Space Needle from my desk if a damn condo was not in the way. I have to go to a higher floor to see the whole thing (it’s about a mile up the road). But I can look down into the Pike Place Market from my desk. And I can see the beautiful mountains with their fresh snow. It is a sunny bright day here, but cold.

  663. Ignis Sol Says:


  664. lenny Says:

    Now, I’m jealous. Mountains with snow out my window would beat the crap out seeing the freaking arch. I just got brand new skis, so I’m dying to get out west. Maybe I’ll fly ‘All the way to Reno’ and Ski at Lake Tahoe?

  665. ScottMalobisky Says:

    you guys were supposed to give me the honor of 666:(
    and then we were supposed to stop there

  666. Ignis Sol Says:

    is it the end of these days as we know it? are you gonna dj at the end of these days? in your walk up in Seattle where you fight the nascent battle?

  667. Mr Cup Says:

    Scott, you got the more salubrious 668 – the neighbor of the beast!

    It seems the hype is building for the new album (Q have already formatted a 5 star review, bless them) and I’m sitting here waiting for the call…

    “Would you like to make a film clip for the new REM album Mr Cup?”

    Don’t they know who I am?

  668. ScottMalobisky Says:

    next stop 1000
    OY VEY !!!

  669. Kirsten Says:

    Ignis?? Well I’ll be damned (literally).

    Don’t be sad, Scott. Maybe you’ll get 1000!

    There are also lovely views of the mountains from where I work, but alas my specific window only gets a great view of the Supermarket across the street. 😦
    Gotta love progress….

  670. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Mr.Cup , are you that guy Stipe rips on on the LIVE DVD ? the one that yells at Stipe to pick up the hat on stage and Stipe basically says that the hat stays where it’s at until he’s damn good and ready ?

  671. Mr Cup Says:


  672. Kirsten Says:

    Why didn’t you ask him to “reach down, yank it up and slap it on his head”? You may have got a better response.

  673. Mr Cup Says:

    He has no sense of humour.

    I was the guy in Tourfilm that had a foam sign that said “REM are quite good”.

    His response?

    “That better not be Styrofoam pal”.

  674. Kirsten Says:

    Was it?

  675. Mr Cup Says:


  676. Mr Cup Says:

    …no miss.

    (stares at the floor sheepishly)

  677. ScottMalobisky Says:

    One Of These Days ( I’m gonna chop you into little pieces .) Theme song of Jeffrey Dahmer, and another Milwaukee connection, certainly not a pleasant one. I think Milwaukee was his stomping grounds . Laverne and Shirley were lucky to escape with their hides intact. They coulda ended up as hor d’ouvres at a one man sicko breakfast table.

  678. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Ignis , I got this amazing Led Zeppelin 3CD bootleg of a July-17-1977- Seattle Kingdome show , paid 70 $ for it last year…In between Nobody’s Fault But Mine and Over The Hills And Far Away Plant is rapping to the crowd abut seeing the Seattle Sanders play, would that be a now defunct soccer team ? A lot of playful and interesting Plant banter between songs , seemingly in very high spirits or perhaps high as a kite on wanton sex and drugs (and rock and roll), totally oblivious to the horrendous personal tragedy that’s looming about three weeks away down the road…….when they are in New Orleans and he gets a phone call that his son Karac is suddenly dead of an inexplicable respiratory ailment. I’ll never forget that because I had tix for BOTH Pittsburgh shows on August 8 and 9 and the rest of the tour was then cancelled (Ah, suck it !!). Did see Plant solo at the Irvine Ampitheater in the 80’s though and did see Pagey with The Firm there also in the 80’s , hardly the same thing I know.

  679. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Da Boot is entitled ‘Return Of The Dragon’ BTW ,something I’ve decided is an apt title…

    Hey Ignis , what song was REM playing when Bill suffered his aneurysm thing ? Details if you got them there in that Bio, please.. What happened exactly ?

  680. Ignis Sol Says:

    My book is at home, but I it think it says the song was “Tongue.” Peter was noticing Bill’s playing was changing. They were about to do a more accoustic set with Bill getting up to play other instruments. It details how he fell into Peter’s arms. Peter was holding his friend who was in severe pain…. The guy from Grant Lee Buffalo filled in as best he could.

  681. ScottMalobisky Says:

    wow . thanx .

  682. Mr Cup Says:

    Wasn’t Happy Days based in Milwaukee?

  683. ScottMalobisky Says:


  684. Kirsten Says:

    All of the sudden, these Happy Days….

  685. Mr Cup Says:

    …happy Fonz take this joy…

  686. milesy Says:

    Apologies for the interruption (were you looking for one?).
    With nothing much from MP of late it suddenly occurred to me- I wonder what happened to These Days…
    I don’t believe it- still going…
    It’s too late to join in again now, way too much water under the bridge, but let me just say:

    Respect, everyone.
    You guys have too much time on your hands, and you’re using it well.

  687. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Styx . Too Much Time On My Hands– ” I got dozens of friends and the fun never ends that is as long as I’m buying..”

  688. lenny Says:

    I had a hat and it sunk, reached down, jumped the shark, slapped it on my head.

    Here’s a good question — when did the These Days message board jump the shark? If you don’t understand that question, visit:

  689. ScottMalobisky Says:

    and another one !!!!!!!! official cause of death Ike Turner , cocaine overdose, the guy was 76 freakin years old for Chrissakes !!!!! the devil in white the seduction of the white lady the resident evil

  690. ScottMalobisky Says:

    hey I ain’t ridiculous , just ludicrous and absurd
    fun is a crutch ,Rich , oh , Hi Mr. C.
    Scott Baio is 46 and pregnant

  691. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Yes , The Gates Of Delirium
    King Crimsom ,Epithaph
    two songs I listened to this morning while having my coffee , one EXTREMELY off the charts happy and the other EXTREMELY off the charts sad ..

    Any Jethro Tull fans out there ?
    Any Jethro Bodine fans ?

  692. Mr Cup Says:

    Remember when they parodied “jumping the shark’ in the Simpsons?

    I don’t think we jumped it here. We were more like passengers on a high speed train who didn’t get off and started talking. The practice of talking on a train is forbidden in real life you see.

  693. Mr Cup Says:

    Anyone get that sinking feeling?

    These Days is about the be shunted from the front page in 2 reviews time.

  694. Kirsten Says:

    I’m confussed, are we sinking or jumping?

    My hat’s sinking.
    I started, I jumped up.
    I’m also standing in the place where I work while my head’s shaking ’cause my arms are shaking
    My feet are shaking ’cause the earth is shaking.

    OK, I’ve completely lost the plot.

  695. Kirsten Says:

    Damn, if I had spread out that last comment, I might have got the 700.

    Let’s hope the “Accelerate” tour end up down under. Might be my last hope to hang on to a little sanity…

  696. Mr Cup Says:

    Alright THIS TIME.

    Here’s the set up for….

  697. Kirsten Says:

    WHOO-HOO 700!!

    Happy Throngs Share My Joy (I don’t want you to take it!)

  698. Kirsten Says:

    Phew! Didn’t know that would feel soooo good! Now I really feel like part of the team. Wow. That was almost as good as a Tourfilm/Roadmovie marathon!

  699. Mr Cup Says:

    Have a beer, take the rest of the day off.
    You deserve it!

  700. ScottMalobisky Says:

    orgasmic to be part of the 700 Club
    now to break the ranks of the Mile High Club

    “Whatever is not eternal is eternally useless.”
    Who said it ?

  701. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Ignis Sol
    a.k.a. THE ANTI-CHRIST yikes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  702. Mr Cup Says:

    No he’s not-
    He’s just a very naughty boy!

  703. maclure Says:

    Zoiks, this is still going? I’ll pay more attention to it this week…

  704. Paul Alferink Says:

    Here I am, like a sucker, vainly check other threads for some human contact. Little did I know you’ve been hanging out here, getting These Days up past 700. Little sad no one told me until yesterday . . .

    But wow. 700 for these days. 1000 Screaming Elvis fans can’t be wrong . . .

    I might have the longest interlude between posts. . .

    And you have no idea how long it took me to wade through them.

    And to answer earlier questions:

    Yes, Illinois. Raised in Bloomington, moved to Springfield. In doing so, crossed the Cardinal/Cub line that crosses the state. I didn’t even get most Cub games on the Tube the first year I was here, until they added Chicago Comcast to my cable package.

    And I’m not happy the Cardinals traded Edmonds. He was old and not good anymore. I rather they would have been saddled with his diminishing skills as big contract.
    Little happy Rolen is gone. Both him and Glaus are injury prone, but Rolen brought so much more to the table when healthy, and Glaus is a (ex-?)steroids users. So you’ll be cursing him out down in St. Louis when he’s injured and hitting .220. And he will just get worse. . .

  705. ScottMalobisky Says:

    who are these unfortunates cluttering up my hallway ?
    we’re gonna have to see some credentials , please, to enter this elite Strange Bird Society .

  706. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black____KC

  707. ScottMalobisky Says:

    really REALLY great songs yet to be posted :
    Orange Crush
    Find The RIver

  708. ScottMalobisky Says:

    There are rules ,laws, and guidelines ,and they must be followed. That’s rule number one. We know that plants take in CO2 and give off oxygen. That’s a law. But can plants pull themselves out of the muck and build a glittering palace or star in a sitcom ? -harder and harder to try -harder and harder to try- There is too much oxygen in the jungle. It’s a well known fact though not a law. When Copernicus picked up a big stick and stuck an angel with it, many men with long mustaches raised their hands, as though hailing a cab, and asked him what he thought he was trying to prove. Copernicus, who was from Denmark, replied, “Beauty is a bundle of sensations !” -really ? -this at the invisible center of evolution- There are many possible explanations for the past, but none are very convincing. They’re all just theories. Some claim that God is an emotional vapor filled with bad information. Leibniz couldn’t get a date with a frog ,yet he taught us that in our domain , everything is a fragment of a fragment. When we’re asleep , Kierkegaard theorized, the moon and the oceans actually disappear. Locke contended that a hot bath after dinner was the best preparation for a few good visions of interstellar colonization——– speaking of dinner, I’m famished.

  709. ScottMalobisky Says:

    forgot to include Oddfellows in really REALLY great songs yet to be posted.

    is there anybody out there ?
    is there anybody out there ?

    Happy Birthday General Robert E. Lee, just in time for the South Carolina primary

    and it’s snowing in Atlanta today………….

  710. ScottMalobisky Says:

    And one more thing , has the price you pay to nowhere really increased a dollar more ?

    Mr. Speaker , the floor is yours.

  711. ScottMalobisky Says:

    hey jimjos

    hey Mr. Cup , I just figured out what you meant when you were talking about that sinking feeling because this review is about to be moved from page one, one more song now .

  712. Paul Alferink Says:

    Was flipping through Channels tonight. Flipped on Stipe singing Nightswimming with Coldplay on Austin City limits, as well as some other song I don’t know. It was cool, and a surprise. I like surprises.

  713. ScottMalobisky Says:

    the Clintons are fucking with the Obama campaign
    that’s probably not a surprise
    welcome my son welcome to the machine

  714. Kirsten Says:

    Welcome Paul & Maclure to the These Days Party! Now we need more room – Bisky, throw those chairs in to the fireplace! Mr Cup, get cracking with that lemonade! We have guests!!

  715. Mr Cup Says:

    It’s about now I think…why wasn’t I making Orange Crush instead of lemonade?

    Probably because I have never seen the aforementioned drink?

    Orange Crush 5c a glass?
    Does it work?

  716. Kirsten Says:

    Wow. How could we have all missed that one? We should be ashamed of ourselves!

  717. ScottMalobisky Says:

    well , you would need the secret Orange Crush recipe
    it’s not just any old orange soda drink , you see

  718. Mr Cup Says:

    Find two oranges
    nail them together
    mix with (crowbar) spine

    rush the contents overseas

  719. Mr Cup Says:

    so long page one!

  720. milesy Says:

    Lemonade is fine. With sugarcane…

  721. Mr Cup Says:

    and coffee cup!

  722. lenny Says:

    Problem: These Days are gone from page one.
    Solution: Just bookmark These Days like I did. You can always go to the homepage from the top of this one.

  723. lenny Says:

    Paul: Yes, Edmonds was more of a liability than Rolen; don’t mind seeing Jimmy gone. But Rolen was so inconsistent and not upfront with the management about his injuries, which is just wrong. They should sue him for breach of contract. I think Troy Glaus might not be as good defensively, but he definitely has more power, steroids or not.

  724. ScottMalobisky Says:

    the Democratic debate is so extra spirited tonight . Barrack is driving Hillary bananas.!!!!! πŸ™‚

  725. lenny Says:

    Welcome back to our old friends. It was a nice little party with just 5 of us, but the more the merrier.

    Side “Orange Crush” comment: I went to the St. Louis Blues hockey game Saturday, and it was free food day. They handed out free hot dogs, chicken strips, chips, popcorn, peanuts, and soda. Nice deal. And whenever the play stopped for a while, the music they played was all food and eating-themed:

    “Peaches” – Presidents of the USA
    “Eat It” – Weird Al Yankovic
    “Pour Some Sugar on Me” – Def Leppard
    “Incense and Peppermints” – Strawberry Alarm Clock
    songs by Cream and Jimmy Eat World…
    and of course…(drum roll)… Orange Crush!!

  726. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Peaches. I actually know that one!

  727. Mr Cup Says:

    Well it such a festive feel good family style tune. Fun for all the family.

    Why don’t they play Monty Python’s ‘Spam’ song????

  728. ScottMalobisky Says:

    …………..of Um’

  729. Kirsten Says:

    I didn’t realise we were a Party Of Five. I’ve got a CD of REM’s performance on the show, they did about 10 songs. Fabulous!

  730. Mr Cup Says:

    What were they doing on that show? Wasn’t it a bit, erm…lame?

  731. Kirsten Says:

    Yeah, on the show it was. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t sit through the whole thing, but I believe they were just on the end playing “At my most Beautiful” (Thank God for VCRs!) But they also did a little “semi” concert for what I presume was the audience of the show with a crowd of what sounded like about 50. Semi-acoustic – really laid-back and casual. Excellent Show.

  732. Kirsten Says:

    I should’ve said the show WAS lame, until REM were on it, then it became cool! (albeit for only 1 episode).
    Shameless and slightly pathetic publicity, but we still love them.

  733. Kirsten Says:

    I use to love the ads for Party of Five ’cause they always played Everybody Hurts in the background.

  734. Mr Cup Says:

    I remember seeing a few minutes of one episode where Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character was an emotional mess.
    “Charlie, are you calling me an alcoholic?” she blubbered through overwrought lips.

    It remains my only experience of…Po5.

    Wonder if she’s related to Lleyton?

  735. Mr Cup Says:

    I just learned some friends have a street number of 151…cool.

  736. lenny Says:

    Happy to say I never watched Party of 5. The only thing I’ve ever seen J Love in is the made for TV movie: The Audrey Hepburn story. She wasn’t bad, actually, but she really didn’t nail down Audrey’s voice very well.

    Too bad for her long-lost cousin Lleyton — he lost in the Australian Open the other day, or as Kirsten might call it, simply “The Open”.

  737. Mr Cup Says:

    Finishing a game at 5 hour game at 4.30am just can’t feel good.

  738. ScottMalobisky Says:

    better than a street # of 666 , Mr. Cup……as he brings it back to THAT again……Good Morning…..

  739. ScottMalobisky Says:

    good idea , Lenny , BTW , about bookmarking These Days

  740. ScottMalobisky Says:

    electile dysfunction : the inability to get aroused by any of the presidential candidates.

  741. lenny Says:

    premature electation: deciding on a candidate too quickly, and later wishing that you held back your decision until you were sure who you liked best.

  742. Ignis Sol Says:

    Very inspired these days. On my day off yesterday I got to join the happy throngs (I think 5,000 people) for a rally and march (up the splendid MLK Way) for Dr. Martin Luther King Day. SIDENOTE: Seattle, by the way, is in Martin Luther King County. Solidarity & Peace!

    I tried my best to ignore the US Presidential debates on CNN. Clinton and Obama had a spat, eh?

    Apparantly, yesterday was “Blue Monday.” It is the day of the highest suicide rates in the U.S.A. The best way to stave off sadness they say is by saying “hello” to someone. Both people in this interaction benefit and get a lift that pulls they from sadness. So, “hello” to those who feel blue. πŸ™‚

  743. Ignis Sol Says:

    omg, Lenny and Scott that is hiliarious!

  744. Ignis Sol Says:

    Is These Days an official spin off of “Pop Songs 08?” Can it rival Murmurs? Is it Blogroll worthy?

  745. lenny Says:

    I’m sure that Matthew would appreciate it if we moved this discussion to another site. I don’t know how he operates the site, but I also have a blog on WordPress, and I get an e-mail message every time a new comment is added to any post! If MP knows what’s good for him, he has probably removed this feature. If not, then I suggest we start our own page elsewhere!

    (And please don’t suggest my wordpress page as a possible location, because my brother-in-law set that up specifically for my daughter, as a present for her first Christmas.)

  746. Mr Cup Says:

    lenny and Bisky – Gold!
    I have had electile dysfunction for years and thought I was alone in this.

    Ig – I used to say hello to ‘the people’ all the time but most just didn’t know how to respond. A young person saying hell…must be up to tricks! Now, when I walk my dog, EVERYONE says hello. That is after smiling at mu dog first. Ergo, get more dogs on the streets!

    And – AAAAAGHHHHH. Someone already has as I was just trying to obtain it. Fuckers!

  747. ScottMalobisky Says:

    do people get paid for blogging ? sometimes, maybe ? depending on how it’s set-up ?? how does it work ? like , for example , do people get paid if their blog is really popular and a lot of people read it and comment ?

  748. Mr Cup Says:

    I can only answer that question if you deposit $5 into my account.

  749. ScottMalobisky Says:

    actually I guess one has to pay to start a blog , depending ……..?……

    I need your account # and SSN , please .

  750. Kirsten Says:

    LOL! Oh my God – you guys! I’m getting some very strange looks from people here at work wondering what I’m laughing at.

    Lenny, what’s a baby suppose to do with a wordpress page? Can we invade it until she is at least old enough to read??

  751. Kirsten Says:

    I’d start one up, but my boss might not like that since I only have internet access at work!

  752. Mr Cup Says:

    it seems simple enough – I nearly had us one. Just need another name now that this one has been taken.


    any suggestions?

  753. Kirsten Says:

    What about Accelerate – a tribute to when it started? Or perhaps Happy Throngs??

  754. lenny Says:

    If it’s not “these days”, or some lyric from the song, then I don’t want to be a part of it! I’d go with “happy throngs”. Is that taken? The only other options are “we are concern”, “take this joy”, or “rearrange your scales”.

    And Kirsten — good luck invading my daughter’s page on wordpress — you don’t know her name (much less mine) or have much to go on to find it. Good luck with that — it would probably require more time than you have free to use the internet at work!

  755. lenny Says:

    I stand corrected — there might be a way to search for the blog, if you’ve been paying attention to all 759 comments here!

  756. lenny Says:

    You’re going to try to find it, aren’t you, Kirsten? Well, while you are internetting at work, I’m going to bed — it’s 10:30 PM where I’m from. (Oooo, there’s a hint!) What time is it down there? G’night!

  757. Kirsten Says:

    Ooh, I have another one – Conversation Fear!

    You’re right, Lenny. I’m busy stalking several other people at the moment, so I’ll leave you and your daughter alone. πŸ™‚ On the other hand, if I had a daughter, you can almost guarantee if it’s not Zoe or Zelda, it would be a name from some REM song, so maybe you’d do the same….

  758. Kirsten Says:

    Goodnight Lenny, even though it’s only 3.30 in the afternoon. Say goodnight to your daughter for me, what was her name again??

  759. lenny Says:

    It’s Matilda actually (ha,ha). If we have a boy someday, I’ll be really tempted to name him Wendell πŸ™‚

    I had a post-bedtime thought that required another trip to the computer — here’s the name of our new discussion page, guaranteed to be available on wordpress:

    “” (subtitled: ‘we have many things in common’)

  760. Mr Cup Says:

    I like Happy Throngs, Conversation Fear and NameThree3III.
    The last one makes me laff.

  761. ScottMalobisky Says:

    lenny , that’s kinda ironic considering that Heath Ledger’s daughter’s name is Matilda Rose, and the Australian connection here……

    name for blog : Hatty Days
    just kidding …..thankfully

    thanx for the info , Ladies and Genitals

  762. lenny Says:

    Heath’s daughter’s name didn’t even cross my mind when I made the “Australian connection” with my daughter’s fake name… sad news about Heath, though.

  763. lenny Says:

    Oooo – guess what’s coming up? If 666 is the mark of the devil, then 777 is God’s number! (I think I heard that somewhere.)

  764. Paul Alferink Says:

    The Heath Ledger thing was really sad. He was so good in movies like Brokeback Mountain and Monster’s Ball. And his Joker looks fantastic for the new Batman movie.

  765. Mr Cup Says:

    Can’t believe he was only 28.

  766. Mr Cup Says:

    if man is 5, if man is 5, if man is 5, if man is 5,
    then the devil is 6, then the devil is 6, then the devil is 6,
    and if the devil is 6 then
    god is 7, then god is 7, then god is 7, then god is 7

  767. maclure Says:

    The Pixes – Monkey’s gone to heaven. Tune!

    Serious question – R.E.M. are said to be atheists. Buck and Mills have been quoted as saying so, but what about Stipe? Does anyone know if he actually said that anywhere or is it assumed?


  768. Mr Cup Says:

    He’ll believe in anything when he’s there, I’m certain he’s said that before.

    Seriously, I can’t confirm or deny anything about his belief system but I get the feeling something other than religion holds his thoughts. Spiritual rather than religious. Perhaps.

  769. Kirsten Says:

    I was under the impression that his parents were/are quite religious, so he’s probably had it drummed into him from an early age. However, I’ve never heard him say anything about it specifically.

    Maybe he’s like me and believes HE is GOD!!

  770. Mr Cup Says:

    No. He’s just a naughty boy.
    I’m certain I’ve said that before.

    Science, miracles , monkey, a prayer…

  771. Ignis Sol Says:

    Okay, I get it you are quoting Fight Club directed by David Fincher who also directed SE7EN (777?)

    and monkeys? religion? and god complexes? what are you people smokin’? πŸ™‚

    I read someplace that Michael is an atheist. There is a website that lists famous atheists (Jodie Foster, Abraham Lincoln, Galileo, etc) So, Michael and his bandmates are in good (and probably gay) company. πŸ™‚

    On the Heath Ledger news, sad. I forgot he and Michael were acquainted. Sadly, there is a horrible “reverend” in the US who pickets soldier’s funerals (because gays supposedly caused the war) and now his incestuous congregation plan to picket Heath’s funeral for the “vile” (or something like that) Brokeback Mountain. I can’t wait for people like that to fade away…

  772. Ignis Sol Says:

    I think they think they can drive to Australia. “eer dats nearbouts Mex’co, right, ma, I mean sis…”

  773. Paul Alferink Says:

    Yeah. That website take liberties, though. It kind of takes information and blows it out of proportion. Being an Atheist, I’m all for other Atheist, but Lincoln attended church his whole life, and invoked the Bible and Religion in most of his great speeches. He might have been atheist, but if he was, he certainly covered it up really well.

    There was another website that list famous gay people. They listed Lincoln (who was probably not) and Elenanor Roosevelt, (who might have been, but there’s not any real hard evidence of that) And Alexander the Great (Who was Greek and born before 400 AD, when the Greeks were best described, as my Prof put it “Omnisexual. Man, Woman, Goat, or Opening in a tree.”

  774. Kirsten Says:

    Maybe he thinks Iggy Pop is God and that’s why he doesn’t want to be him? It is, after all, lot of responsibility.

    Protesting at someone’s funeral just doesn’t seem right – whatever the cause. Maybe he should be protesting about the severe drug problem in society that caused his death. Save your passion for something important (says the girl who wouldn’t bother protesting about anything useful, but would gladly set up a picket line with Mr Cup if REM refuse to tour Oz.)

  775. Kirsten Says:

    Michael Stipe once said – “Anything that moves, that’s my motto”.

    And yes, I did spend the next 10 minutes waving my arms infront of the TV in desperation…..

  776. Kirsten Says:

    All hail Paul, our new leader.

  777. Kirsten Says:

    If Paul is God, and Ignis is the Anti-Stipe, then what number do we have to be to get the status of Dog?

    Devil, Dog, Jesus, God.

    If there is some confusion, who’s to blame?

  778. Mr Cup Says:

    In Chinese horoscope I’m a dog.

    A metal dog.

    I should be in band with that sort of pedigree.

  779. lenny Says:

    According to one Chinese horoscope I saw, my dad is a cock and my mom is a dog.

    for Cup, the metal dog:
    I wish i had a metal heart
    i could cross the line
    i wish that i was half as good
    as you think i am
    (Can anyone name the song or the artist for that quote?)

    This comment is a catapult.

  780. lenny Says:

    And this one is a letter never sent.

  781. Mr Cup Says:

    Ms Shirley Manson?

  782. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Michael Bolton ?
    Sasquatch ?

  783. ScottMalobisky Says:

    hint : Naples has a serious problem with it right now.

  784. Mr Cup Says:

    oh rubbish!

  785. lenny Says:

    That would be funny — if they decided to name the band Rubbish instead of Garbage. Or Refuse. Or simply Trash.

    Then they could reinvent themselves and come back as Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. The 3 R’s. Three is the magic number you know [Name Three — it all comes back to These Days.]

  786. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I have a confession to make . I didn’t know that. I googled the lyric .

  787. Paul Alferink Says:

    I am your new Leader!?!?

    “When I am king, you will be first against the wall”

  788. lenny Says:

    “…in your opinion which is of no consequence at all!”

    (It’s only because you gave comment #777.)

  789. Paul Alferink Says:

    “It’s good to be king
    and have your own world.
    It helps to make friends,
    it’s good to meet girls.
    A sweet little queen
    who can’t run away…”

  790. lenny Says:

    You’ll have to ask the almighty Paul for forgiveness, Scott. (You did say you had a “confession” to make..ha!)

    And Scott, if you’re so sneaky with your ‘Google’ searching, why haven’t you found my daughter’s wordpress page yet? I’m OK with people from here visiting the site — it’s public after all, but I felt a little threatened by Kirsten plotting to “invade” it until Ella can read.

  791. Ignis Sol Says:




    (I am the anti-Stipe?)

    “Anti-Stipe Superstar”

    cue Kirsten singin’ (from what I Googled)

    I don’t know how to love him.
    What to do, how to move him.
    I’ve been changed, yes really changed.
    In these past few days, when I’ve seen myself,
    I seem like someone else.

    I am not into show tunes, but I know this one because I saw the musical years ago. I didn’t even realize the words “these days” were in this song. How funny.

    So, Kirsten (Magdalene) sing! πŸ˜‰

  792. Kirsten Says:

    I am the machine of Stipe! Siiiinnnng.

    Maybe you could be King of Comedy, Paul?

    Ella? Ha! I knew you’d slip up eventually. (Rubbing hands together mischievously)

    Check out REMHQ for the Accelerate Track Listing and a 30 second snippet of “Supernatural Superserious”. Then come back and tell me about how great it is, because I don’t have any sound. 😦

  793. Mr Cup Says:

    ‘Everyobody here comes from somewhere’

    That’s the opening line K.
    It’s all coming together. however my little Perth dot has disappeared!

    Songs a rawker with crunching Buckmeister riffage, like a muscled up “Highway to Hell”

    Raise yer horns (do the reverse Spiderman).

  794. Mr Cup Says:

    Ignis Pop
    Is it really true what they say you are?

  795. Kirsten Says:

    Oh, cleaver. Well, I’m already impressed because of that connection, so you’ll find that I’ll love that song just for that line. Just over 2 months to go. Did you notice that it’s being released 1 day earlier here than in the US? Getting excited now!!

  796. Mr Cup Says:

    Driver 800

    yeah baby!

  797. Mr Cup Says:

    everybody here
    comes from somewhere
    but they would just as soon forget
    and disguise
    at the summer camp where you volunteered
    no-one saw your face no-one saw your fear
    if that apparition had just appeared
    did you up and away into space…

  798. Mr Cup Says:

    make your own melody K

    just remember to rawk

  799. Ignis Sol Says:

    yeah, Kirsten it’s gonna be released on April Fools Day in the USA!
    And on April 4 is my b-day, I know how i’m celebratin’ (thanks for the birthday gift REM), it’s gonna be a Good Friday, indeed. And YES, Mr. Cup it is Really true who they say I AM.

  800. lenny Says:

    Kirsten — rub your hands all you want, but that was a joke, I slipped up on purpose. I want to go to ‘Google Analytics’ and see that my blog for Ella has dots on the map from way down under! She’s going global…

  801. lenny Says:

    Actually, her site has already been visited 4 times from Australia — 2 from Sydney, 1 from Brisbane, and 1 from Melbourne.

    I like the JC Superstar lyrics. I bet we could find a ton of showtunes with ties to REM songs…hmmmm….

    I just saw “Wicked” last month:
    “No good advices go unpunished”
    “I BELIEVE I’m changed for good”
    “Defying Gravity’s Pull”
    “Popular Song ’89” (OK, that one’s reaching)

  802. Kirsten Says:

    No fair, Mr Cup. I had that 800 in the bag but my computer cracked it. I don’t think I’ll make up a melody, otherwise when I get the record it just won’t sound right. Especially if I like my version better! πŸ™‚

    Ignis, my birthday’s in March, so I missed it by a couple of weeks – just bad timing.

    And Lenny, how do you know that the one from Melbourne isn’t me? I’m slowly closing in on you….

  803. beonetraveler Says:

    I’ve always heard:

    “…All the people gathered
    Collided, serried each his burden…

    …Oh, sunny are these days…”

    I suppose every transcript IS a snowflake, Matthew.

  804. maclure Says:

    Ah, thanks for the comments re- Stipe is atheist or not. I only heard he was and found no direct quotes. His parents are Christians. There is an interview with him about this at where he cunningly sidesteps any direct questions about his own beliefs.

    The people who picket funerals are sick. I’ve seen some of their stuff online and pictures from the usual “hotspots” of abortion clinics, funerals for dead servicemen. I am a Christian and I feel I spend most of my time trying to put out fires for what other so-called “Christians” are doing… ay caramba.

    What are you all talking about now? I realise my post is about 50 comments late.

  805. Ignis Sol Says:

    on the subject of musicals… they are making Shrek into a B-Way musical. The previews begin in Seattle in August.

    They love to preview plays here (Rent, Hairspray, Young Frankestein, that Monty Python one, etc. Strange, eh? I guess they work out the bugs in front of us and debut the smooth, well-oiled versions in New York.

  806. Mr Cup Says:

    Ignis Pop, Heath Ledger was born April 4.

  807. ScottMalobisky Says:

    went to Popsongs 08 , the favorites list setting which was set on These Days , only to find It’s A Free World Baby on top of the page so I knew that MP had posted something new on the Homepage; hmmmmn, what could it be I wondered ?

  808. lenny Says:

    My my my — it’s been a slow day around here…

    Congrats to Djokovic and Sharapova, winners of the Australian Open Tennis Tourney. Did you catch any of the matches, Kirsten? You did say you were from Melbourne, right?

    Nice thing about Maria Sharapova winning another major — we can look forward to seeing more Canon commercials featuring her and that little Pomeranian. They just crack me up every time. (Dolce the dog, looking at a wall of photos of himself: “Yes, this is working for me right here — this area is nice.”)

    Sorry, I’m running out of things to say about REM. I didn’t think that was possible!

  809. Mr Cup Says:

    Here’s something lenny…Billboard have compared a few songs from Accelerate to songs from Lifes Rich Pageant. Excited?

  810. Ignis Sol Says:

    Way back when we guessing potential titles, I suggested


    I remembered this as I used it as analogy while writing the “Undertow” blog.

    Racecar and “Accelerate” has similiar notions, eh? Eh?


  811. Ignis Sol Says:

    Ignis Pop, Heath Ledger was born April 4.

    yeah, Mr Cup, I know… I will cooking lobster (and yes shrimp) on the BBQ on that day or weekend with my friends. Great friends, good food and good beer, I will have one for him. πŸ™‚

  812. Kirsten Says:

    Hey Lenny, didn’t see any of the Tennis, not much of a fan. Funny how I find tennis a little boring, but can gladly sit in front of the tele for 5 whole days straight watching a cricket match….

    On the subject of Musicals, I went and saw “Shout” on the weekend. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. The singing and dancing were great, and the costumes (especially the 50’s dresses) were gorgeous, but I found the story line jumped around a bit too much which made it a bit hard to follow at times. If you are a fan of Johnny O’Keefe (which I’m not) you’d love it though, I’m sure. Like I said, not bad, but I wouldn’t bother seeing it again.

    See REM have announced their Northern American tour to support Accelerate. C’mon guys, don’t forget about us down here!

    Sifting through my purse for enough coins to get me to Atlanta for 21st June!

  813. Ignis Sol Says:

    yeah and they are skippin’ Seattle, too. But it looks like a few days off from Vancouver BC (not too far from here) and their next date in California. hmmm, secret shows? Modest Mouse is from here, too. I will keep my ears open and eyes peeled.

  814. Mr Cup Says:

    A nice vegetarian meal I see Ignis!?!

    (We call them crayfish and prawns by the way. Don’t let Hoges fool you)

    You and Stipe are clearly intuiting from the same source – whatever intuiting means.

  815. Mr Cup Says:

    Bye Gilly – I’m going to miss you most of all!

  816. Ignis Sol Says:

    I am no longer vegetarian. I saw an old friend on Sunday I have not seen in years and she says I look better now! My face was gaunt… etc.

    Now I have the blood of wild beasts runnin’ thru’ my veins….. GRRR

  817. Ignis Sol Says:

    yeah, Mr Cup, a few songs he has written for their past albums are like some of my stuff written years before….like a reference to Steve McQueen (and John Wayne, James Dean) I wrote in 1991 (called Now I Am) only to show up in their “Electrolite” in 1996.

    anyone remember that Simpsons episode where Homer accidentally cooks his beloved pet lobster and ends up eating him while crying and slobbering it up with butter?

  818. Mr Cup Says:

    That was a classic episode.

    I too was given the same advice on a meat free diet “You look shithouse- eat some meat”. It seems to work for me despite Mr Singers arguments against.

  819. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Sylvia Plath’s first sonnet at age 18 :

    Sonnet: To Spring ?

    You deceive us with the crinkled green
    of juvenille stars , and you beguile us with
    a bland vanilla moon of maple cream :
    Again you tame us with your April myth.
    Last year you tricked us by the childish jingle
    of your tinsel rains; again you try
    and find us credulous once more. A single
    diablolic shower ,and we cry
    to see the honey flavored morning tilt
    clear light across the water gilded lawn.
    Although another of our years is spilt
    on avaricious earth, you lure us on :
    Again we are deluded and infer
    that somehow we are younger than we were.

  820. lenny Says:

    Re: Accelerate tour… I know Chicago is a lot closer to me, but man I’d love to see a concert at Red Rocks. I’ll have to give that some thought.

    And Mr Cup — I’ve delayed my response to your question because that required some thought. Yes, I’d be excited if it sounded anything like LRP. However, there can only be one LRP. There can never be another LRP. There’s something special about an album that you discover in your “formative years” — going through high school or college as you’re becoming an adult, and a real-life member of society. I doubt if any other albums could come along in the future that could eclipse my all time top 5 — simply because I discovered all 5 of them during those years.

    Also, I’ve already accepted the fact that REM will not release an album better than LRP in their lifetime. Sorry if that sounds negative, but that’s the way I see it. (That doesn’t mean I won’t give Accelerate a chance, though.)

  821. lenny Says:

    Re: the Simpsons. As Homer is eating his pet lobster and sobbing, I believe he says “Pinchy would have wanted it that way” Classic.

    Speaking of the Simpsons — I have to hear if Kirsten and Mr Cup have seen the episode where Bart insults an Australian guy over the phone, and they have to go down to apologize publicly. It probably focuses more on the typical American’s idea of Australia than any kind of reality. But that’s the Simpson’s for you — insane, satirical, and hysterical. Here’s one of my favorite lines from that episode: “Disparaging the boot is a bootable offense!”

  822. Mr Cup Says:

    Have seen it lenny and as much as I encourage a good piss-take of Australia every now and then, the thing that really gives me the irrits is the accent. It is always sooooooo far off the mark. In the case of that episode Bart sounds very British. Especially the ‘Guvna’ bit.
    Other than that it was on the mark.

    I know there will never be another LRP. It just sounds like there will be a beating pulse this time. Whole thing clocks in at under 34 mins as well. Crikey!

  823. lenny Says:

    I saw that episode as more of a poke at the ignorance of Americans and their misconceptions the cultures of other countries, such as Australia. There is a lot of coverage of this same theme throughout the series, dealing with many cultures around the world.

    I love the end of the episode, too — with the koala bear hanging on to the helicopter as the Simpsons escape. They zoom in on its eyeball, you hear a few violins screech like the music from “Psycho”, and the final ‘note’ is played on a didgeridoo. As if to say that a typical American thinks that you can hear that instrument and see a koala on every street corner in Australia.

  824. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Crickey !
    And Jiminy Crickets too !

  825. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I spelled crikey wrong , stupid American .

  826. Paul Alferink Says:

    You will never convince me there aren’t Koala Bears on every street corner in Austrailia.
    My Aussie Co-worker wanted me to visit Austrialia. She said I could bunk at her Uncles place and go Kangaroo poaching with him. Not my idea of a good time . . .

  827. Paul Alferink Says:

    I’m also pretty that those Koala’s are playing the didgeridoo’s on those street corners. For Money. To support there Euclyptis habit.

  828. Mr Cup Says:

    Busking koala’s are a real concern, but it’s the Drop Bears that are the real threat to unsuspecting tourists.

    Crocodiles, snakes, dingos…this is a land could eat a man alive.
    I think they’ve taken Kirsten.

  829. Ignis Sol Says:

    kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, snakes, dingos — all good eatin’

  830. Kirsten Says:

    No, I’m still here – just busy working. I’ve only ever seen 1 koala (not including the zoo or roadkill). Pleased to say he didn’t try to eat me.

    I’ve seen that episode too Lenny. I love how our Prime Minister is a pig farmer. Did show our general laid-back attitude out here. Hey, you’re not the Lenny from the Simpsons are you??

    My husband goes roo shooting sometimes. What a horrific “sport”.

    Go to Queensland, apparantly there mean cats chew on licorice and cannot climb trees.

  831. lenny Says:

    No, I’m not Lenny from the Simpsons. I’m not even Lenny at all. It’s just a nickname that I was given in college because two other people on my dormitory floor had the same name. It came down to Lenny or Walter, and Lenny won out. But one guy refused to accept that, and called me Walter all through college. I think he got it from the name of the fish in the movie “On Golden Pond”. It doesn’t really matter though, because no one calls me either of those names anymore.

  832. lenny Says:

    Surprisingly enough, I didn’t latch on to the name Walter and proclaim that R.E.M. recorded my theme song. Talk about a missed opportunity there.

    By the way — I’m glad that the koalas haven’t eaten you, Kirsten. I watched clips from that episode on Youtube today, and I forgot how funny it was. “That throwing stick of yours has boomeranged on us!”

  833. Kirsten Says:

    I don’t know which is worse – being busy at work or being eaten by koalas! πŸ™‚

    A friend of mine was hit in the head with a boomerang once. That’s the disadvantage of throwing something and having it come straight back at you!

    Lenny’s not really a Lenny?? Ignis isn’t really an Ignis?? Next you’ll be telling me Beethoven Was Deaf isn’t his real name either!

  834. Kirsten Says:

    I don’t wanna boomerang
    I don’t wanna cannonball

  835. Mr Cup Says:

    So bang, my booma-boomarang of lo-ove.

    When you look at it written out like that, it’s quite explicit really.
    Bet ther were some crazy key parties in the ABBA camp.

  836. lenny Says:

    On the subject of fake names, I bet Kirsten is really Kristen! And she lives on 123 Fake Street (another obscure Simpson’s reference).

    Oh, and by the way…

    Wow. It’s about time. Next up, the U.S. apologizes to Native Americans.

  837. lenny Says:

    Oh man — Mr Cup, you just brought up my favorite all-time connection to Australia. Abba. Forget about that Simpson’s trip down under, I’m talking about Muriel’s Wedding. LOVE that movie, with a capital L-O-V-E. Freaking funny.

    Favorite line: “You were so full of life…” and then… “I’m not dead, Cheryl!!”

    There’s a radio station here in St. Louis that used to start their morning show at 6AM with the orchestral version of “Dancing Queen” with all the wedding bells and stuff. I’d laugh every time my alarm went off and that woke me up!

    Is there really a “Porpoise Spit”???

  838. ScottMalobisky Says:

    isn’t ABBA from Scandinavia ?
    isn’t Addis Ababa in Ethopia ?

    I remmember this after hours club , they used to always play Dancing Queen as the final song before shutting it down to face the sallow antiseptic dawn.

  839. lenny Says:

    I know where ABBA is from — the connection to Australia is the MOVIE, so I guess you haven’t seen it, huh Scott?

  840. ScottMalobisky Says:

    DUH .I’m confused. I’m a mixed bag of emotions changing dramatically from moment to moment. I am the same decaying you trinkets drunk on the overpass sun dripping these shadows on remote roses. What movie ? And , uh, what’s uh the deal ?

  841. Ignis Sol Says:

    Poor lenny has to wake to orchestral ABBA!

    I wonder if there is orchestral R.E.M. And not just the obvious stuff like Losing My Religion and Everybody Hurts. I heard a Muzak version of Shiny Happy People in a supermarket back in the 90’s.

  842. Paul Alferink Says:

    The movie is called Muriel’s Wedding. It sort of launch Toni Collette’s career here. I hated it, but what do I know. . .
    ABBA’s music is important to the main character and her friend, and I think for that reason, people who like ABBA really liked the movie. I am ABBA-indifferent, hence, I didn’t care for it.
    But a lot of people like ABBA. Mamma Mia did well on Broadway, and now it’s going to be a movie. A horrible, insufferable movie, I’m sure, but. . .

  843. Paul Alferink Says:

    I have an Orchestral REM CD. Awful. And there is at least one other version. One was mostly stuff post OoT, but one covered everything a little better.
    WtFK was a difficult listen, if I recall.

  844. Mr Cup Says:

    Australia was the first country to embrace ABBA and give them their first #1 which is why they are a part of our national psyche.
    (We also gave Madonna her first #1. She is not part of our psyche- tell her to stop phoning please.)

    To to this day I still haven’t seen the whole film lenny. I’ve seen chunks of it over and over again- ‘You’re terrible Muriel’ is somehow part of my vernacular.(?????).

    My favorite scene from an Oz movie is the cricket scene in The Dish. I hope it really happened – it’s the perfect venue for cricket.

    I love the bossanova version of Light My Fire.

  845. ScottMalobisky Says:

    “Take a couple if you wish
    There on the dish.”_____Syd Barrett, ‘Bike’
    …..from Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

  846. Mr Cup Says:

    Imagine playing cricket (or baseball) with only a few people.
    The innards of a huge satellite dish is just perfect.
    Ball always comes back.

  847. Kirsten Says:

    I hate ABBA, but I thought the movie was really good. I think it’s one of those movies only Aussie’s get.

    Mr Cup, I’m guilty of saying “this is going straight into to pool room”. I don’t even have one….

  848. Mr Cup Says:

    We all have an emotional pool room!

  849. Kirsten Says:

    I’m going to use that now too!

  850. Mr Cup Says:

    It does sound kind of nice…hmmmm

  851. Mr Cup Says:

    As an aside:
    A friend and I have compiled a little graphic/zine/mag/publication/thingy called ‘tentacle’. The name inspired in part by the octopus that crawled back to the sea.
    It comes as a pdf and if anyone would like one send and email to:

    It’s free. It’s fresh. It’s beautiful.

  852. lenny Says:

    Let me get something straight — I don’t love Abba. I love the movie, Muriel’s Wedding. Abba’s music actually just makes me laugh, in and of itself. So, the main character’s obsession with Abba makes me laugh even more.

    And of course, being an Australian-made movie means it was probably more successful there, but I disagree that it’s “one of those movies only Aussie’s get”. It actually has quite a cult following in the U.S. too.

    I’ve never heard (strictly) orchestral R.E.M., but a friend of mine found an orchestral version of a Coldplay CD, and he played it during the dinner reception for his wedding day. It was cool, I guess. Certain music just lends itself well to an orchestral arrangement…. (to be continued)

  853. lenny Says:

    OK, one person said that they had an orchestral REM CD, but here’s a new question for everyone to ponder: Which R.E.M. song or album do you think might be particularly well-suited for an orchestral version?

    I guess it would be pretty easy to say Automatic for the People, which already features a few songs with stringed instruments.

  854. Mr Cup Says:

    Up could probably work as an orchestral suite…actually can that. It could easily end up sounding like one of those scratched up records your parents had but you never heard them play that ends up having great novelty value for a day and a half.

    Are orchestral ‘versions’ the rock n’ roll equivalent of jumping the shark?

  855. Paul Alferink Says:

    Best Aussie Movie? That would have to be Strictly Ballroom, although I do have a soft spot for Romper Stomper.

  856. lenny Says:

    Sorry to change the subject (yet again), but I just noticed that “Final Straw” had over 120 comments on it, and I never stepped foot into that chat room. Someone should have alerted me on this page, because half of the time that I visit, this is the only page I view (not even the home page!)

    My observations from “Final Straw”:
    1. Scott: Nice prediction on McCain. You said on January 4th that he was a Phoenix, and Paul said “He has no chance.” Score one for Scott.

    2. I like everyone’s taste in movies — although it makes me feel like a loser because I haven’t seen one in the theater since “DaVinci Code”, mainly because of my 16 month old daughter keeping me busy. So, the movies I most want to see from 2008 are “No Country for Old Men”, “There will be Blood”, and “Darjeeling Limited”. Those movies are by three of my favorite directors (well 4 if you count both Coen’s). I would also like to see Eastern Promises (love you Naomi).

    3. What is the connection between Stipe and Being John Malkovich? I love the movie, but I never realized there was a connection — I don’t think your question on that page was ever answered, Scott.

    Thanks for letting me catch up “These Days”-style.

  857. lenny Says:

    Uh…that would be movies from 2007, not 2008.

  858. Paul Alferink Says:

    Stipe’s Movie Production company made “Being John Malcovich”. They also made the fun “American Movie.” “BJM” was actually there fall back. He wanted to make “American Beauty” but lost out on the bidding to Miramax. They’ve made a handful of others.

    Stipe had signed a three picture deal to direct, at one point in the ’90’s. He was suppose to make “Youth Oriented Films” His first project was suppose to be a movie called “Frigid and Impotent” with Drew Barrymore as a female serial killer. Nothing ever came of that movie or the deal. Although I always loved the title.

  859. Paul Alferink Says:

    And I still don’t think that Romney loses to McCain.

  860. Ignis Sol Says:

    Stipe also produced the quirky American film “Saved!” about Christian High Schoolers. Good film. R.E.M. makes a cameo on a poster in a library scene.

    Oh and “Velvet Goldmine.” I liked that one, too.

  861. Mr Cup Says:

    I was really excited about Darjeeling Limited but found it a bit of a let down. Expecting too much, I expect.

    What about a show of hands for Mad Max?
    Anyone seen Picnic at Hanging Rock?

  862. Paul Alferink Says:

    I forgot about and Saved and Velvet Goldmine. Saved was fun. Velvet Goldmine was pretty, but I couldn’t get into it.

  863. Kirsten Says:

    I haven’t seen Mad Max, but Picnic at Hanging Rock was great. Creeped me out – I’ll probably never go there!

  864. Mr Cup Says:

    You gots ta see Mad Max Kirsten.

    ‘The Toecutter – he knows who I am!’

  865. Kirsten Says:

    The Castle is a great movie. Aussies as we really are.

  866. Mr Cup Says:

    Simple Little Aussie Battlers!

    Wow – what an acronym. Perfection!

  867. Kirsten Says:

    I’ll drink to that!

  868. Kirsten Says:

    How’s the serenity…

  869. Mr Cup Says:

    Tell him he’s dreaming!

  870. Kirsten Says:

    Maybe the movie itself wasn’t that good and it was only popular ’cause of all of the catch phrases!

    What do you call this, love?

    Ice Cream.

    Yeah, but it’s what you do with it.

    Scoop it out of the punnet.

  871. milesy Says:

    Lenny, if you’re a loser, I’m one too. I fondly remember my movie-going days before the patter of tiny feet came along. At least they’re old enough for me to take them to see Shrek and Ratatouille now…

    I like Abba. I feel like I needed to say that. I also enjoyed Mamma Mia in the West End, but it may have had something to do with having no children for us to look after for a whole weekend.

  872. Paul Alferink Says:

    I think every single time we get a babysitter, we see a movie. Every time. If the grandparent take him for the day, we might see three movies. Heck, it’s even planned out ahead of time. I know the 12, when we have it off for Lincoln’s Birthday (Yea! Illinois) we are going to see either “There will be Blood” or “Cloverfield”

  873. Mr Cup Says:

    Heard the latest 90nights clip?
    Sounds like KISS!

  874. milesy Says:

    What happens now that These Days isn’t even top of the LRichP list? Let’s begin again?

  875. milesy Says:

    And what’s happened to Reckoning? It’s now over 4 months since we had a review of Time after Time…

  876. lenny Says:

    Oddly enough — the Time After Time post is the one that got me started browsing this site. I did a search on the song for some reason, or maybe I was searching for the Pavement song about Reckoning. I forget which one. Jeez, I’m getting old if I don’t remember what happened 4 months ago.

    I am not in favor of beginning again. I’m keep this one going until I Believe comes around. Then, I’m through with These Days for good. Who’s with me??

  877. Mr Cup Says:

    I think MP got pretty exasperated with the Time After Time post.

    I do like the absurdity of the length of this post – but I believe I Believe, is a worthy successor.

  878. Mr Cup Says:

    Has anyone checked out the ad for the new album over at HQ?
    I’m gonna need more absorbent paper.

    For those without sound (K-lady), it’s rool good.

  879. ScottMalobisky Says:

    hey cupster , did you get my tentacle request? had a problem with your link –my side I’m sure—so I sent it via a regular email format…

  880. Mr Cup Says:

    Got one this morning Bisky. Somehow, I knew it was you!
    Dispatched thismorning.
    Let me know if you got it as it said it failed at my end, which it says all the time despite evidence to the contrary.

  881. ScottMalobisky Says:

    no dice ,cup , ain’t got it

  882. Mr Cup Says:

    Re-sent Bisky, this time with confirmation. Let me know how it goes.

  883. Kirsten Says:

    Everyone got kinda angry on the Time After Time Post. Maybe it will take Matthew a while to get over it before he can do another one from Reckoning. And, quite frankly, I’m still not over the Watertower incident.

  884. Kirsten Says:

    K-Lady – that me?? Cool a nickname – I’m so proud.
    I so can’t wait for this record. I’ve already decided that Supernatural Superserious is my favourite by the title. And Mr Richards – could be another Wendell Gee or Old Man Kensey??

    I’ve already started sucking up to my husband so we can see them in a couple of states if they come out here (which they had better or I’m being nice for nothing!)

    8 Weeks to go…..

  885. Kirsten Says:

    Hey, I just got 888 with 8 weeks to go! Good luck for me for the rest of the year!

  886. ScottMalobisky Says:

    crazy eights crazy crazy world crazy crazy times

    think I got something cup
    ain’t checked it out yet

  887. Paul Alferink Says:

    REM and Modest Mouse. That is so cool. If REM was my one true love, Modest Mouse is where I would go for the Dirty Dirty Angry sex if REM dumped me.

  888. Kirsten Says:

    Slow Day These Days.

  889. Mr Cup Says:

    Hey Kirsten
    I know something you don’t know…

  890. Kirsten Says:

    What?? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

    Oh, and how do you know I don’t know??

  891. Mr Cup Says:

    I know what the new song sounds like – mwaaaa haaaaaar!

  892. Kirsten Says:

    I’m sure you should’ve got comment 666 instead of Ignis with that evil streak!

  893. Mr Cup Says:

    I…I think he’s channeling me…can’t control..self…….’super…natural…super…serious’…to rid…these…. . …voices….ugh…

  894. Kirsten Says:

    ‘Cause everybody knows
    The things he does to please
    He’s such a little tease
    He’s a Cup Fatale

  895. Kirsten Says:

    Anyway, I DO know how the new songs go:

    Everybody here comes from somewhere….
    do do do do do do

    Hell, I’m even doing the Stipe dance that goes with it!

  896. Kirsten Says:

    Whoo-hoo 900!

    Just 100 to go for the big one thousand!

  897. Mr Cup Says:

    ha ha

    The clip looks good though don’t you think?

  898. Kirsten Says:

    Oh Yeah! Even without the sound!

    Have they named the first single?

  899. Mr Cup Says:


    …i assume

  900. lenny Says:

    Hey everybody — have a Super Tuesday. And a Fat one at that. In honor of this great day, I had a beer and I voted, but not in that order. The rest of my state must have done the opposite, because I see that Huckabee is leading in Missouri.

    I think that Naomi Watts said it best: “F**KABEES!!!”

  901. Kirsten Says:

    I really hope Supernatural Superserious is a great song, ’cause I’ve really built it up in my mind now – it’s such a cool name.

  902. Mr Cup Says:

    After one listen I was hooked. I don’t know if that augers well long term, but for now, it’s killer!

  903. lenny Says:

    Wait a minute — I thought that people said the new album wasn’t out yet. Where is everyone hearing it already?!!! Help!

  904. Mr Cup Says:

    Just a snifter from remhq lenny.
    They have the highlights of the first single (i assume) in the upper left.
    Other industry types have heard it (the album) in total and are posting all over the place.
    They are creating what used to be called ‘a buzz at street level’.


  905. Mr Cup Says:

    oh and the ninetynights thing. ‘horse to water’ gave me goose bumps from a time long gone…in a galaxy far, far away…

  906. lenny Says:

    YES! My comment is one after 909.

    “a snifter from remhq”
    “and the ninetynights thing”

    Methinks I need to do some web searching, as I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  907. Kirsten Says:

    I need to talk my boss into getting me a computer with sound! Doesn’t he know how important this is!?!?!?

    I’ll have to check out HQ to see if I can pre-order it yet. I did that with REM Live and even with the postage and exchange rate it still cost me $1 less than in the local store! Plus, more importantly, the local shop didn’t stock it until about 5-6 weeks after it was released and I don’t have that sort of patience!

    I need it. I need this.

  908. Mr Cup Says:

    lenny – ask your daughter. She’ll know!

  909. lenny Says:

    Uh…she’s 17 months old, not 17 years old.

  910. ScottMalobisky Says:

    anybody else get a look at cup’s tentacle besides moi ?

  911. Paul Alferink Says:

    That sounds dirty . . .

  912. Ignis Sol Says:

    Cup’s Tentacle is exquisite! He is quite talented.

    “Supernatural Superserious” is great, so catchy. So great to hear Mike’s vocals soar in the background.

    inexperience, delirious
    ahhh, summer camp, sΓ©ances and bad experiences…

    Anyone else hilariously irritated by Mike’s “water, fuck! water, water…” takes and then the subsequent perfect retakes entry for 99nights?

  913. Mr Cup Says:

    It’s easy when you’re good!
    Made me laugh.

    Anyone into Nick Cave? The promo for his new album has seances too. There are some clips which are so goofy!
    How many of us have had a seance? They seem to have been relegated to the status of slide and fondue nights. Not that I want to encourage dalliances with the occult…or slide nights.

    As for Supernatural…I love it all, but especially Stipes vox.
    ‘He’s alive, he’s alive’

  914. ScottMalobisky Says:

    A feast of friends
    Alive she cried
    Waiting for me outside…..YEAH !!!!!!!!!!

  915. Mr Cup Says:

    Zen experience sweet delirious

  916. Mr Cup Says:

    I would like to say that the “it’s easy when you’re good” comment are in reference to Mike Mills nailing his ‘water’ vocals.

    Just so there’s no confusion.

  917. Kirsten Says:

    Thank God, I thought you were talking about your tentacles!

    I only know 1 Nick Cave song and I absolutely love it. “Where the Wild Roses Grow” – absolutely brilliant, I just wish he did it with someone other than Kylie Minogue (although I hate to admit it, she did do a good job of it).

    Sounds like REM are finally bringing some fun back to their music and it’s about time. Maybe Mike messed up the Water line ’cause it reminded him of all the comments made here about his “Watertower” incident. (REM’s Watergate)

  918. Kirsten Says:

    If there is Cup confusion, who’s to blame?

  919. Mr Cup Says:

    (backing vox)

    ..Cup Confusion…

  920. Mr Cup Says:

    I think he wrote that part specifically for Kylie. I remember being agast when I heard he was doing a duet with her, but she really did a great job.

    I’m getting a little bit worried about my tentacle. We are all so phallocentric these days.

  921. Paul Alferink Says:

    I like Nick Cave okay, I own”Murder Ballad’s” (Which is where the “Wild Roses” song is from) He did a cool song on the “Until the end of the world” soundtrack (where “Fretless” by REM first appearred). And I LOVE “Red Right Hand” (From the X-Files Soundtrack, one or more of the “Scream” soundtrack, and some album of his.)

    Other than REM, however, I never really notice when people come out with new albums now. Either I hear stuff that I like and buy it on I-Tunes or ask for it for X-mas, or I don’t. I stopped looking really hard.

  922. Kirsten Says:

    Red Right Hand – I’d forgotten about that song! Turns out I know 2 Nick Cave songs. I love the image the song title leaves and the creepy way in which he sings it.

  923. Mr Cup Says:

    I had a lot of work to do on Saturday, so I just set the iPod to shuffle through the REM playlist. Hours of brilliance followed.
    I have to say that it surprises me that I was surprised at just how good it was, I mean you don’t realise until it’s just thrown at you like that continuosly, hour after hour.

    Later some friends cam around for dinner and I just kept it playing as I prepared the food – the good stuff kept coming well into the night. No repeats, just killer songs as far as the eye could see.

    It shouldn’t surprise me, but it did.
    Didn’t even get through it all – nor touch on the new song!

  924. Kirsten Says:

    As my ipod (or piece of shit as I like to call it) still isn’t working properly I only have REM on it. 489 songs to be precise. (500 exactly when the new album comes out). Someone asked me how a band could not only have 489 songs, but how I could love that many. They are just pure perfection! I was listening to it in my lunch break today and they are also solely resposible for me not killing several useless workmates today. And it’s not the first time. Without REM, I would’ve been in jail years ago…..

  925. Mr Cup Says:

    You got a whole lotta bootleg on that Kirsten?

    I have 151 songs.

  926. Kirsten Says:

    Ooh yeah! My ipod is bootleg heaven! I haven’t put on full shows of all the CD’s ’cause there’d be thousands of songs and a lot of them are similar, but a lot of different versions of songs, rare songs that they may have only played live 2 or 3 times, alternative versions and demos, stuff like that. I’ve got another shipment coming from Canada due to hit any day now, so hopefully some more gems on them! I’d also love a bootleg of those Ireland working rehearsals – keeping my ears to the ground on that one, I know someone would’ve recorded it!

  927. Mr Cup Says:

    Do you also collect Stipe guest vocal appearances?

  928. lenny Says:

    …you mean, like Furry Happy Monsters??
    I bet that’s on her ipod!!

  929. Paul Alferink Says:

    Speaking of which, does anyone have a Michael singing “Candy Everybody Wants” with 10,000?
    I did finally find a copy of “Photograph” with Natalie Merchant two years ago. I had been looking for that since 1993.

  930. lenny Says:

    Well, this would have been a cool topic for last Sunday (the 3rd) or Tuesday (the 5th), but what are everyone’s favorite “Super” songs? Obviously the new REM song gave me the idea: Supernatural, Superserious.

    I’m listing a few that I like here (but I’m leaving off the obvious “Superman” songs, because there are just too many of them — REM, 5 for Fighting, Our Lady Peace, Three Doors Down).

    Supersatellite — Our Lady Peace
    Super-connected — Belly
    Supervixen – Garbage
    Supersonic – Oasis


  931. Paul Alferink Says:

    Oh goodness. “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder would be top of the List.
    “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder (Fantatistic Song)
    “I’m Super”- Big Gay Al
    “Supernova” -Liz Phair
    “Champagne Supernova”- Oasis
    “Super-Freak”- Rick James (Bitch) but only if the cast of “Little Miss Sunshine is dancing to it.

  932. Ignis Sol Says:

    Michael guest vocals: don’t forget “The Future 40’s” by Syd Straw. A great song, I have that version on some weird compilation.

    “Jesus Christ Superstar” – by someone from the Broadway play.
    “(I’m Not Your) Superwoman” by some female 90’s artist.


  933. Paul Alferink Says:

    Murray Head did the original Jesus Christ Superstar. He also was famous for singing “One Night In Bankok.”

  934. Ignis Sol Says:

    Thanks, Paul

    My parents had that soundtrack and I do now recall that he indeed did both songs. I never listened to it, I just looked at it while listening to other stuff.
    I liked “One Night in Bankok.” Now, that was from a play, too. Correct? “Chess?”

  935. Mr Cup Says:

    Super Mario Theme

    Guest Vox:
    I particularly like “Your Ghost” by Kristen Hersch
    and “I will give you my skin” with the Indigo Girls.

    I payed a whole wad to import the Disney ‘Stay Awake’ album as Stipe was supposed to be dueting with N. Merchant. Damned if I can hear him on it.

  936. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Jack Straw

  937. Ignis Sol Says:

    Since “These Days” has political overtones…..

    I caucused on Saturday and was amazed at the turnout for my precinct. There were many younger folks. My group and the other precinct sharing the elementary school gym were overwhelmingly for Sen. Obama. He received 4 delegates and Sen. Clinton picked up 2 delegates. She had one delegate in the beginning, but after people made a plea for their respective candidates all the undecided people went to Sen. Clinton (gaining one more delegate). It was an exciting way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.

    And yes, almost every one did have their coffee from one of the nearby cafes. πŸ™‚ I wonder what precinct Peter Buck lives in.

  938. Ignis Sol Says:

    “Superdeformed” Matthew Sweet (how did you guys miss that one?) With his Athens/R.E.M. connection and all?

  939. Mr Cup Says:

    We had a band called Superjesus.

  940. Kirsten Says:

    Hi, coming in a bit late – busy at work. I have quite a few songs where Michael guest vocals on, but no I don’t have Furry Happy Monsters at all. I’ve seen it on the internet at my last job (where my computer had sound), but I don’t have the facilities to down-load it.

    Paul, I have a live version of “Candy Everybody Wants” if that’s any good to you.

    No-one mentioned Superman….

  941. Mr Cup Says:

    That was excluded Kirsten…too easy.

    Super Trouper by ABBA – they won’t be denied!!!

  942. lenny Says:

    Ignis — good job on Matthew Sweet — I was thinking of that one but didn’t list it (I didn’t want to beat everyone to the punch).

    Cup — it all goes back to Abba, doesn’t it?

    Paul — 1st responder and best list by far. I wish I came up with the Liz Phair song — love that one.

    I only have a few more to add —
    Superhero by Jane’s Addiction, which totally rocks!
    Supermodel by Juliana Hatfield 3
    Super Disco Breakin’ — Beastie Boys

  943. Ignis Sol Says:

    After I hit the snooze a few times this morning, I listend to:

    “Waiting for Superman” by Flaming Lips (from The Soft Bulletin).

    I was drowsy, but it is a really good song…being drowsy I could not place the familiar voice….then the DJ said who it was. I got up and got ready for work.

  944. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Super Silly Us

  945. Mr Cup Says:

    Silious Sodus.

    What is slipping a fin already?

  946. Paul Alferink Says:

    I went through a musical phase that really peaked before I got into REM, but kind of continued throughout my High School Career, as I did all the Musicals and a lot of the plays.

    Yes, “One Night in Bankok” was from Chess, made with Tim Rice (who did the Lyrics for the Webber Musicals JCS and Evita, and stopped working with him because “Cats” already had lyrics via T.S. Eliot’s poems). Rice then did a bunch of Disney Stuff starting with “Aladdin” after the Lyricist for the Disney team died of AIDS.
    The Music for Chess came from half of ABBA (AB then?) But with Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Chess, the album came first. Then the stage production. The album was successful. The stage production flopped. The album did well enough that they shoveled lots of money into the stage production, and got shellacked in the process.

  947. Mr Cup Says:

    he he he…they won’t be denied!

  948. ScottMalobisky Says:

    Mr. Cup , a five spot , he’d slip me a five dollar bill

  949. Mr Cup Says:

    were you wearing fishnets?

  950. Ignis Sol Says:

    Wow, that Supernatural Superserious video site is interesting. The Babeland sex shop, originally called Toys in Babeland, started here before the owners expanded to NY and some other city. It is just two doors down from watering hole here. Someone busted the main window a few days ago, quite uncommon in my neighborhood, and stole a bunch of glass dildos in their Valentine display. All is well now. The window is repaired and we can now safely buy our toys. πŸ˜‰

  951. Kirsten Says:

    OK, Interesting. So many questions, Ignis I don’t know where to start….

  952. Ignis Sol Says:

    Yeahh, Babeland is nestled between the Rosebud (my hangout) and the Honeyhole (great sandwiches). Seattle is kinda perverted.

    What IS your first question, Kirsten?

  953. Ignis Sol Says:


  954. Mr Cup Says:

    Toys in Babeland. How hip!
    Dildo’s and guitars?

    Why didn’t anyone try and slip me money when I was younger?

  955. Paul Alferink Says:

    Dan Savage’s prizes use to always come from Toys in Babeland. . .

  956. Ignis Sol Says:

    Dan is great! He is having his annual “love stinks” bash (literally a bash) tonight. I have received “gifts” from Babeland because they sponsor the film fesival I work on. Let’s just say the battery-required key chain is NSFW!

  957. ScottMalobisky Says:

    love stinketh________Shakey

  958. ScottMalobisky Says:

    remember during the HST posting when morewordsaboutmusic said that MP had dropped the REM idea in favor of a Tom Petty blog ? LOL

    and there was a time when Alferink thought Kirsten was the bees knees and I thought Ignis was a woman

    I long for the good old days………sigh…..

  959. Ignis Sol Says:

    the good old days are comin’ back with “Accelerate”

  960. Paul Alferink Says:

    I still think Kristen is the Bees Knees!

  961. Kirsten Says:

    Oh, thanks Paul! I think at one stage I was also a 13 year old boy. Kinda wish I was 13 again….

    I think it’s a credit to everyone here that we’ve gone nearly 1000 comments and even though some of them were a bit iffy, it never degenerated into HST. I’ll never look at THAT song the same again.

    Hey, what ever happened to morewordsaboutmusic? His blog just suddenly stopped one day and he’s made no comments here for quite some time.

  962. ScottMalobisky Says:

    whatever happened to catapult ?
    and I’m really curious about xman ? he commented very early on These Days , “take this joy” “ok if you say so” and then he was gone ……..

  963. Paul Alferink Says:

    Have they announced when tickets go on sale yet?

  964. Mr Cup Says:

    You can get tickets from HQ by the look of it.

    Cross the equator you bastards!

  965. Kirsten Says:

    Hey steady steady, hey steady steady
    They’ll come over when they’re good and ready!

  966. Paul Alferink Says:

    Chicago Tickets aren’t on sale yet. Just that Festival They play in March. And Europe.

  967. Mr Cup Says:

    I’ll DJ at their frickin’ funerals if they don’t tour here.
    Damn straight!

  968. ScottMalobisky Says:

    what songs would you play at their funerals ?

    “the dead are new-born awakening
    in rapt funeral amazement…”

  969. Paul Alferink Says:

    Sweetness Follows.

  970. Mr Cup Says:

    permanent vacation.

    No, that’s just silly!

  971. ScottMalobisky Says:

    I wonder who will be the next MAJOR rock star to pass..

  972. Kirsten Says:

    I’ve got to be honest Mr Cup, it’s not looking too good.

    They’d better though, ’cause I’m still being unnaturally nice to my husband so he will let me see them interstate as well and I don’t want it to be all for nothing!
    So very, very desperate for this to happen…

    Maybe they could just forward us the funds to go see them overseas? I’d be happy with that!

  973. Mr Cup Says:

    I think there’s grounds for that Kirsten. Frankly, I’d prefer it. All the venues here are rubbish except the outdoor venues. Ah, REM outdoors on a balmy summer eve. Do their tour managers know what sort of climate we have?

  974. lenny Says:

    The sort of climate you have? Yeah, as I recall seeing on the Weather Channel yesterday, you’ve got some kind of a tropical cyclone brewing off the coast of Western Australia. Not exactly the “balmy summer eve” that REM would enjoy playing to!

  975. Mr Cup Says: